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Author: Kyle Golding

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Business tips, advice and motivation every Saturday morning while your competition is sleeping. #RiseAndGrind #Hustle #Entrepreneur
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It's such a simple concept: social media. Platforms for people to connect with each other from anywhere at anytime without limitations. It's like everyone is invited to the party, class, meeting, conference, exhibition, etc. no matter where you are or how you get there. BUT the platforms quickly declined into the home of trolls, spammers and scam artist. There is hope.I'm seeing a shift in how people understand social media, the internet, mobile technology, etc. and it's for the good. Entrepreneurs, marketers and business decision-makers are pulling back from selling and doing a better job of communicating by being social. Like the wise man once said, start with your WHY long before you get to the how, what and for how much.Don't use SM to prospect wide and close what you can, but instead tell your story and connect with people as people. What you want them to do (buy something, go somewhere, support a cause, vote, riot, etc.) will naturally occur once you take the opportunity to create relationships. THAT is what social media is supposed to do. Good luck, see you next week!  Send in a voice message:
We talk a lot on the #SaturdayMorningHustle about the path to success. This morning, I break down that path in the most simple way possible. Once you see how the parts, you can make your plan for achieving success for yourself. Authenticity ConsistencyEffortPatienceBonus: The #SaturdayMorningHustle t-shirts are now available for everyone at so get yours today and tell the world your willing to do what it takes to make it to the top. That includes hustling, grinding and working on the weekend to build your career.Get your t-shirt, tag me and use the #SaturdayMorningHustle hashtag. Best of luck to everyone, see you again next week. #SaturdayMorning #RiseAndGrind #Entrepreneur #WorkSmart then #WorkHard #Business #Success #Truth #EvenOnTheWeekend #Grind #Hustle #StartUpLife #NoExcuses #BusinessOwner #Leadership #Dedication #Commitment #CoffeeAndDonuts #NoShortcuts #Motivation #Career #AboveAndBeyond #Advice #Inspiration #Motivation #Opportunity #Caffeine #Effort #Win Send in a voice message:
Roller coasters are supposed to be fun because you get to climb to the top of the track, look around at everything and then all-of-a-sudden whoosh your diving downward at top speed. Twist, turns and even loops. That's great fun at an amusement park but not when running a business. A metaphorical roller coast ride as an entrepreneur is having an epic high like a new client, big check or other great success but then what goes up must also come back down. Often in business, these highs and lows happen in the same week. That's the roller coaster. So, what do you do? Strive for a more predictable middle. Avoid making decisions when you're at the very top or very bottom. Understand that neither the euphoria of wins or the dread of a loss (taking an "L") is permanent. Predictability is key to a successful business, so go after those highs to balance the lows (it happens to everyone, not just you) but work towards consistency. The roller coaster is a lot of fun, but it's exhausting at the same time. If you want a long, healthy career try staying off the roller coaster or at least try to make it a short ride. Don't think you're bulletproof when you are on top and don't quit just because you came crashing back down. Balance yourself and understand we all take this ride from time to time. Good luck! See you next week. May the forth (5/4/19) be with you. It's Saturday, I'm in the office so it must be the #SaturdayMorningHustle.#RiseAndGrind #EvenOnTheWeekend #WorkSmart #WorkHard Send in a voice message:
It's an exciting #SaturdayMorningHustle weekend around here! Startup OKC - A Weekend-Long Startup Competition is happening in our building Project 3810. I love this stuff. Young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs all get in a room to meet, discuss potential business ideas and form teams to develop the best ideas and pitch to a panel of experts for constructive criticism. It's the process of starting a business, just shrunk into a weekend and executed in a safe space for learning and developing as a professional.If you're not interested in the process, feedback, change and working within realistic expectations than you have no business calling yourself an entrepreneur. An open mind, adaptability and strategic (not just tactical) thinking are the keys to starting and managing a successful business. So, what is Startup OKC? Startup OKC is a 3-day event during which teams of participants pitch ideas for new startups. They then form teams around the ideas presented, and work the entire weekend to build an MVP (minimum viable product), identify customers, refine MVP, market research, customer validation, refine MVP, validate, business model & rollout strategy, pitch prep & finally on Sunday evening. Pitch!Throughout the weekend participants network with other teams and individuals at Startup OKC. Mentors will be in and out throughout the weekend. The mentors are some of the best and innovative minds from around Oklahoma City.Good luck to everyone participating in Startup OKC and all of you out there in universe. If you need some advice from a mentor, hit me up on social media or at you next week. It's Saturday, I'm in the office so it must be the #SaturdayMorningHustle. Send in a voice message:
What an amazing morning, at the end of a great week in a super month. That's right, everything is going well and I am full of gratitude for the opportunity to create a career that I love so much I work "extra" on the weekend. As Mark Twain once said: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” and I'm right there. When things are going well for us, we need to remember that a lot of other people are playing their part in our success. The key is to give back more than you are receiving. Be a part of others finding their passion, their calling, their success. I'm so thankful for my business partners, our clients, our vendors, community collaborators and anyone who's putting great things into the universe and allowing us to amplify that. Take a moment to think about how you fill a role in what other people in your life and profession are doing. Enjoy that feeling. You earned it. Finally, respect to all of Oklahoma and OKC on the 24th anniversary of the 4/19/95 Murrah Building bombing when we lost 168 lives here in Oklahoma City and a blessing to all on this Easter weekend. Enjoy your blessings. See you next week!  Send in a voice message:
Too many people use the word "Failure" wrong in the current "Hustle Culture" of learning great lessons of business and life from failing. But that's too simple in vision and not accurate in nomenclature. Learning from your mistakes and making changes/adjustments is completely different than failing until you succeed. A better way to approach the path to success is levels of adjustment, not accepting failure. Listen for a full explanation. Send in a voice message:
It's Saturday and I'm in the office all fired up because I had an amazing experience at TEDx Oklahoma City yesterday. The speakers (some I knew, other hearing for the first time), the people in the room together and the opportunity to open yourself up to new, different and challenging thoughts was exactly what I needed. I love the exchange of ideas. I like being challenged and debated on thoughts and processes. I think it's good to have healthy, respectful conversations with constructive criticisms and challenges to the status quo. That's what happened yesterday. How about you? Do you enjoy the process or just the end results? Are you open to ides that are not your own? Did you open yourself up to debate, discussion and potential change (n you and the others in the discussion)? Let's talk about it.  Send in a voice message:
The Definition Of Success

The Definition Of Success


Question: What is the definition of success? That thing we all chase, the reason we work on the weekend, the ultimate motivator.... How do you define success? Let's talk about it! After you listen to this week's episode, tell me your definition of success on social media. @KyleGolding on Twitter: or @TheKyleGolding on Instagram: for listening. Good luck!  Send in a voice message:
The #SaturdayMorningHustle is for everyone, not just Entrepreneurs. Anyone can use this advice in your career pursuits. Success always comes to those who work the hardest, make the most of every situation and refuse to lose. It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up. That also applies when working for other people. Don't let any single setback, big or small, deter you form your career vision. Don't let the day-to-day drag down your long-term goals. Think like an entrepreneur in your career. You will have a job of some sort for the majority of your life, so don't let any day, week, month or year (a small % of your overall life) stop you. Keep #Hustling and #Grinding #EvenOnTheWeekend to control your own success. Good luck, see you next week! Send in a voice message:
Can you hear the scratchiness in my voice this week? Yes, I'm less than 100% but the show must go on. I'm sharing some insights from my Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma #TrustTalk this week, including  great advice like: “Don’t be better, be different.”“Take your weakness and make it your strength.”“Fake it till you make it is a disaster. Be yourself.”“It’s okay to ignore anyone who says you can’t do something, but you can’t ignore reality."“Effort doesn’t necessarily  equal success. Focused, smart, strategic efforts equal success.”Full video coming soon! Thanks to BBB of Central Oklahoma for letting me kick off Trust Talks series for 2019. #SneakPeek #BehindTheScenes #Tease #Entrepreneurs #Entrepreneurship #SideHustle #Business #BusinessTips #StartupLife #StartUps #Marketing #MarketingStrategy #LiveEvent #PublicSpeaking #Motivation #Inspiration #Information #Advice #Community #Professional #Development #Success #WorkSmart #WorkHard #Hustle #Grind Send in a voice message:
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