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Off Script: Atlantic Canada Politics
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Off Script: Atlantic Canada Politics

Author: Springtide

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Off Script is a podcast for engaged citizens, public leaders and activists in Atlantic Canada. In each episode of the podcast we'll explore what people who are engaged in the politics of their communities are up to, what they're learning, and what the rest of us can learn from their experiences.

This podcast is produced by Springtide, an educational charity committed to helping people lead change through politics with their integrity intact. Host: Mark Coffin. New episodes every Wednesday. (Formerly known as 'On the Record, Off Script')

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Special Episode - The Effective Citizen with Graham Steele
This week we're sharing an episode from our other podcast, Govern Yourself Accordingly. - Most of us have not sat in the backrooms of politics, the places where decisions are really made. But today’s guest on the Govern Yourself Accordingly podcast has. And, he’s done the rest of us a favour - especially those of us who try to have an impact on the decisions being made in our communities, states, provinces, and countries.  Graham Steele is the former finance minister for Nova Scotia. In his new book, The Effective Citizen: How to Make Politicians Work for You, he has drawn a road-map of the politician’s brain. He’s codified the thought-patterns, the behaviour, and the patterns of speech that even the best of our politicians use as crutches. He’s done this so that we (as citizens) can understand them. Beyond that, he’s taken it a step further and mapped out how citizens can use that information to be more effective at advocacy to influence policy change. He explores the big picture: how patient and persistent advocacy can have a major impact, but he also talks about the granular: like how to follow-up on a meeting with a decision maker so they’re more likely to do what they told you they’d do. Follow @steelegr on Twitter--- Share this episode using the shortlink from this episode: Graham’s new book: The Effective CitizenGraham’s first book: What I Learned About Politics
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