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Street Music Map Radio: a global research on street music.
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Round About Amy keeps looping on the streets of Melbourne, bringing up original songs by the sidewalks. Recorded on October 28, 2020 (Zoom recording) by Daniel Bacchieri. Music excerpts from the songs "Cord Line" and "Don't You Grow Up". All songs written by Amy Cumming.
Singer-songwriter Jacob Fitzgerald captivates the streets of Melbourne with beautiful melodies. With a second album coming up, he enjoys, while busking, the encounters provided by playing on the sidewalks. Recorded on October 14, 2020 (Zoom recording) by Daniel Bacchieri. Music excerpts from the songs "Adore Ya", "Blue", "Dear Juliet", "Forever Yours", "Him", and "My Brother". All songs written by Jacob Fitzgerald.
Multi-instrumentalist Steph Strings enjoys performing on Sundays at the Camberwell Sunday Market, a few kilometers east from Melbourne's Central Business District. The 20 year old virtuoso guitar player is one of the best examples why Melbourne's street music scene goes beyond Bourke Street. Recorded on October 27, 2020 (Zoom recording) by Daniel Bacchieri. All songs written by Steph Strings.
Solo artist Belle Lynch blends street performances in Melbourne with corporate gigs as well. Close to releasing her first original songs, Lynch's setlist on the streets is covered by indie, pop and folk tunes. Recorded on August 13, 2020 (Zoom recording) by Daniel Bacchieri. Music: I dunno by grapes (c) copyright 2008 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: J Lang, Morusque
Melbourne’s blues talent Aaron Pollock, 2020 finalist at the International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis, USA, also performs his art on Bourke Street Mall. Recorded on September 25, 2020 (Zoom recording) by Daniel Bacchieri. Music excerpts from the songs "Brown Ave Blues", "Girl, You Make Me Feel So Lonesome", "All That Becomes", "Song At Sea", "Too Much Thinking", "Fear Of Flying", and "Damn". All songs written by Aaron Pollock.
Episode #13 JXCKY

Episode #13 JXCKY


R&B and Pop singer-songwriter JXCKY has been performing on the streets of Melbourne since 2017. Recorded on August 12, 2020 (Zoom recording) by Daniel Bacchieri. Music excerpts from the songs "Drive Thru", "Where You Been" and "Paper Town" (written by Daniel Roughley, recorded by JXCKY). Photo Credit: Jane Novella
Jesse Witney is an independent artist who mixes Soul, Brazilian and Roots music through his original songs. Born in a small town in Queensland called Gympie, Jesse currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, after living in Europe (Berlin, Germany) and South America (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Recorded on July 30, 2020 (Zoom recording) by Daniel Bacchieri. Music excerpts from the songs "Ao Seu Redor", "Apple of My Eye", "Australia", "Be It", "Hold You", "Make You Mine", "Paradise", "Rescue Me", "Teresa Teresinha", "The System". Photo Credit: Ellen Burbidge
Perth born singer-songwriter Simon Paparo has been performing his folk, blues, country and pop tunes since 2014 on the streets of Melbourne. Recorded on October 19, 2019 (Bourke Street, Melbourne Central Business District), and July 3, 2020 (Zoom recording) by Daniel Bacchieri. Music excerpts from the songs "Blood's Thicker Than Water", "Butterfly", "Firefly", "Flesh & Bone", "Fly Screen Door", "Gold At Midnight", "Grown", "Keep On Keepin' On", "No Borders". Photo Credit: Kate Shanasy -
Episode #10 BRAZAMAN

Episode #10 BRAZAMAN


BRazaman is a reggae singer-songwriter from Brazil who has been performing his live looping act in the streets of Melbourne since 2015. Recorded on October 23, 2019 (Bourke Street, Melbourne Central Business District), and July 3, 2020 (Zoom recording) by Daniel Bacchieri. Music excerpts from the songs "Ancestah", "Blind Leader", "Warfare" (feat. Belle), "King of Kings", "No Black No White" (feat. Ras JahKnow), "Under The Sun", "Keep The Faith". Photo Credit: Fernando Ximeno
Episode #9 MATT KATSIS

Episode #9 MATT KATSIS


Matt Katsis, singer-songwriter and guitarist, has been performing in the streets of Melbourne since 2012, inspired by one of his musical heroes, John Butler, who used to busk on the sidewalks of Fremantle, Western Australia, back in the mid-1990s. Born and raised in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Matt Katsis, shares his thoughts about busking and his current projects: "The last time I went out busking was March 20th [2020] and my last venue gig was the next day. The week that came after was when the lockdown kicked up a gear and things quickly began shutting down. A couple weeks in I knew I needed to keep playing to stay sane. So I decided to put together some songs from home where I’d play an original on a Tuesday and a cover on a Thursday, and share these on my socials week to week. It’s been a great way to keep my chops up, even though the usual live platforms so quickly had the rug pulled out from under us. The sessions are called the 'Majik Kactus Sessions' and just last week was the 15th episode [mid-June 2020]. I’m taking a little hiatus from the sessions now to work on demoing some new songs for future releases and I am working on some other recording projects. As well as the sessions, I played a couple live streams: a couple local theatres here in Bendigo hosted one of the shows - and the other was a virtual pub put together by the good folk of Mornington Peninsula." Recorded on June 29, 2020 (Zoom recording) by Daniel Bacchieri, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Music excerpts from the songs "All I Wanna Do Is Fly", "Call me the Breeze", "Colours", "Crossroads", "Need You Here", "Shame Shame Shame", "Sunny's Blues", "Tomorrow & The Next Day", "You & My Guitar". Photo Credit: Hacking Creative
Blending soul, jazz and electro pop on the streets of Melbourne, Tanya George has been reaching new grounds at the circuit of festivals as well (such as the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, and the St Kilda and Queenscliff last editions). With a body of work that combines impressive vocal skills, loop pedals and improvisation, Tanya also shares her thoughts about the creative process during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recorded on October 17, 2019 (nearby the Palais Theatre, St Kilda) and June 15, 2020 (Zoom recording) by Daniel Bacchieri, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Music excerpts from the songs "Broke Ass Girl", "The Lie", "Warm", "The Will", "Rise and Fall", "Writing Machine", "Anxiety". All songs written by Tanya George ("Broke Ass Girl", "The Lie", "The Will" are co-written with Tommy Spender). SONDER OUT NOW: iTunes: EP: Spotify:
Episode #7 CORI ROSE

Episode #7 CORI ROSE


Cori Rose is a singer/songwriter who recently started to perform on the NYC Subway System, especially at the Union Square Station. Cori Rose Hopwood @ Union Square & L Train Underground Platform. Recorded on October 15, 2018 by Daniel Bacchieri, Manhattan, New York City, NY, USA Music excerpts from the songs "Love Yourself", "You", "Mackenzie", "Autumn", "You" (a cappella version), "Sometimes".* *All songs written by Cori Rose Hopwood.
Episode #6 LADY BANANA

Episode #6 LADY BANANA


Lady Banana is a power duo from Zaragoza, Spain, mostly influenced by the rock of the seventies. The band started to play in the streets of London, UK, in 2015. Now the band is based in Madrid, Spain. Nerea Bueno - guitar, vocal Alba Villarig - drums, vocal
Originally hailing from the North Country of New York, husband and wife duo Coyote & Crow have been described as the "White Stripes of Bluegrass." With velvet-meets-sandpaper vocals, high energy foot-stomping rhythms, and unconventional banjo picking, they play a blend of Rock'N'Roll, Folk-Americana and Old Time Mountain music on homemade and modified instruments. Their distinct roots sound, which they have coined "Old-Time Rock'n'Soul," is sure to make your heart smile and your feet move. Currently living in Brooklyn, they have quickly become some of NYC's most well known buskers; considered the embodiment of Greenwich Village and the personification of NYC's creative soul. They have gained worldwide recognition from their viral YouTube video and their One of a Kind Upright Banjo Bass. Thomas Kopie - Banjo, suitcase Percussion, Lead Vocals Jaime Kopie - Double Banjo Bass, Back Up Vocals, suitcase snare
TOO MANY ZOOZ is a music group based in New York City, New York, United States, formed by Leo P. (baritone saxophone), Matt Doe (trumpet) and King of Sludge(drums). Leo P. and Matt Doe met at the Manhattan School of Music where they were attending and, having teamed up with King of Sludge from the band Drumadics, the trio started busking at various stations in the New York City Subway in their self-defined genre brass house. They gained fame when a video of one of their subway performances, recorded by a passer-by at Union Square station, went viral on YouTube in March 2014. The band is acclaimed for their originality, the members' playing abilities, and Leo P.'s characteristic dance moves while playing the sax. The band has released 3 EPs and their first full-length studio album titled Subway Gawdz on June 27, 2016. Text: Wikipedia. Photo: TOO MANY ZOOZ's Official Facebook Page. Songs by TOO MANY ZOOZ.
Katie Ferrara is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. Making regular appearances at the 3rd Street Santa Monica Promenade, Melrose Trading Post, Downtown Burbank, and various farmer’s markets in Los Angeles, Katie has carved a name for herself in the streets of her hometown as a “busker” or street performer. Becoming known in LA is only a small piece of the puzzle Katie has created for herself. Free spirited, ambitious, and self-reliant, she travels the world through music, writing about her experiences in song form. Katie actually began her music career while working as a Barista at Starbucks in London, England. She teamed up with local producer Jonathan Guillaumat, and released 2 EP’s: “When Love’s Not Around” (2011) and “Naturally” (2012)- both if which were recorded at Bark Studio (My Bloody Valentine, Birdy, The Coronettes), and State of the Ark Studios (Mumford and Son's, Pricilla Ahn, Emili Sande). In 2015, Katie won a Street Performing Contest called “Feeling the Street” which was sponsored by TOYOTA. As one of 6 other performers selected to play in a Global Street Band made of performers from Spain, Belgium, Poland, Colombia, and America, Katie toured internationally across New Zealand and recorded with the band and musical director Jason Kerrison in Roundhead Studios (Crowded House, Wilco, KT Tunstall). Katie has also has teamed up with singer/songwriter and producer, Patrick Joseph to co-produce her debut EP. Katie defines her sound as “Folk-pop" blending the sounds of Pricilla Ahn, Norah Jones, and Feist into a smooth concoction of charming, yet sultry vocals centered around the acoustic guitar, piano and various folk instruments. Photo by Justin Higuchi.
4 decades of beats and drums, works with Gil Scott-Heron, Richie Havens and a daily history lesson on the NYC subway: StreetMusicMap Radio presents Michael Taliaferro aka 'Bongo'.
American gospel and R&B singer Alice Tan Ridley ( is the first artist to be featured on Street Music Map Radio, the official podcast produced by the Street Music Map project ( Alice Tan Ridley - Short Bio (from her official site): Alice was born in Georgia into a musically talented family of 9 siblings, most of whom have become artists. She has been captivating audiences since she was 3 years old. After moving to New York in 1971, raising a family and teaching handicapped children in the NYC school system, Alice focused upon her singing career in 1992 when she began singing full time in the New York City subway stations – Union Square, 34th Street, and the famous 42nd Street Times Square station. Audiences gathered daily as Alice covered many songs such as ‘I Will Always Love You’, ‘I Will Survive’, ‘Billy Jean’, ‘My Heart Will Go On’, and other familiar favorites. Her legendary subway performances – often stopping people dead in their tracks and rocking the station – resulted in a flurry of YouTube videos, which continue to attract millions of viewers. Whenever Alice sang, she consistently drew a sizable crowd, transfixed by her powerful voice, surrounding her and fueling her with love and appreciation. She was known locally as the “New York City Subway Idol.” A 2010 feature in the New York Post described her ‘electrifying R&B act’ after the author witnessed ‘another rousing show in the Times Square underground’. Her first and new album, "Never Lost My Way" (© Copyright - Assouline Records / Assouline Records) is a collection of Alice's favorite songs and her new original songs, co-written with songwriter Jay Stolar. This debut album features an amazing NYC studio band playing arrangements heavily influenced by Classic Soul, R&B and Motown. Alice tackles a range of emotional topics, including watching her children grow, dealing with a cheating lover, and trying to be the best person you can be. Her voice emotes, soars, and rips through every song, giving meaningful performances that captivates everyone who listens.
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