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In this show Himanshu talks about real life stories, interviews with creatives, music, tech reviews and his 2 cents on life.
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#21 - Blurred lines

#21 - Blurred lines


Today’s episode is about how creators are mixing paths and creating epic things. It's a blurred line between any two passions or professions!  We are living in exciting times, when we have liberty of pursuing any passion or doing almost anything. Yes, you heard it right. Anything. Even somethings which would feel completely absurd a decade ago are coming to reality, for example -  a Paris based artist L’Atlas creates an amazing art work by combining two arts - Graffiti With Calligraphy. There is one of his work A giant compass which he created for a grand plaza in  Paris. It feels like an alien work but so beautiful to look at. Truly amazing piece of art. Another great example I’ve seen on Instagram lately is mixing up art work with fruits and veggies where the artist creates shapes with fruits and veggies and mixes them into a painting work so it looks so spectacular. Then there is a band who makes music with their mouths and many of them sing eventually making amazing music.     Artists are moving beyond the boundaries sanity by mixing up two very different kind of streams of art. Now as all the streams are starting to feel saturated on their own. So people are now mixing up things and creating fascinating stuff. So I wanna leave you with this question, even if you are not an artist. Let’s say you are a content creator or an office worker. How would you mix two different crafts which you know? Wouldn’t it be awesome? Let’s say you may have learned two different skills, try to connect dots and see if you can create an awesome project to work on. This is the time of blurred lines. 
This episode is about TV!Check out my work - www.himanshusachdeva.comSubscribe to my newsletter -
This episode is an audio version of an article I wrote a while ago, it’s called Looking through the tiny keyhole.Check out my work - Subscribe to my newsletter -
In this episode, I’m talking about feminism and why most of the humans need to learn the real meaning of Feminism!Check out my work - Subscribe to my newsletter -
In this episode I’m talking about unfocused hustling and why it’s bad for productivity.Check out my work - Subscribe to my newsletter -
In this episode, I’m sharing my under $1000 photography setup which I use as my daily driver for making photos.My original Medium blog post - kit page - out my work - http://www.himanshusachdeva.comSubscribe to my newsletter -
This episode is about managing Information and Social media effectively so that your brain energy is not sucked out completely.Apps mentioned - 1. Headspace2. CalmCheck out my work - http://www.himanshusachdeva.comSubscribe to my newsletter -
Today’s episode is a new section called Story Time where I tell a story I lived through or heard.Today’s story is about of a late night Uber ride I took recently.
Today’s episode is just a quick one to let you know about the season 2 of my main podcast which is Experiments of Lifestyle Architecture Lab and it’s starting soon!
In this episode I’m talking about running. The why and the how!
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