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Author: Dr. Tolu Adeleye

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Patentable Leadership Podcast provides leadership insights and innovation tools for executives and mid-career professionals in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), biotech and biopharma industries. Listeners will get equipped on how to retool their leadership and effect continuous reinvention in order to achieve continuous growth and create more impact in business and life. The podcast holds conversations about leadership and innovation featuring interviews with business executives and professionals in the STEM industries and leadership experts.
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Caleb Woods, from RoleModel Software joins Dr. Tolu Adeleye to discuss unique angles of what it takes to shift from being a technical role in a software company to a key leadership role that involves amongst other things, growing a team of software engineers. Listen in to hear about Caleb’s take on how developing software cannot be done in a vacuum; implying the vital need to bring into play factors such as business analysis and more. Get to learn how Caleb fortifies his leadership positioning through small daily practices that add up on the long run.Resources and links mentioned in this episode1.   Caleb’s company website:   Connect with Caleb via email: 
Jo Bhakdi of Quantgene joins Dr. Tolu Adeleye to discuss the importance of cross -disciplinary approaches to innovating the healthcare industry in this episode.  Jo whose company’s mission is to extend the healthy human lifespan by 10 years within the next 10 years is redefining early disease detection through the combination of modern medical expertise, clinical-grade genetics, genomic intelligence and advanced data technology. Listen in to learn more about Jo’s vision and how he and his team are disrupting the status quo in medicine. Get inspired to expand your thinking beyond the traditional so as to create more impact in your world.Links mentioned in this episode:1.   Jo’s company website:   Jo on LinkedIn:   Follow Jo on Twitter:  
Ron Carucci joins Dr. Tolu Adeleye to explore topics of leadership excellence, change management, characteristics that set successful leaders apart and more. Listen in to tap into Ron's expert advice guided by his outstanding experience in the STEM and biopharma industries as well as his research-guided practical insights into what it takes to rise to the top and excel. Ron also shares information about his upcoming book- To be honest: lead  with the power of truth, justice and purposeLinks and resources mentioned in this episode:1.    Ron’s websitehttp://www.navalent.com2. Ron’s book – that describes the four differentiating capabilities that set successful leaders apart:Rising to Power: The Journey of Exceptional ExecutivesBy Ron Carucci and Eric Hansen Ron's Free Ebook on Leading change: Ron's Free Ebook on designing the virtual workplace: Ron’s new book – available for pre-order on Amazon (to be released in May 2021)To be Honest: Lead with the Power of Truth, Justice and Purpose
Neuropsychologist & Executive Coach Dr.Aimee Sanchez  shares insights on what is required to move from ‘success’ to ‘great success’ in your career and business. Listen in to learn about mindset shifts and leadership attributes that you need in order to achieve breakthroughs to next level achievements that translates to more impact in your ventures.Links to Resources mentioned in this episode:1. Dr. Aimee’s Podcast:Rewired for Great Success Podcast 2. Dr. Aimee Sanchez’s website Disrupt The Status Quo: Living And Leading From Your Success Zone Dr. Aimee’s Career Confidence for Women Webinar- September 29th 2020 - 5.00PM PDT.
Podcast Host Dr. Tolu Adeleye elaborates on the steps you need to reinvent your executive leadership brand so as to thrive in the new normal. She explains how you can draw out elements of your brand such as strengths, passion and core values using insights that can be derived from key events in your past professional and personal accomplishments. Including an event that occurred during the pandemic will enable you to identify even more hidden potential that you may not realize you had previously. She then describes how to derive new unique brand to launch forward with by recombining these elements with your passion and purpose. To learn more, sign up for her FREE masterclass on the subject via www.patentableleadership.coResources mentioned in this Episode1.       Season 1: Episode 2 of Patentable Leadership Podcast – Unravelling Your Unique Leadership Construct       Reinvent Your Executive Leadership Brand So As To Create More Impact Masterclass – Sign up FREE at 
Listen in to Dr Tolu Adeleye's engaging conversation with Izabela Lundberg- Founder of Legacy Leaders Institute to discover how your past experiences in seemingly unconnected backgrounds can serve as a fulcrum to launching the great ventures in your current circumstances. Izabela who has lived in diverse cultures and speaks six languages demonstrates the power of a right attitude and how you can leverage diversified pieces of your leadership construct (even difficult survival-threatening ones) to position yourself for creating great impact. Learn about her high impact performance method of equipping leaders.Links to Resources mentioned in this episode 1). Legacy Leaders Institute Izabela’s website (3 Izabela’s book – The World Messenger is available Connect with Izabela on LinkedIn
In this episode, Dr. Tolu Adeleye interviews Lifestyle Liberator Uwe Dockhorn who works with high achievers to get back their family mojo and live in abundance in all areas of their lives. As you seek to maximize your leadership as a STEM and biopharma professional, you may find that some important areas of your life are not getting the attention they deserve. Listen in to learn how to overcome road blocks in maintaining a balance in your career and personal life priorities. Links to resources mentioned in this episode1.     Uwe Dockhorn’s websitehttp://www.uwedockhorn.com2.     Uwe’s Podcast- Lift-Off With Energizing Results  
In this new format of Patentable Leadership Podcast, Host Dr Tolu Adeleye relaunches the podcast to a new audience of professionals and executives in the STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Maths), biotech and pharma  industries. Listen to catch up on Tolu on events that has happened in her space since the last episode aired. Check out what to expect in this new season and format of the podcast that equips you to maximize your leadership construct so as to create more impact.Links to Resources mentioned in this episode:1.     Strength to Deliver Your Business Dream Online Course     Recharge Your Zest for Life Online Course     365 Reinvention Summit     Reignite Your Leadership Summithttps://www.reignitedyou.com5.     2017 Season 1 Episodes of Patentable leadership Podcast at Itunes     Patentable Leadership Podcast Website     Patentable Leadership Consulting website 
Dr. Brian Dorn discusses the power of analytical thinking skills and the role of cross-disciplinary training in intellectual property law practice. He discusses with host Dr. Tolu Adeleye on the global nature of ip law practice as well as multiple ways he is tapping into his unique leadership construct both within the ip law and the biotech communities. In addition, you will also glean lots of insight on designing your ip law career path.
This episode Dr. Tolu Adeleye interviews Patent Attorney Craige Thompson of Thompson Patent Law. Craige shares valuable leadership insights such as how he ‘re-engineered’ the patent application process in order to meet the demands of two senior partners with opposing views. Listen in to his advice to new and upcoming patent attorneys. For more leadership-enhancing resources for your patent attorney and intellectual property law practices, do visit our website at
In this episode, Dr. Tolu Adeleye explains what it takes to put your leadership construct into use intentionally so that you can have a great impact.Mere knowledge of your leadership construct is just the beginning. You need to set meaningful goals to get it to work for you. For more leadership-enabling resources for your patent attorney and intellectual property law practices, do visit our website at
This episode is about what it takes to unravel your unique leadership construct. Dr. Tolu Adeleye equips you with a step-by-step process to put together elements of your career, leadership, connections, core values and passion cum purpose in unique ways so as to derive your construct. You may download worksheet/template for this process at For more leadership-enabling resources for your patent attorney and intellectual property law practices, do visit our website at
Episode 1 In this episode, Dr. Tolu Adeleye explains how she came about the concept of patentable leadership. She explains how each one of us has a unique leadership construct composed of elements of our previous career, leadership and network overlaid on our passion/purpose and core values You may download a visual representation of the idea of a leadership construct from my website
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