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Author: Soumaya Keynes & Chad P. Bown

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Soumaya Keynes (The Economist) and Chad P. Bown (Peterson Institute for International Economics) cohost a podcast about the economics of international trade and policy. From trade wars to trade deals, this podcast covers trade developments with insights and economic analysis from two of the world's top trade geeks.
135 Episodes
Malcom McLean spurred containerized shipping in the 1950s. The impact on people, ports, cities and, of course, trade, was massive.
How the people Presidents Trump and Xi tapped to negotiate helped shape the US-China trade relationship over 2017-2020.
Why Nigerian traders pay so much to travel to China, and how COVID-19 has made that more complicated.
Making sense of the ‘Global Tariffs’ that the UK will begin to apply to thousands of imported products after Brexit is complete.
Faulty Chinese medical gear emerges, as both the US and China adjust their product regulations in response to the pandemic.
In good times, cosmetics are a logistical challenge, as dangerous goods go from ideas to store shelves. Now come the hard times.
Understanding the Great Trade Collapse of 2009 may help anticipate the impending decline in exports and imports today.
How companies are coping (or not) with the massive disruption in global trade flows due to COVID-19.
Countries try to beat COVID-19 by limiting exports of medical supplies and cutting tariffs.
Does globalization contribute to the gender wage gap? Beata Javorcik joins to explain one overlooked channel.
Simon Rabinovitch joins from China to discuss the economic, trade, and supply chain implications of the coronavirus disease, COVID-19.
A Washington protest march and the wine industry illustrate the impact of US tariffs on American small businesses.
How the Napoleonic Blockade helps economists see whether temporary protection from trade can further industrial development.
What is the Glasgow effect? Richard Davies explains, and tells the gripping economic story of the Scottish city’s boom and bust.
Nick Bloom joins to discuss policy uncertainty under President Trump and implications for the economy and stock market.
Two former and longtime USTR negotiators join to explain the details of the new US-China trade agreement.
New evidence reveals Trump’s import tariffs are contributing to the recent slowdown in US exports.
Why is the WTO struggling to negotiate limits to fisheries subsidies? As always, it's complicated.
New research shows how Trump’s trade war may have cost Republican seats in the 2018 election for the US House of Representatives.
Trump’s USTR provides some details of what has been agreed, including tariff cuts, purchases and structural reforms.
Comments (4)

Alex Cazi

this is amazing looking and listening backwards to this excellent podcast, how we didn't realize at the time that this pandemic was a local problem, whereas our economy is globally connected and dependant. hindsight 20/20 is a cheat and hopefully we have a path forward with a different approach to trade in the future. thank you for your great podcasts

May 5th

Michael Munoz

straight up facts. i like that

Feb 25th

Tim Bales

I like this podcast, but they both talk a little too fast

Feb 11th

John Caldwell

Treasonous Trump is bought and paid for by Vlad The Impaler Putin

Dec 12th
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