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Still Any Good?

Author: Chris Webb, Rob Johnson

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We run the risk of ruining our childhoods by revisiting fondly remembered films. Hosted by Robert Johnson and Christopher Webb.
69 Episodes
Look up in the sky!  It's a bird ... it's a plane ... no, it's two middle aged men doing a podcast in the middle of the night!  Thankfully we have a super-b special guest along for the ride.  The wonderful Simon London has chosen 1978's SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE to chat about. 
We're joined by podcasting legend (and he does a bit of acting and writing as well) David Reed, who has very kindly chosen the second part of everyone's favourite franchise: POLICE ACADEMY 2: THEIR FIRST ASSIGNMENT.  Is it as good as we all remember?  Who knows, it might be better.
67. That Thing You Do!

67. That Thing You Do!


Hi, pop-pickers!  For our latest swinging episode, Chris has selected the 1996 fictional music biopic THAT THING YOU DO! Is it one-derful, or just an old pile of Hank?  Join us and find out.
Spluppets!!  That's right, Rob's chosen an old Kiwi favourite - Peter Jackson's 1989 tale of sex, drugs, music, and puppets: MEET THE FEEBLES.  Joining us for a little chat along the way is the co-writer and star* of the film itself, Danny Mulheron (*he played Heidi The Hippo), who shares his experiences of making the movie, his attempts to crack Hollywood, and everything in between.
Like a reunion of old chums, we've joined forces with Julia Raeside again to have a cosy chat about everyone's favourite gang of relatable middle-class gang of  insubordinates.  Yes, it's 1992's PETER'S FRIENDS.
64. Gregory's Girl

64. Gregory's Girl


Get your boots on and join us as we travel back to 1981 and fall in love with a footballer.  It's the Bill Forsyth young romance and footy favourite, GREGORY'S GIRL.  Is it a load of balls, or bella bella?
Get your flippers and goggles on - and those funny little peg things to stop water going up your nose - as we dive deeply into the rivers of Yorkshire for the 1978 live action/animated chimney sweep and fish adventure THE WATER BABIES. Joining us to paddle about a bit is comedian and Fan Club podcaster Nathaniel Metcalfe.  High Cockalorum!
All aboard the needle-nosed bugger as we fly perilously to Moss-COW while being pursued by a badger. Yes, it's the ultimate in disaster movies, THE CONCORDE...AIRPORT '79.  Or if you're British AIRPORT '80: THE CONCORDE.
It's Christmaaaaaaaaaaas!!! So it's time for our festive film choice.  Well, not OUR choice.  We've ... ummmm ... traded places and allowed our special guest to choose a movie.  So the lovely Simon London has selected 1983's TRADING PLACES.
60. The Fury

60. The Fury


For this episode, Rob has gone back to his old friend Brian De Palma for what is widely regarded as his most well-known film about a telekinetic teenage girl, after Carrie.  Yes, it's time to revisit Kirk Douglas in his underpants as we discuss 1978's THE FURY
Is it safe?  Is it still any good?  We're joined by great comedy writer Matt Owen to talk about everybody's favourite running and dentistry extravaganza, 1974's MARATHON MAN. Enjoy!
58. Asylum

58. Asylum


Because Halloween has just been, we thought we'd do our traditional horror double bill.  Join us for the first part, where we venture down the scary passageways of Herbert Lom's brain while wearing Robert Powell's shoes.  Yes, it's 1972's not-Hammer film, ASYLUM.
57. Look Who's Talking

57. Look Who's Talking


2 men have now had some experience with babies, so naturally we're now experts. So what better film to flex our child-rearing muscles at than the 1989 possessed infant laugh extravaganza LOOK WHO'S TALKING.
It's that time of year again when we rummage through Roald Dahl's garden shed and revisit a couple of TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED.  This year's selected episodes are charmingly titled THE UMBRELLA MAN and THE STINKER.  Feel free to make up your own jokes about the quality based on these titles.
Come back with us to 1983 as we see if Steve Martin's cranial surgery comedy THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS is as screwy as we remember, or is it all just a bit pointy-pointless?  Let's find out, shall we?
54. Basic Instinct

54. Basic Instinct


It's a very warm & steamy welcome back to Rob!  And to celebrate his return, he's chosen a film guaranteed to make it awkward for Chris to watch on his phone on the bus.  Yes, it's 1992's BASIC INSTINCT.
Chris is joined by Betamax Video Club's Rich Nelson to talk about everyone's favourite film where kids talk about toomahs and genitalia.  Well, everyone's film like that from 1990 anyway.  Yes, we revisit the Arnie comedy classic KINDERGARTEN COP.
Chris is joined in his dojo* by his podcasting sensei: comedian, writer, actor and generally funny-man, Marek Larwood.  Marek has chosen the 1986 martial arts phenomenon NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER, with its spectacle of karate, rapping, body-popping, skateboarding and acting by people who've never really done acting before.  You really don't want to miss this movie, or indeed this podcast. (*garage)
With Rob still away, we've got another very special guest: it's Julia Raeside, whose here to talk about 1998 Aussie rom-dram DEAD LETTER OFFICE.  Well, we talk a bit about Dead Letter Office, but also Neighbours, Howards Way and Simon Groom's guest house.
With Rob away on paternity leave, we've dragged in another Rob.  It's the return of My Mum's Seen A Movie host Rob Marland, who has revisited the 1989 miniaturisation and formicide family favourite, HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS.  Is it worth remembering?  Or should it be chucked in a bin bag and dumped at the end of the garden?  Join us and find out.
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