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Author: Alex Glenn

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The podcast for those who want to better customer experiences using today's working strategies, tools and tactics provided by those who have implemented them with success - interviews with SaaS and agencies founders as well as the best tactical marketing automation specialists around the globe.
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Dan is a CEO, Founder, Author, Martech and Marketing Analytics Leader! Dan is the CEO and Founder of Effin AmazingI have been a huge fan of Dan’s for some time now, but we finally got a chance to meet while Dan was giving the presentation that we are about to showcase on this episode.I will let Dan introduce himself in a moment, but today he is going to lay out the groundwork for all of you listening interested in build the marketing technology stack of your dreams:Integrated, Powerful, Seamless.We discuss analytics, data enrichment, sales automation, tagging, lead scoring… and much more.Dan and I discuss;The 21st-century stack and the components within it (hint, it’s much larger than you think).Dan’s interpretation of automated lead scoring and his favorite intent scoring sequence.What is “Radar” for mobile and how is it used for personalized marketing…The Real Thread stack case study.What does taxonomy means to your stack?And much more...Remember, there is a complete video with the slides and audio if you care to check that out on Support this podcast:
Today we go deeper into partnerships - if you haven’t listened to the first few segments on partnerships with Jay from, Bryn from and Sunir from the Cloud software association, check those out after you hear this episode… View the presentation: guest today is Tyrone Lingley, the Director of Partnerships at Ty is also a board member of the Cloud Software Association where he connects and educates partnership professionals in the B2B SaaS space. Ty is going to answer the Hard questions founders and teams should ask themselves before you go-to-market with a Partner Program, and how answered these questions while outlining one of the most well-executed partner program rollouts I’ve ever witnessed.The risks of a partner program - like Channel conflict, Last click attribution with affiliates, Compliance Issues, Nexus taxation, Product alignment.The stack - do you need a PRM (partner relations management software) on top of your CRM, and what that build looks like if you go that route.Standard operating procedures for sales discussions with a partners’ referralThe 7 steps to a go-to-market journey for Unbounces partner program. --- Support this podcast:
Today we continue with our series of episodes on partner programs and how marketing automation is handling the scale of channel programs for thousands of software companies globally. Read the full article and notes >>> Forrester predicts the through-channel software market to grow to $1.18 billion by 2023. This market includes 10s of thousands of digital agencies realizing $2B in service revenue by that year. So I invited Mr. Jay McBain from to join me in unpacking the topic of “Through-Channel Marketing Automation.”If you haven’t run across Jay, I’d wonder how - he is one of the most visible thought leaders in the global technology channel. Named to the Top 40 Under Forty by the Business Review, he is often sought out for industry guidance and future trends. He has spent his 24-year career in various executive channel sales, marketing, and strategy roles within IBM, Lenovo, Autotask, and ChannelEyes. Jay is the principal analyst for global channels at Forrester - one of the most influential global research and advisory firms in the world.In this discussion, Jay and I review: The third stage of growth for software companies.One vs two-tier channel partner programs. The partner relations and marketing automation management software stack. How to determine your IPP (ideal partner persona).The 6 phases to partner program development,Then we wrap up by giving some actionable advice to those about to launch or scale their partnership programs. Links - TwitterJaymcbain - Support this podcast:
Whether you are a SaaS company needing to register new users effectively, or anyone with a registration page on your website, effective communication with those who are just being introduced to your product/brand for the first time is key. How much automation is too much? Onboarding differences for freemium vs paid plans?Whether or not to require email verification? Why use trigger-based emails vs time-based emails? How to use third party data enrichment tools effectively in the onboarding process?Full show notes:…orks-what-doesnt/(with promo code to free year of Zendesk!) My guest today is Wes Bush. Wes is best-known for challenging the traditional way of growing a SaaS business. He has been featured in Forbes, the Huffington Post, and has lectured at Canada’s top Polytechnic college. He is currently the founder and president of Product-Led Institute.Products MentionedProduct-Led Growth BookChat (free one-year) - Zendesk Email -, Userlist (~$50/mo per user to start)Videos - Govideo by Vidyard (free), Product onboarding -, appcues (free to start)Product analytics - Amplitude, Heap, Mixpanel--- Support this podcast:
Hello everyone and welcome back to the podcast where we unpack the components, dilemmas and strategies of tech stack capabilities with founders and leaders across all industries who have created a process or tool to better your business by way of automation. Today I am joined by the Former Head of Platform at Freshbooks, CEO of and current President of the Cloud Software Association Mr. Sunir Shah.What Sunir and I discuss will help show you how to control your cloud software stack between clients, stakeholders and agencies you work with.  We discuss: How to setup appropriate agency controls and processes around your stack. The five most important value propositions of an agency.And, what consultants can do now to start owning their clients’ stacks for mutual benefit. For a video with Sunir on  materials billing for SaaS, check out: Support this podcast:
Today we are going to discuss the new world of partnership strategy - specifically in the vertical of Partner Relations Management and PRM software like that of today’s guest - Founder of (formerly, Mr. Bryn Jones.If you are looking to start/scale or simply determine if a partner program is right for you, check out: PartnerPrograms.ioBryn and the team at Partnerstack help companies open scalable and cost-effective acquisition channels through partnerships. Companies like Intuit, Asana, Evernote, and Freshworks use PartnerStack to manage their channel relationships which average between 20-40% of their overall revenue. Link to the article and show notes >> My former guest and founder of, Lee Gladish, is a user of and told me yesterday his channel-partner-referral revenue will reach around $500K this year alone. And of course, with this level of revenue, there is the stack to consider - how will this new channel become an integral part of existing operations, and who do you need to run it? Needless to say, I had to get the answers from the horses mouth and that meant getting Bryn on to help me illustrate what a partner program strategy is, how it’s woven into your standard operating procedures, and what it means for those who execute effectively. --- Support this podcast:
Last week, Jessica (Founder of Magnetic Hype) and I were chatting about how her clients and colleagues go about building, and hiring for management of, their future tech stacks - what pain points, mistakes and dilemmas her and I see and experience most often. For the full episode notes and links, check out the article here >>Needless to say, we agreed it needed to be recorded for the public. In this episode, you will hear Jessica and review: What factors you are more than likely not considering before you start new martech builds for your organization.Examples of when martech operations go wrong and why. How to properly prepare your team and leadership for a new martech build project.  And how to decide between hiring to fill needs around the martech project vs outsourcing to a expert and or agency. Jessica deals with 50 of these projects a year, so  her and I have spent considerable time outlining what we’ve seen to go over in this episode for you today. --- Support this podcast:
We've all been in CRM hell. Whether it's:Trying to determine if you even need a dedicated CRM,Navigating the numerous options to choose the right CRM for you,Dealing with integrations,Or are having to rip out your current CRM after making the wrong choice. You hated it and wish you had help avoiding it. Here at Automated, it's our job to connect the teams with the experts to help get the right information across. Two of these experts are joining me today to answer the 5 Questions our B2B colleagues voted on from a list of 9 provided in a recent poll.   What Questions should I be asking myself before picking a CRM?What is the difference between CRM and Marketing Automation? Should I have them both in one app? And, should I have separate CRM and Marketing Automation?What is the simplest way to add attribution data into lightweight CRMs?Not every B2B org can integrate chat (Drift/Intercom…) effectively. So at what point is it good to integrate chat on the frontend?When is a dedicated CRM (Hubspot, Copper, Salesforce) necessary? Here's the article and the notes: Support this podcast:
Full episode notes and links >> Lee and started a few years ago with $0 in funding and an ok product. After initial groundwork and a few hires, they raised a seed round of $400K and went to work on product and sales process. Today they are highly-profitable with 60 team members, fully distributed and a kick-ass sales system.If you are:A B2B organization in a growth phase,Dealing with sales and marketing alignment issues, Curious when and how to implement partnership strategies,Or are unsure if an Account-Based Sales strategy is right for your business…Then have a listen to this episode. The theme today is scaling a B2B sales and marketing system.In this hour-long episode, Lee and I discuss: Reply’s scaling stages, and key inflection points at each. Account-Based Selling - what it is, how do you determine if it’s right for your business, and what do you need in terms of technology or personnel to enable an ABS model...We then spend 20min detailing Partnership Program strategy (highly-recommend listening to that segment if nothing else.)And Lee gives us his view on the martech ecosystem and outlook on the future. --- Support this podcast:
View details of this automation here >>>It’s time for the second part of our two-episode segment on tech-enabled recruitment. In this episode, we get tactical and even showcase a specific automated process for discovering, enriching, and serving an automated multi-touch cold outreach campaign to candidates and ensuring the entire process is synced with your ATS (or CRM), LinkedIn and cold email system. Who should listen to this? Founders, team leads in B2B Any recruitersAnd again, why are we talking to Steven for this part? Steven Lu is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to LinkedIn API and cold outreach,, Interseller has native integration to the top two ATS (applicant tracking systems) around, Interseller also has the ability to find personal emails (not just business emails) - which is necessary if you are attempting to use cold email in your outreach to those not currently employed.--- Support this podcast:
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