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Sweat to inspire

Author: Todd Bloch

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7th Grade science teacher sweating to inspire the next generation ...ideas about education to inspire thought and action.
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There are huge inequities in funding for classrooms so many educators have gone to social media to publish lists of their needs. Time to fix educational funding this is sad!
Edutwitter reflection

Edutwitter reflection


Reflection on attack’s on edutwitter
Developing a making mindset

Developing a making mindset


It is important to allow our students the opportunity to develop a making mindset
Teaching is a hard challenging job. Many feel teachers are saviors but we aren’t. Sure saving happens from great teaching but that is a side effect.
Watched Netflix Queer Eye season 4 episode 1 and saw a familiar face. I grew up in Quincy IL. And Kathy Dooley was my choir director in church.
Innovations by teachers

Innovations by teachers


Remember many innovations fail, how do we support innovations in our schools
One size doesn’t fort all, remember tos mix up instructional styles for your students
Why do some thrashers give extra credit? Is this practice outdated l, shouldn’t it be part of the past!
Perceptions and ideas around college/ career training
Pondering diversity being old and white.
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