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Author: Sarah Jayne

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Business, success creation, Philosophy, identity and the whole crazy buzz of being a human on planet Earth.

I'm an eclectic sort, formerly with the British military, and more latterly a self employed assessor, trainer, manager and online content creator. I love to talk with people, finding out what makes each of us tick. Subjects range from business to personal, anything from Gender, Philosophy and Books to Motivation, mindset and how to avoid that little gap between inspiration and application that 99% of us fall down.
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Hello! In this episode we discuss a topical issue . Teaching LGBTQI+ issues in schools . I'm joined by Emma Aggar, a fellow researcher, writer and all round thinker of thoughts on the issue of gender and inclusion. We met up on a sunny day and recorded a chat on location. Have listen and as wever let me, (or Emma) know what you think, its all about the conversation people. You can read Emma's work here And the blog I mention on a the naked backlash here You can read about Anne Fausto sterling's five sexes here and the link to the terminology of "heterosexual"  here If you or any one you know have questions, queries and or thoughts on the issues that Emma and I raise then please do get in touch at:
In this episode we add to the conversation from Ep 21, so it might make sense to listen not that one first, where I ask "what does it mean to be educated?" How do we define knowledge? Some might say to know is to have a "true justified belief", but Gettier problems are a challenge to that definition. First posited by Edmund Gettier and published in 1963, they have kept epistemologists busy for a while. So in this episode I attempt to pick apart the mechanisms that make a gettier problem and give my interpretation of why they may appear to fit the JTB definition, but rarely count as knowledge. And yes, I do relate this to gender at the end.... as ever! if you have any thoughts or ideas as ever email me at  😄 Edmund Gettier If you would like to watch the full version of Oliver Thorns video that I link in the show you can find that at this link: The article I reference from Dr Rachel McKinnon, Professor of Philosophy is:  "It’s Better to be Lucky Than Good: Luck and Norms" Rachel McKinnon Routledge Handbook on Luck
After a brief interruption to our normal bi weekly schedule, whilst I worked on another project,  we return to "da internets" with this episode, and begin a new round of shows by asking a question: "What exactly does it mean to be truly educated?" I got a bit technical and philosophical in the unpicking of this question, so I hope it's all interesting and thought provoking.  Does education mean qualifications? being right? or perhaps reasoning? or is it something else? And even more oddly what does it mean to say we "know" something? Stuff I mention in the episode can be found at the following links .. Optimisticality works blog: My thoughts on education: My replies to Dr Debra Soh's work and arguments on the transgender phenomenon: I owe a huge shout out of thanks to Oliver stone of philosophy tube for the heads up on much of these concepts. you can find Oliver's take on all things philosophical @ I thoroughly recommend you subscribe and donate if able. Sarah ;-) 
Hi, Todays episode is a bit of an open window into that area many of us chose to keep firmly shut. Mental health care is a part of over all health. Yet still, it is a cinderella service, and social attitudes, whilst changing, remain sceptical of mental health validity, variance and volume amongst us humans. So I invite you to climb through my open window, into the dusty and unseen parts of one mind, mine, so that you may better understand the thoughts behind the thoughts. Those wheels that are inside wheels, the turning of which forms this thing we call  "depression" The Andrew soloman Ted talk I reference on the show can be found here I also heartily recommend this video from philosophy tube, by Olly. Which covers some stuff that I didn't touch on myself. (CW - very poignant discussion of self harms) As ever you can email me your feedback and thoughts:
Ushering in the new calendar and celebrating the year past with some thoughts from myself and the loquacious linguist himself Ant Loughlin,  joining once again with hilarious effect. So have a listen as we each pin down three specific endeavours for 2019, and have a few giggles along the way. Happy new year to all the stubborn optimists out there, and may your efforts allow you to reach the opportunities life places in your path. Sarah. Email: Blog: Twitter:
Ok, so you've had your turkey, you're full of Christmas pud. Grandma is asleep in the corner and you escaped the dishes. Why not grab a glass of something festive, fizzy or both and join me for the top three In my personal list of influencers? Can you guess? we have three very distinct areas of thought represented, but if you want find out who then you're just gonna have to listen Have great holiday season and I'll be back in the new year with the first episode of 2019 - "How not to do you New Years resolutions!" Much love and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. xSarahx
Hi all. Well its almost here. The 2018 festive season is upon us. So in honour of the "12 days of Christmas" and as something of a thanks for listening and sharing your time etc over the last few months, here are 12 Little gifts for you all. Some of my "go to" comments and thoughts from people well known and not. I'll not write details of who is feature in the show here, since, like all presents this one comes wrapped. Wanna know who they are? You'll have to listen,. Merry Christmas people! XSarahx
What's your thoughts on the recent spotlight on Gender, and its various effects? Whether you agree or disagree, have listen to this episode, in which i pull apart my own experience of what living with Cognitive dissonance, and GD can be like, and hopefully give some context on issues that all too often get lost in translation. as ever any comments you can find me at e: t: @Acorns_2_oak Enjoy!
This episode is brought to you by Pizza, and Shredded duck. Plus coke and the result is a really rather fun chat with Ant Loughlin. Ant is a writer, and I would suggest "a student of language" We had been planning to record one of our many conversations about his journey with linguistic learning, academia and retaining the love for a subject when plans to study it don't quite go as... well.... planned. Have a listen to our meandering musing and as ever send ideas and feedback to: have fun out out there people. xx
I am joined once again by Richard Jefferson in this episode recorded some weeks ago before I moved studio and house. Here we touch on some of Richard motivations and the methods he (and I) use to retain focus on an overall direction, and generally explore the consequences of Necessary decisions made as part of moving yourself from where you are towards where you'd like to be. Any questions or queries for either Richard or myself then as ever email me at Have a listen, have a great day and don't forget we are back with EP15 in TWO weeks! ;-)
I spend a bit of time chatting over stuff with Max Harrison. Editor, proof reader, writer and Musician, Max shares some of his journey from "there" to "now" Don't forget we are on a FORTNIGHTLY schedule from this episode so the next instalment of Optimisticality will be released on the 4th of Nov.
Hello! Just a quick and light hearted attempt to both explain the absence of new episodes over the last 2 weeks and poke fun at myself in the process. We moved house! So here are my top tips for relocation of house, office or whatever, and how not to end up missing two weeks of podcast episodes. ;-)
We welcome back Richard Jefferson this week to chat over some thoughts behind risk and how to view potentially difficult decisions. Apologies for that late upload! Moving house has messed with my online access. More on that in a future episode. have a great week guys
Hi gentlepeople.. heres a take on the conversation of trans gender "stuff" & how we have arrived at the conversation that is currently happening in various quarters about gender, sex and who/what view is more legitimate than others. The original videos can be found here: have a listen and if you have some comments questions or queries email me at
Hi All! Episode 9 is here! This week is a thought bubble from yours truly on stoic teaching. Specifically a quote, and forms the first in a series of occasional musings on various "older" lessons from history that we might apply to our everyday lives. It's a quote from Seneca the younger: "luck is what happens when Opportunity meets Preparation" I ask the question - what does this mean in a very practical sense for us in 2018? There some references suggestions & further reading plus some research, look out for the blog on that will shortly go live to accompany this episode, with links to other bits of info and interest. Have a great week ahead people and remember to keep changing your viewpoint... cos the picture is just more interesting that way.
I was lucky enough to meet Polly some weeks ago and we got chatting (as you do) about all sorts of stuff. As we are both cyclists, (although I'm kinda retired now due to injury) We connected straight away, so here is our first (of many I hope) podcast chat for you guys. Enjoy.
Hey everybubble. How's the world looking out there in your slice of life? Welcome to part two of the chat between Richard and I where we delve a little more into the learning process and perhaps attempt to shed some light on what it is that bridges that gap between inspiration and application that so many of us fall into. Have great day, and remember, when you change the way you look at things.... ;-)
In this shorter Episode Richard and I lay the foundations of conversation about how the initial process of learning the positivity mindset can occur and why it perhaps doesn't seem to have longevity in the minds of many people.
Hey people, this week I talk briefly about a Peter Drucker quote that I stumbled across some weeks back, and how it fits with my life and diary, and may fit with yours in a very practical way. if you like what you hear the search the #stubbornlyoptimistic group on facebook and you can follow me on instagram at Optimisticality works for more.
In this weeks podcast from your truly, we chat once more with "the king of belief" Richard Jefferson ( Not one to let the "grass grow under his feet", Richard chats about the affirmations that he has collected and finds useful in life up to this point.
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