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Author: Jim Young M.Sc.

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Jim Young M.Sc. - Health and Fitness based podcast sharing information to help you live better, stronger, and healthier. 😉

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It's inevitable that you will eventually get sick while you are striving to reach you health and fitness related goal.  When that happens though, what are you to do?  Do you skip the workout and try and make up for it later or do you workout and try to muster the stamina to make it through?  My suggestion is to not try and make up for it later, but rather follow my recommendations from this episode. FaceBook Group: And check out more here: Send in a voice message:
 It never ceases to amaze me how badly news organizations can make something out to be that it isn't.  Well, it has happened again with news outlets misinterpreting the results of a Harvard Medical School study.  Here is the actual research article: here are some of the news organizations reports: Fox News, Today, and NPR.FaceBook Group: And check out more here: --- Send in a voice message:
This is another one of those topics that comes up frequently and I just don't believe it gets discussed enough.  So it tends to be something that people will think about while they are dieting and adds to the frustration when they can't figure out what's going on when they stop losing weight.Here is a link to the page I was referring to: FaceBook Group: And check out more here: Send in a voice message:
Nothing is more frustrating than hearing myths and misconceptions that have been proven wrong for a long time.  But, to be fair, sometimes there are concepts that just sound right at first because you don't have the whole picture in view.  On today's episode, I talk about two that have popped up quite a bit recently.FaceBook Group: And check out more here: Send in a voice message:
Have you ever had a goal in mind and not been able to meet it?  Ever wonder why?  In this episode we go over some common theme's that are present in most people's journey. FaceBook Group: And check out more here: Send in a voice message:
EA Radio 026: Gratitude

EA Radio 026: Gratitude


After spending some time trying this out on myself, I thought it was time to share this with everyone else as well.  The book I was referencing was by Nataly Kogan and her book is called "Gratitude Daily: 21 Days to More Joy and Less Stress", you can find it here (affiliate link).FaceBook Group: And check out more here: Send in a voice message:
I use the word news very loosely, but in any case, I had fun with this and to be honest, I'm going to try and make this a regular thing.  Here are the links to the article I referenced:    The journal article I referenced is in the article with a clickable link. FaceBook Group: And check out more here:, let me know what you think about this format, I'd love to hear what you think.--- Send in a voice message:
I dive into the differences between what I believe personal training is versus coaching.  As a preface to this, I believe there is a place for both personal trainers and coaches, however, I also believe that coaches tend to do better long run.  FaceBook Group: And check out more here: Send in a voice message:
A Much Needed Break

A Much Needed Break


It's been almost 4 months and I think I've had enough time off.  Moving forward, there will be a podcast episode every Friday with a couple of "bonus" episodes scattered throughout the month. If you want to reach out you can check me out at: FaceBook Group: And check out more here: I wrap this up, there was one other thing I wanted to mention, I found a pretty cool podcast app that I think is worth checking out.  It's called Podcoin and the basic premise of the app is you essentially get rewarded for listening to shows that you already might be listening to.  Check it out at (no I'm not an affiliate)--- Send in a voice message:
Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays


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