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Bite-sized gadget reviews. Who has time to read a long review? We offer bite-sized condensed gadget reviews that you get directly in your email inbox and on your favorite podcast player.
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WWDC is upon us again and while the event is geared towards software. Apple does address hardware and announce new devices from time to time. Will Apple address their MacBook keyboard issues during the event or wait till later in the year?
The Sonos One is in no mind be cheapest speaker option. However, it is the cheapest for the new AirPlay 2 standard.
The Google Home out sold the Echo for the first time last quarter but Amazon is still the market leader. That doesn’t mean the echo isn’t stumbling with privacy. Their was a recent breach in privacy that has everyone concerned.
The TicWatch Pro is a sub $300 smartwatch with two displays. The first is an OLED and the second is a LCD screen that’s transparent when off. The two screen option is a way to save battery life and always have some display on - showing the time or other stats.
OnePlus 6 Released

OnePlus 6 Released


OnePlus 6 is a premium phone with a low price. It has a notch, headphone jack, and a huge screen. It’s more expensive then other OnePlus phones but is still reasonably priced for a flagship speced phone.
Microsoft is releasing a new controller meant for anyone with disabilities. The device was leaked earlier this week but Microsoft finally unveiled it. At $99 it’s an affordable option for someone who may not feel comfortable or even be able to use a traditional Xbox Controller.
Google I/O kicks off tomorrow at the shoreline Amphitheater. We could see new hardware with Google TV single and some other accessories.
After being announced a year ago, Nest is finally selling the Temperature sensor. The sensor will help to cool and heat larger homes properly. It’s a minor update but important to compete with SmartThings and Ecobee
Snapchat Spectacles V2

Snapchat Spectacles V2


Snapchat spectacles V2 is finally out! They are more expensive but you have a better design and a higher price but you do get water resistance. We will see how well they do on the market.
Cowboy E-Bike

Cowboy E-Bike


The cowboy e-bike is from a Belgium based startup which just raised a new series of funding.
TicPods Free Announced

TicPods Free Announced


The TicPods Frees from Mobvoi are a cheaper alternative to the Apple AirPods. They’re currently on indieigogo but will retail this summer for $129.
Boosted announced two new form factors of electric skateboards. The Boosted Mini S and Mini X are now moving away from the longboard styles. The Boosted Mini S starts at $750 - the cheapest Boosted board yet. Boosted also announced the third gen of their longboards with improved wheels, deck, and battery packs.
Nintendo is looking startups to build new Switch accessories. The idea is the next Labo. We will see what is pitched in the fall.
The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is a standout Android phone. It features excellent battery life, a dual camera with AI capabilities, and while the software has major bugs – it’s something Huawei can fix with software updates. The price cuts Huawei is offering to make the phone more appealing to U.S. consumers who are trained to buy phones on a monthly installment plan. At $699 the Mate 10 Pro is an excellent choice if the Pixel 2 XL isn’t a phone, you want to buy. There are a tone of bells and whistles, and the stellar battery life means you can get all day even if you’re using all the features. Let me know what you think about the Huawei Mate 10 Pro in the comments below! You can buy the Mate 10 Pro on Amazon for $649 now.
Apple iPad Event

Apple iPad Event


Apple announced a new more powerful iPad with the same price and support for the Apple Pencil. It’s a no brainer to get the iPad 5th generation over previous models.
In a surprise launch PlayersUnknown's Battlegrounds mobile is available for IOS and Android in the u.s. today. They beat fortnite to the market but fortnite still has an upper hand on the console market and PC gaming. We will see if fortnite or even pubg on mobile is a good idea or it's a better idea to have it on the Nintendo switch. Follow us on Twitter Facebook or Anchor.
Just in time for summer Philips Hue announces a range of outdoor lights. Those lights work with the existing hardware so it means you're able to use the same bridge and the same app for your outdoor smart lights. Listen to the full episode to find out how much they are what features they bring and don't forget to check out our website;
Netvue Belle Review

Netvue Belle Review


In the market for video doorbell? The Netvue Belle is one of the best options. Belle features a A.I. which is meant to become your bulter for your front door. There are some rough edges and unfinished features but the doorbell is promising.
Android P is finally out. The latest Android developer preview is available to finally download on their Android devices. Well we don't have a name for Android P I do have a guest of it being called Android Pop-Tart. Beyond name guessing there are a few updates to the UI and other efficiency updates to the operating system.
Dyson Cyclone V10

Dyson Cyclone V10


The Dyson Cyclone Z10 is the latest vacuum from Dyson. I know it's not your normal gadgets but it's still a gadget. I talked about what makes it exciting its price and much more
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