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Four Nameless Men

Four Nameless Men


Mark 2:1-12 (NIV)
Live so as to capture people’s attention to Jesus! Acts 6:8
God positions divinely qualified individuals to assist the church in fulfilling its mission. I Timothy 3:8-13 
God calls deacons for the good of the church.Acts 6:1-7
Divine power of the resurrection is available and beneficial.Acts 3:1-16; 4:1-12
When you take a stand with Jesus, someone will take a shot at you; respond appropriately.Acts 5:17-42 
A Holy Spirit-led body of believers exemplifies characteristics that enhance the mission.Acts 4:32-27 and 5:12-16 
Prayer looks backward and forward as it anticipates God’s continued work.Acts 4:23-31
One’s adopted authority in life directly impacts the quality and productivity of Christian service.Acts 4:1-12
The Fear of God

The Fear of God


Acts 5:1-11
We’re not peddling elevation emotions.  We’re offering life transformation.Acts 3
Do You See Them?

Do You See Them?


Matthew 9:35-38
 The gospel “road trip” is summed up simply: “Introducing Jesus Christ!”Acts 2:14-36
Luke 9:57-62
God reveals himself clearly and with precise timing.Acts 2:1-14
Looking back provides opportunities to remember and worship. Acts 2:42
Road Trip: Checklist

Road Trip: Checklist


Key characteristics position us for effectiveness in God's kingdom work.Acts 1:12-26
Road Trip: Next

Road Trip: Next


Always be ready for ‘next!’ in our Christian mission.Acts 1:9-11
Road Trip

Road Trip


The gospel is “on the move” according to God’s plan.Acts 1:1-11
On the move with Jesus

On the move with Jesus


Jesus moves us to transformational living and influencing others. Luke 24
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