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Sports Talk with Tonsoni

Author: Brian Tonsoni

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Discussions about sports and society. Focusing on Indiana University athletics and college sports. Support this podcast:
118 Episodes
Our Beer Church Brewery bucket list series this week is all about college football.  The stadiums, the traditions and the rivalries.--- Support this podcast:
MLB Bucket Lists

MLB Bucket Lists


We will discuss stadiums to visit and players to watch in Major League Baseball.--- Support this podcast:
Bucket List Sports Events

Bucket List Sports Events


A brief discussion of current sports events followed by a list of 10 events host Brian Tonsoni would like to attend--- Support this podcast:
15 years ago on May 14th, my father Norm Tonsoni passed away.  This is a tribute to my life long coach.  --- Support this podcast:
Basketball Thoughts

Basketball Thoughts


We will discuss NBA playoffs and college recruiting in this podcast.--- Support this podcast:
Delphi senior Michael Benner and I discuss the upcoming NFL draft.  Also on the podcast, the NHL & NBA Playoffs plus MLB discussions.--- Support this podcast:
Bryan Mauro and Connor Hope join to discuss the upcoming Final four--- Support this podcast:
We discuss the Final Four and some of the games that have led to the Final Four--- Support this podcast:
We discuss the 2019 bracket.  What went right and what went wrong--- Support this podcast:
Brian Tonsoni and Josh Wilson discuss this weeks Championship Tourneys and the impact on NCAA seeding--- Support this podcast:
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