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Author: Cecily Breaux & Alden Derck

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Comedians Cecily Breaux and Alden Derck take a deep dive into the movies, TV shows, toys, music and video games of their childhoods. Will they gain a deeper understanding of themselves while uncovering gems from their younger years? Probably not.
175 Episodes
Hosts Cecily Breaux and Alden Derck kick off their inaugural episode with a special surprise gift before learning valuable lessons about the science of pheromones from Max Keeble's (no "R") Big Move. Support the show (
Alden checks in on the many tamagotchi corpses left in Cecily's wake and Cecily surprises Alden with a frozen treat. Then our duo jumps into Cecily's most formative childhood show (and the source of most of her mouth sounds), The Wild Thornberrys. Support the show (
Alden teaches Cecily that Club Penguin is not a perverted hook up site and spends all their penguin coins on a tasteful hat. Then the crew watches the seminal Oscar-worthy masterwork, Holes. (Dig it uh oh oh, dig it!)Support the show (
Alden and Cecily play an unfortunate round of M.A.S.H. before exploring the cerebral writing of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Support the show (
Hollywood bad boy Ian Carr joins the podcast to chow down on some less-than-appetizing Lunchables. Then Cecily and Alden dive into the sexual coming-of-age drama The Thirteenth Year with their inaugural guest. Support the show (
Cecily and Alden adopt Neopets and discover the unfortunate inner-workings of the economy, geography and politics of Neopia. Support the show (
Paranormal expert and boyfriend to the stars Chris Kappel joins Cecily and Alden as they rocket into the Ghost Zone and discuss the most handsome cartoon protagonist: Danny Phantom. Support the show (
Alden surprises Cecily with a beauty must-have before the duo explore the faces and fashions of Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen. Support the show (
Lizzie McGuire Senior Correspondent (TM) Sara Monge joins Cecily and Alden to determine her relationship with her cat and explore the high and lows of buying your first bra. Support the show (
Cecily and Alden kick off a full month of Halloween-themed episodes with a costume quiz and a film that proves even background extras get a chance to shine, Halloweentown. Support the show (
The very spooky Anisha Jagannathan joins Cecily and Alden as they contact the spirits of Alden's apartment and dive into two chilling episodes of So Weird. Support the show (
Even the boogeyman can't stop this special Halloween crossover with the fabulous hosts of The New New Adventures Of Mary-Kate and Ashley Podcast! Listen to the gang taste test some classic candies and spin some conspiracy theories about the queerness of the only PG-rated D-Com, Don't Look Under The Bed. Support the show (
Cecily and Alden end their month-long fright fest with a medley of Halloween-themed episodes including The Wild Thornberrys, Lizzie McGuire and Ned's Declassified!Support the show (
Literary maven Emily Kuperman joins the podcast to help Cecily and Alden analyze two classic children's books. Support the show (
Cecily nearly aces a So Yesterday music quiz and Alden gets EMOTIONAL during a viewing of Big Fat Liar. Support the show (
Cecily and Alden are joined by the fabulous hosts of the one and only Brand New Podcast (Ariana Lenarsky & Brittani Nichols) to explore the magic of two iconic Lisas: Lisa Frank and Sister Sister's Lisa Landry. Support the show (
Alden and Cecily's expectations are shattered when they realize there are a few problems with their old favorite spy film: Agent Cody Banks. Support the show (
Alden and Cecily kick off December by playing a round of Guess the Gift (trademark pending) before trying to decipher the bizarre winter stress dream that is Snow Dogs. Support the show (
Glacier-eyed Shannon Sheridan joins Cecily and Alden to unwrap some Christmas presents and take a stroll down memory lane in the form of the surprisingly Brenda Song-light film The Ultimate Christmas Present. Support the show (
Holiday Special!

Holiday Special!


Ho ho ho! It's Christmas at So Yesterday! Join Cecily and Alden as they re-watch holiday episodes of some of their favorite shows. Will they kiss? This time, maybe!Support the show (
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