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"Fit for Life" - all things CrossFit, fitness, nutrition, and in between for everyday people. CrossFit Kanna is located in Ambler, PA.
45 Episodes
Chris Irvin also known as The Ketologist is a nutrition researcher, writer, and educator. He holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science and is currently the education manager for Perfect Keto. He and Dr. Anthony Gustin wrote the book "Keto Answers."In this episode we cover:What is keto? How would you describe it to a lay person?How do you measure ketones?Benefits of keto?Therapeutic for diabetes and Alzheimerscognitive edgeGluconeogensisMacro ratiosNina Teicholz “Big fat surprise”How to start keto?ElectrolytesDangers of ketoWomen and low carbketo and CrossFitneed carbs for muscle gain (cyclic keto?)exogenous ketonesthoughts on documentary Game Changers? What are your thoughts on the Impossible Burger?What books would you recommend most people read? What are you currently geeking out on?What’s on your bucket list?
Michael Cazayoux is a 2x CrossFit Games winner on Team Hack's Pack UTE, founder and podcast host of Brute Strength, and co-owner and podcast host of Working Against Gravity.We talk about:-growing up "with" Harry Potter--heroine addiction as a teenager and recovery-CrossFit and the CrossFit Games-spinal fusion-leaving a prestigious strength and conditioning job to start a business-Mindset-Vulnerability-how he chooses the people to be around-parenthood-living abroad for 8 weeks-books he recommends-bucket list items-things he's geeking out on
Coach Rachel and Coach Chris talk about Kanna's revamped nutrition program and what it entails. It works as a stand-alone option (no, you don't have to workout here) or an add-on to your CrossFit membership. We also now do corporate nutrition challenges!Find out more:
We are starting a new series where we interview members of CrossFit Kanna and hear their story.Katelyn Mathe grew up thinking she was going to be a baker but then found a passion for real estate. We talk about things you should know before buying or selling a home, how she got into CrossFit, and how she almost eloped to Alaska, but instead got married in Iceland. 
Coach Fox wears a bracelet that reminds her, "Actually, you can."After being in the corporate role for years, she realized that path wasn't leading towards her perfect day so she quit and is now at Kanna full time. Listen to our latest podcast to hear more about that decision and more! 
We talk all things pelvic floor with Dr. Alex Stoner from Core3PT and how pelvic floor dysfunction (like peeing yourself while jumping rope) is common, but not normal and it CAN be treated!For more information, go
Coach Lam and Coach Chris continue from part 1 talking about the origins of Kanna. They talk about what they did before the doors opened, how the name and logo came about, the most expensive piece of "equipment," and more.
Chris and Lam talk about the origins of Kanna, specifically:-what career Chris was doing before Kanna and how he started thinking about opening a CrossFit gym-doing research by dropping into 70+ CrossFit gyms-who SHOULDN'T open a business-two major things Chris learned while doing research on opening a box-transitioning to coaching at a different CF gym and starting a photography business-and more
We interview EC Synkowski who runs OptimizeMe Nutrition and created the 800g Challenge where participants are encouraged to eat 800 grams of fruits and veggies per day. We talk about the challenge, nutrition in general, fitness, book recommendations, the carnivore diet, her bucket list destinations, and much more. #800gChallenge 
Coach Rachel and Coach Chris sit down to discuss what they would tell a new CrossFit coach and what sets apart good and great coaches. Although they are both CF-L3 certified, this fact has almost nothing to do with what's really important: caring for your members.
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