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Podcasts are quickly becoming a new way to share ideas and information, and we felt it was time to bring what we have to the table. Having taken an unconventional approach to life, we have experienced so many amazing moments, and we want to share these stories and our reflections on them with all of you. We are constantly researching topics that have helped us to open our minds and understand the world in a unique way.

We plan on featuring interesting people letting us take a journey into their lives, delving into things like psychedelic adventures, relationships, spirituality, addiction and more. We want to create a community where you can go to take a break from the daily grind and at the same time experiencing new stories & ideas. We want to keep it interesting and tap into a range of different emotions. Some episodes will be non stop laughs, while others will take you deep. These stories will take you through experiences that will keep you intrigued, and at times on the edge of your seat.

One topic the new season will touch a lot on is what we call war stories. These are stories from ex drug addicts who have been through some crazy things. I have heard some of the craziest stories I've ever experienced when I've got to swapping "War Stories" with someone. I want to share these with you as I believe there is a lot to learn from them & they are also extremely captivating. So join us as we take a journey through a side of society that a lot of people are embarassed to talk about.
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Some of you are new to this series and some are returning after seeing the first hear wrenching story in this series. This episode was created with the intention of showing the range of emotions this podcast will provide you. The first episode was very emotional and serious, so we wanted to pick a few stories for this episode that would allow us to be a little more up beat & help to show that life can go on after terrible things happen. We hope you enjoy these stories & that they provide you with whatever it is you're looking for. Terry Nova - Snap - TerryNova Insta - TerryNovaa FB - Terry Nova Twitter - TerryNovaa Soundcloud - TerryNovaa Email - Jess - FB - Jessica Taylor Riddle Insta - BellaaJesss Snap -  BellaaJesss Email -
This is the first episode of another piece of the Misfits Guide to the Galaxy Universe. Evil at Your Front Door features a girl name Jess who will bring you down the rabbit hole of her life. Jessica has been through some of the most horrific things and wants to share them with the world so that people going through similar things can find comfort in knowing everything can turn out okay. She has been near the brink of death and has managed to end up sitting here today, willing to open up and share her stories.  In this episode she discusses the nightmare relationship she had with someone that lasted 5 years & was so bad it left her with PTSD. Click play and get ready to learn how scary life can be for some people. Side note - I lost my voice the day before we did this episode so I couldn't raise my voice and it sounds a tad harsh and not as lively as I would like. Terry Nova - Snap - TerryNova Insta - TerryNovaa FB - Terry Nova Twitter - TerryNovaa Soundcloud - TerryNovaa Email - Jess - FB - Jessica Taylor Riddle Insta - BellaaJesss Snap -  BellaaJesss Email - Coming Soon
We're back at it again, doing it a little different this episode. This episode features me, Gooey, and my boy Ant Val shooting the shit on the current state of the music industry and the talent that has been engraved in our generation of music. There is so many thoughts we all have on the situation and we are here to share those with you. We will be working to get back on a weekly basis again. Working 55 hours a week has made it a little harder, but we will not slack when it comes to sharing our voice with you. Thank you for the support. Please like, comment or share & most of all - ENJOY......
When it comes to doing what you can to make a change in the world, no action can be deemed to small. If everyone took the time out to do one small thing towards a cause they believe in, we could make waves. It is for this reason that me and Gooey Louie consistently utilize this podcast to do just that. As time goes on, we hope to turn our wave (in the ocean of activism & information sharing) into a Tsunami. This time around we are breaking down palm oil farming & California's water crisis, including a deep analysis of both. As usual, this isn't going to be just a boring stream of information as if you were watching 60 minutes. We do our best to make it as interesting & eye opening as possible, & I believe we do a pretty good job. And, as always, I kick things off with a introduction, this time discussing the utilization of time & making sure you don't let fear shit on your dreams and aspirations. And, just so I don't look like I total idiot, I said that F.E.A.R means false action appearing real. In the moment I had a brain fart, the E is for Evidence, duh. Please share the shit out of this, comment, and follow so we can further expand on the Misfits community and change all the issues we face TOGETHER.....
We are finally back, and coming back with a bang. I feel this is one of the best episodes yet. It's part 1 of our new Psychedelic Adventure Series. In this episode we will be discussing everything DMT. Not only will we blow your mind with our experiences, but we provide you with the ultimate guide you need to understand exactly what DMT is all about. No need to scour the internet for a mish mosh of info, we've done all the research for you, so you can use this as your complete guide. 2 more episodes are on the way next week so we can repay all of you loyal fans for taking a little break. As a bonus, there is some talk about the current situation in Baltimore. Enjoy my Misfits all over the globe...
After missing out on a vape den session last week, were back with a special edition. Not only do we have an hour long Vape Session but there's even nice juicy intro with a ton of important stuff, brought to you by me and Gooey Louie. This weeks Vape Sessions features info about the good old FDA, the scummy DEA, Facebook, how credit is fucking up your potential to get a job, and plenty more. So strap in and lets go.... As always a big thank you to the Vape Den & for hosting the podcast at their store. The official location of the Vape Den Sessions. Please like and subscribe, it's always greatly appreciated... #FreeYourBody
Were back with another episode from the Vape Den. This week we take a big dive into the ignorance of our society & it's link to modern day racism, people manufacturing meth in ecig tanks, rich people and their funny ways, plus much - much more. Please like & subscribe here or on iTunes & Stitcher...
Were back with another Vape Den Session episode filled with great discussion and even better vibes. We were lucky to have multiple generations represented to bring a wide range of opinions on things. We discuss everything from bullying, to more info on vaping & vape activism, how sensitive our society has become, overcoming fear, and much, much more. So open up your mind and absorb all the love, light, & knowledge were sending your way...
Join us for another weekly edition of Misfits Guide To The Galaxy - Vape Den Session. We discuss the mayhem that was the white and gold dress & what people really need to learn from it going viral. We also discuss life outside earth, the failure of the current education system, the 90's NYC club scene, money's effect on life, & much more. As always, you will leave with more knowledge then before you hit the play button. Thanks for your support...
This week we present the start of something special. A big thank you to the Vape Den in Port Chester, NY for letting us record and film in their shop. In this episode you will have your eyes opened to corporate greed, political issues, & media control as we delve deep into the current legislation that may be passed regarding E-cigarette sale and consumption. We will also discuss the benefits of traveling more & worrying less. Plus all the other fun we find ourselves chatting about. So join me & Cheryl, Chris, Ryan, Leah, Matt, Joey Loves, & Gooey Louie for another episode of Misfits Guide To The Galaxy. And again big thanks to Cheryl & Chris (Co-owners @ Vape Den) for seeing my vision & letting us do our thing. Visit for more legislation info and products.
In this weeks episode, I'm flying solo. I wanted to discuss a bunch of concepts I formulated while watching a documentary called I Am, which I highly recommend. There is so many things I believe people need to start thinking about so we can work towards a common goal. That common goal being to spread love & reduce greed. Join me as we run through a load of different topics to contemplate...
Were back with another episode filled with some wild stories. From off use prescription pills, to heroin, and more. We are once again going to take you into the underworld of drug use & the results of our bad decisions. Not only will you get to laugh at our misfortunes, but you may just connect and even learn something. Let's get weird....
This episode of Misfits Guide To The Galaxy we have a special guest who brings a great style of comedy at intelligence to the podcast. I decided to try something a little different during the intro of this episode and added a little background music to spice it up a bit, so hopefully you'll like the edition. So lets jump right in to a discussion on everything from Ecigs, to a store that sells you different shapes. This ones a doozy.... Background intro music by 18 Fingers in the Noise
I present to you the first storytellers episode of Misfits Guide To The Galaxy. On this episode I decided to kick it off with two of my closest friends as we dive into everything from doing meth in Georgia, to multiple panic attacks on psychedelics, to fights in Albany, and even reflections on past relationships. It is loaded with almost 2 hours of mayhem & is sure to keep you laughing the whole time, & hey, you may just even learn something...
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