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Welcome! Come and share in the fellowship of all the hearts and souls of the people of El Paso as we worship together at FBCEP.
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Thankfulness is the natural response to discerning God’s involvement in one’s life. Ruth 4:13-17
Jesus’ correction of sin’s corruption requires a renovation of one’s fundamental nature. Philippians 2:1-11
God corrects the corruption of creation; He is the hero of this story! Genesis 12
Today we had a message from Pastor Patrick Shing of Grace Chinese Baptist Church.
Sin’s corruption permeates God’s creation. Genesis 3–11
The creation story provides a snapshot of God’s ultimate plan for us. Genesis 1-2
Following the lead of the Holy Spirit presents opportunities to engage with people and share Jesus’ love and life. John 4:1-45
Personal spiritual formation gives the Christian a powerful story that aids in connecting with people. Mark 9:14-29
Institutional “songs” provide opportunity for intergenerational education. Remix great songs for lasting value. Psalm 78
Adequate supplies make the journey successful. Psalm 63
Find your ‘safe place’ with God! Psalm 57
The best songs include strategic ‘rests.' Psalm 4
Whatever your situation in life, ‘There’s a song for that!’ Sing the right song for maximum effect. Psalm 1
When your world is crashing and it seems God is gone, hold on to what you know! Habakkuk 2:4
When we see decay in society, it should trigger definitive moves by Christians. II Chronicles 7:13-14
The return from ‘exile’ requires more than physical relocation; it requires a fresh embrace of identity and purpose. Ezra 1:1-3
Understanding God’s character draws us into a vibrant relationship with Him as “Father.” Exodus 34:5-9
When the ‘new normal’ feels like you’ve been left in a strange world, apply these principles. 
Life in exile forces ‘new’ where ‘familiar’ once ruled; ‘Exiles’ must adapt to a new environment. Daniel 1:1-7
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