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Game culture, criticism, and community for your ears.

Check out the short-form Intelligame Radio on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Hour-long Intelligame Podcast every other Friday!

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 The Good Ship IGPC hasn’t quite fully returned from hiatus, but we’ve got some special bonus episodes for you in the meantime! These upcoming Intelligame Podcast extras vary in format, but tell important stories. Hope they get you excited for the return of the IGPC!-----CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains discussions of trauma, abuse, and mental health.Rina Purdy hitchhiked her way to PAX South 2019 to showcase her game, Floating Wonderland. A nomad partially by necessity, she found her way from Vancouver, BC to San Antonio, TX then flew to Spain almost directly after. Bubbly and good-natured, she’s kept working on her game even while dealing with homelessness and more. During the interview, we talk about her life, her game, and her dream of making a dev studio out of a double-decker bus in London. We also talk about some of the resiliency she’s cultivated over the years, and the ways her struggles help her overcome adversity...including some that comes up directly during the interview.------Find more Intelligame content at Send your podcast feedback to you appreciate the content you find at Intelligame, you can give us some financial support on Patreon: in discussion and games with the Intelligame community on Discord! Intelligame direct in your inbox!
Josh discusses some thoughts on long-term planning, and its effects on both gaming and real-world projects.Intelligame Radio will be taking a temporary hiatus starting Friday, September 14th! Leave your thoughts/comments about the show by emailing, or leave a message using the Anchor app!
This time Jenny brings a guest for Friday: Josh! Jenny and Josh talk about their upcoming weekend in Seattle, WA for PAX West 2018! Listen as they talk about games they're excited to play, events taking place in Seattle, and some of the thoughts on their minds as the four-day show approaches.(Note: this episode touches on the shooting at the Jacksonville, FL Madden tournament; CW: gun violence)Find more Intelligame content at our homepage: http://intelligame.usFind our social media and recent links on our Linktree: Image Caption: The blue PAX West logo on top of a yellow-and-black background.)
Josh discusses the mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida that took place this weekend. An attendee opened fire, taking three lives including his own, while injuring and traumatizing many others. Content Warning: gun violence, depression.Find more Intelligame content at recent Intelligame links at Caption: The Intelligame Square (a square divided into black and yellow sides, with a yellow I on the black field and a black G on the yellow field) on a dark grey background)
Josh talks about rethinking accessibility, and the ways making more accessible games benefits everyone.Look for more Intelligame content on the homepage: to our fundraiser for Player vs. Hunger:
On this episode of Intelligame Radio, Josh recaps his remaining interviews with developers at PixelPop Festival in St. Louis, MO.Learn more about the developers:Charles Hans Huang: Cooper: Games: more Intelligame content at: our recent links and social media: caption: a blue, pink, and green logo that reads PixelPop Festival against a white background)
Is all exposure the same? What does it mean to add media coverage to a subject? On this rebroadcast of an older episode of Intelligame Radio, Josh discusses the difference between shining light on a topic, and fanning the flames of a trend.Stay updated on Intelligame by visiting the homepage: http://intelligame.usSee some of our most recent content: Description: A spotlight shining on an empty hardwood floor.Photo Credit: Benjamin Earwicker)
What does it mean to talk about games...or anything else on the Internet? What does it mean to have "platform?" Josh talks about the ways we influence others...and the ways others influence us through our media, and how we can help make the spaces we occupy better.Read Laura Hudson's article referenced in the episode: more Intelligame content at the homepage: http://intelligame.usFind our most recent links:
This episode of the Intelligame Podcast focuses on the different ways we represent ourselves and others. Highlighting developers present at both Game Devs of Color Expo 2017 and PixelPop 2018, we take a look at the ways positive representations benefit us all.This episode's Director's Cut serves as a bit of contrast, as Intelligame Contributor Jenny Windom discusses some of the mistakes made in Detroit: Become Human. But we bring it back to some positivity with our Game of the Show: Nour, a game that's all about playing with your food.Learn more about Intelligame at the homepage: our recent links at:
This episode starts with some great news: Intelligame will be at TwitchCon, and this week is the beginning of the Intelligame/Player vs. Hunger food fundraiser!In the main segment, Josh follows up on a discussion from a talk he gave at PixelPop Festival in St. Louis, MO, highlighting the potential of small gaming communities. He also takes a trip down Memory Lane, reminiscing about some of the experiences that got him started streaming.This week's Call to Action: "Reconsider a Stranger."Find more Intelligame content at our homepage: http://intelligame.usFind our social media and recent links on our Linktree: Image Caption: A crowd of people milling around and playing games at PixelPop Festival 2018)
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