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From Cork with Love Adventure

Author: Paul H O'Mahony (Cork)

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Adventures from Cork Ireland (a small island in the Atlantic Ocean - off the West Coast of Europe) - Hyperlocal podcasting with host poet Paul O’Mahony - Be warned the language is fluid & melodic + value-laden & political - This is for people who crave detail: often there's drama & opera - stuff about depression & resurrection - dog-walking & fatherhood - poetry & fantasy. You'll find this podcast predictably imaginative - Paul trusts.
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This is Day 3 of the international audio - podcasting challenge on Sunday 3rd of November.  Paul O'Mahony talks about what he'll find hard and why. The topic is book-reading - particularly what Paul is reading every day.
In this episode you hear the sound of a man (Paul O'Mahony) walking in a muddy field, the chilling wind, a coffee house & a cafe.  On top of that there's the historic sound of the "Echo" by the man selling the Cork Evening Echo outside the Post Office on Oliver Plunkett Street.
First of a series of interviews with some of the most engaging people whom Paul O'Mahony, poet, knows. ____________________ Ray Renati is a professional actor, theatre director, podcaster, photographer, comedian, singer, father, dog-walker and more.  He lives in California, USA. Paul & Ray met on social audio on the App Anchor, about three years ago. ____________________ The purpose of THE INTERVIEW is to  introduce Ray Renati to people who don't know him delve into the person Ray is and is becoming (in 92 minutes) ____________________ THE INTERVIEW covers 8 topics: Why do you live where you live? Why do you do the work that you do?  Why do you attract the people you attract? Why are you so committed to the causes your espouse? Quick questions: like "Ice cream or jam?  Reagan or Nixon?" Why are you such a spiritual guy? Why are you so keen to leave a legacy? What question would you like to ask Paul O'Mahony? __________________ Ray says you are welcome to contact Ray Renati by email at "" 
From 2012 to 2019 this adventure with Mary Oliver (Ohio 1935- Florida 2019)  Begins with how Paul O'Mahony contacted Mary's agent in 2018, followed by a recording from 2012, her poem "The Journey" for AJ Leon and Misfits Inc as they set out to go Round the World in 1,080 Days". A segment inside the great coffee house "FilterCork" with Mary. Paul reads several poems. You hear Mary Oliver reading one of her poem. Followed by Paul O'Mahony's poem  "Song for Mary Oliver on her 80th birthday" in Florida  More poetry including "When death comes". "My life with Mary Oliver" by Paul
It's raining outside.  There's shelter among the pines. A dog to walk.  
Paul O'Mahony's musical life in Limerick (1965 - 1968) Ireland included very little Irish music. Here Paul plays music he didn't like from Brendan Bowyer ("The Hucklebuck" - released in 1965) & Dickie Rock.  Alongside music he loved - the Doors ("Light My Fire" - released in January 1967). While recording this episode Paul remembers how much he used to like the music of Percy French (1854 - 1920) from County Roscommon.
Three "omani motivating messages" -  specially voiced by Paul O'Mahony.  Does "positivity" matter enough to you? 
Story-making with my daughter  This begins with a short conversation between father & daughter in the car on the way to school - about stories we used to make together. On Social Media Day 2012, we spoke to a small group about how we were creating stories together. From storytelling to story-making ... You hear plenty about "The Pony Story" - and a little about "The Princess Story" (which is available on the podcast "From Cork With Love Adventure").
Around midnight - around the estate - around the houses - slipping on worms - without stars to warm the way - after time with Freddie Mercury in Omniplex Mahon Point
Some Irish doctors are against providing abortion services - you hear a bit of a radio report, comments by Paul O'Mahony & VictoriousOne in USA. Sony WH-CH500 bluetooth headset test A chat with Benjamin O'Mahony (actor) about pay & conditions in UK compared with USA - hoping to make contact with Ray Renati in San Francisco. Meeting a woman & dog - and meeting a man & dog. Episode recorded on Monday 3 December 2018
This is the second part of Paul O'Mahony's musical autobiography. There is more to come ...
Latest episode of From Cork with Love Adventures
Part 1 To get the full value of this episode - you'll have to listen in a silent room (perhaps even a vacuum). Because Simon & Jana speak very softly (and my studio volume control dial wasn't able to amplify the sound). Bernard Stanley "Acker" Bilk, MBE (28 January 1929 – 2 November 2014) was an English clarinetist and vocalist ... "Stranger on the Shore" is the music I still listen to. Part 2 Feeling guilty while listening to music doesn't feel right - does it? Music you might not expect me to love: "I'm the king of the jungle" "The hills are alive with the sound of music" "South Pacific".
This is the song that makes me laugh, smile & smirk most. The one that lights up my life. Your favourite? #Octaver2018 would love to hear what's your favourite. This is Paul O'Mahony's Day 3 contribution to Octaver2018 - topic suggested by Stefano Landi @slandi, in Montreal, Canada. You hear Jessye Norman sing from "Last Four Songs" by Richard Strauss. You hear Allan Sherman sing from "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (A Letter from Camp)
The poem was published in 1890. This recording was published on BumpersFM in 2017
Starts with reference to Robert Frost by Paul O'Mahony. Reading while walking in Moanbaun Wood in East Cork Ireland. In Chapter 3 'Rising and Falling', The following sources are mentioned: J-J Rousseau - John Napier - Genesis - Robert Ardrey - Adrienne Zihlman - Robert Dart - Louis & Mary Leakey - Donald Johanson - Owen Lovejoy - R D Guthrie - Jack Stern & Randall Sussman - Jane Goodall & Dian Fossey - Dean Falk - Peter Wheeler
Recorded specially for Robbin Milne the Painter in California. To someone who knows nothing about cricket, this may sound weird - hieroglyphics on the air from BBC radio 'Test Match Special' (TMS) team. You hear ball-by-ball commentary on the last 19 minutes of the first test match between England & India. Paul O'Mahony says few words.
Insidious I was walking along a couple of roads, one turned to the sea, the wave, the water, the tide ... one sloped to the mountain, the scree, the rock, the peak ... I followed a breath like a hunter. There were distractions, high like eagles, busy like bees, imaginations like sugar, addictions, paradise, a sweet-shop shining scent of fish nectar, pollen, ice. I was walking along a couple of roads when the earth gave birth to twins, and twins to twins I followed a breath like a hunted fox. ______________ Read by the poet Paul O'Mahony Recorded in kitchen in Cork on 16 July 2018
This speech was made at Blarney Toastmasters Club in Co Cork Ireland. Paul O'Mahony is a member of that club. He's following the Toastmasters learning path known as Visionary Communications. This is his second speech on that Path. The speech is introduced by Mary Walsh, Toastmaster (MC) of the meeting. It was a hot, dry day during the Irish drought 2018. The video was shot by Moira O'Brien, member of Toastmasters Internatonal, Blarney Club, District 71
The poems are: 1. Je Suis Charlie 2. Je Suis Paris 3. Lost on Bastille Day 4. Born in Aleppo 5. We Are Humans 6. They are Dead Recorded specially for #AudioMo Day 30 2018
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