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49 Degrees North Writers Podcast

Author: John Ward

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49 degrees north writers podcast is an informal chat with Canadian writers about writing and working in the Canadian film & TV industry.
33 Episodes
Writer-producer David Moses (Emergency Room: Life + Death at VGH) discusses his new documentary series Paramedics: Life on the Line, and the storytelling challenges in unscripted television. You can watch episodes of the show here on Knowledge Network.
Writer Roslyn Muir (The Birdwatcher, Washed Away) discusses her journey from intern to story-editor on Ransom, and how writing Movies of the Week can be a great way to break into the industry.  
Crime-novelist Sam Wiebe talks about his latest book “Cut you down.” We also discuss the Vancouver crime-fiction scene, the challenges/benefits of writing by hand, and how he came to edit Vancouver Noir. For more information about Sam and his work, visits his website and buy his books at your local book store!
Showrunner Robert C. Cooper (Stargate, Dirk Gently) discusses his powerful new drama Unspeakable, and its incredible journey from pitch to screen. We discuss the process of creating a story spanning decades, and challenges arising from the real-life scandal the show is based upon. You can find the show in Canada through the CBC, and it will also be on Sundance TV.
Writer-producer Katherine Collins (Blindspot, Lost in Space) talks about her upcoming feature film Riot Girls and the importance of knowing your story. Along the way we discuss story-breaking, writing by hand, and legendary riot grrrl band Bikini Kill.
Writer-producer Thomas Pound (Motive) talks story-breaking on The Flash, writing episodes as a team, and how Memento led him to a writing career.
Writer-performers Brynn Peebles and Brianna Wiens (AKA GirlonGirlHumor) stop by to discuss writing and producing season two of their digital series Girls vs. The City. You can keep up to date with all their work via their website, and you can subscribe to their YouTube channel where you’ll find the show.
Writer-producer-director Will Pascoe (Da Vinci’s Demons, Chicago Med) discusses his recent stint on Hulu's Shut Eye, the importance of “the cards,” and how documentary filmmaking led to the start of his writing career. Will’s documentary film about Canadian comics Lost Heroes is available here.
Talented writer Diana Frances stops by to discuss the writing process on both The Beaverton and Corner Gas: the animated series. We also talk comedy, failure, and the need for late-night Canadian TV. Be sure to check out Diana’s website to stay up to date on her work.
Writer and creator Jordan Hall talks about the Carmilla movie, looks back on her play Kayak and her journey from playwriting to webseries. Check out Carmilla the webseries on YouTube, and you can find the movie here. Be sure to keep up to date with Jordan’s work on her website.
Producer Andrew Williamson talks about his digital series Spiral, his thoughts on finding the story in unscripted formats, and we discuss how film school rejection set him up for subsequent success. Check out Andrew’s work on his production company website.
In part two of my conversation with writer Gemma Holdway we discuss the National Screen Institute (NSI) Totally Television Program, Gemma’s transition from journalism to TV writing, and her thoughts on the industry.  
In part one of this two-part discussion, writer Gemma Holdway talks about her role as story editor on Cardinal and Ghost Wars, reveals the painful origin story of her short film Dog Bite, and explains the rules of writing movies of the week (MOWs).
Writer-producer Jackie May (Strange Empire, 19-2) talks about the writing process on Van Helsing and how Twitter plays an interesting role in the discussion. She also looks back on Strange Empire, and provides some great insight for writers looking to break into the business.
Writer-producer-director Brianne Nord-Stewart (Trolls, Young & Reckless) discusses the creation of her webseries The Dangers of Online Dating, and her path to becoming a director. You can keep up to date with Brianne’s work on her website, and you should watch The Dangers of Online Dating on YouTube.
Writer and producer Ken Craw (Heartland) makes time to chat about writing on Heartland, how the X-files led him to Vancouver, and how he made his own indie one-hour pilot.
Award-winning indie producer Amanda Verhagen (The Devout) talks about filmmaking, life as an indie producer, and why we should all watch The Dressmaker. You can find more information about Amanda and her myriad projects on her website, and you should watch The Devout on iTunes.
Animation writer David Elver (Nerds and Monsters, Pirate Express) breaks down the animation writing process, his trajectory from actor to writer, and reminisces about helping Bruce Willis find an elevator.
Award winning writer, producer & poet Jennica Harper (Cardinal, Motive) discusses back-to-back stints in the Somewhere Between and Cardinal writing rooms, her approach to storytelling and her monkey spy movie!!
Screenwriter Jason Filiatrault discusses his new feature film Entanglement, the importance of letting story ideas percolate, and the need for writers to be more pro-active in taking control of their material. Please follow him on Twitter and check out his website for more information. He also tweets as Sarcastic Rover.
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