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Author: Marlie Love

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Learn the stories of everyday people finding and going after their true life purpose. If they can do it, so can you! Support this podcast:
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On the season four finale of Purpose is for ALL podcast, we have singer/songwriter Jamie Alimorad. Jamie is the quintessential musician, that is living his purpose. Not only has he had viral music videos, but his new project has him working with some of today's most highly respective musical legends. You have to listen to this episode to hear who he's working with AND more about how he's living his purpose through music. This episode was the perfect episode to end the third season of this podcast! Learn more about Jamie by following him at @jamiealimorad and/or his website: more about my life coaching at sure to subscribe so you can hear more episode of Purpose is for ALL podcast AND learn how others are living their life purpose!--- Support this podcast:
On this week's episode of Purpose is for ALL podcast we have former high powered criminal defense attorney, Andrea Hall. After she discovered that she had a brain tumor, she changed everything about her life and began to live her passion! She is now a certified equine gestault coach! She's also an author of multiple book titles, that you'll hear more about on this episode! If you want to hear a story of triumph, inspiration, and motivation with a sprinkle of horses, this is the episode for you! Learn more about Andrea at: more about my coaching at: Be sure to subscribe to the podcast!--- Support this podcast:
Welcome back everyone to a NEW episode of Purpose is for ALL podcast! It's been a few weeks, but this episode is worth the wait! We have the amazing, Maura Sweeney today! Have you ever wanted to just reinvent yourself? At the age of 50, Maura did this! Not only has she transitioned to an author, podcaster, and international speaker... BUT she is the Woman Economic Forum's 2018 Woman of the Decade! This episode has nuggets of gold that will help you understand that it's ok to start over at any age! You don't want to miss it!To learn more about Maura, be sure to check out her website: Be sure to learn more about myself and my coaching at Don't forget to subscribe!--- Support this podcast:
On this special episode of Purpose is for ALL podcast, we have the amazing Jeanne Enstad! Jeanne died twice, went to Heaven twice, and is now telling us what Heaven is like and the message Jesus gave her. This podcast episode is guaranteed to inspire you and let you know that Heaven is real! It will also help you understand who Jesus truly is and the message He wants you to hear! Don't miss this awesome Good Friday episode!Learn more about Jeanne and get her book at: . Learn more about my life coaching at: --- Support this podcast:
On this week's episode of Purpose is for ALL podcast, we have Amy Lyle! Amy is a best selling author, screenwriter, actress, comedian, and child of God. Her ability to be open about her past failures, has allowed her to help people all over the world. On this episode, you will understand how your failures can lead to your success. You'll also understand how much God truly loves you. You don't want to miss this episode! It's guaranteed to truly change your life!Learn more about Amy at: more about my life coaching at:  --- Support this podcast:
On this week's episode of Purpose is for ALL podcast, we have Aimee Manzoni-D'Arpino. After Aimee's son passed away from substance abuse disorder, her new purpose awakened to help educate and advocate others about substance abuse. This episode will help you understand that in every season of your life, God is there for you and with you. You'll also learn about why the "uncomfortable" feeling, may not be a bad thing. Don't miss this episode! It's REALLY good!If you would like to get in contact with Aimee, you can email her at sure to subscribe to hear more episodes of Purpose is for ALL podcast. Learn more about me at --- Support this podcast:
On this week's episode of Purpose is for ALL podcast we have Grammy and Dove Award nominee Delano A. Johnson. Delano Johnson is not only a talented musician and author, but also a brand architect that cares for God's people. In this episode, you'll understand that nothing can stop you from God's purposes in your life! You'll also get to hear why Delano says losing millions caused him to live his purpose! Be sure to get Delano's book, Refuse to Live Talented & Broke, at and use promo code "BrokeandTalented" to get 10% off of the book!Don't forget to subscribe for more episodes! Learn more about my coaching and sign up for my new online training program at! --- Support this podcast:
On this week's episode of Purpose is for ALL Podcast, we have Rachel Smets with us! If you've ever wanted to travel and/or live abroad, you NEED to hear this episode! Rachel is a TEDx speaker, Culture Trainer, lecturer, and bestselling author. She's on a mission to inspire fellow solo travelers to live abroad successfully! You don't want to miss this episode! It will help you understand purpose AND taking that leap of faith to move or travel abroad!Learn more about Rachel Smets at You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube by searching Rachel Smets.Learn more about my life coaching at  --- Support this podcast:
On this week's special International Women's Day episode, we have confidence coach Trish Blackwell. Trish is the epitome of an extraordinary woman! She's battled her way out of an eating disorder, trauma, debt, and more to become a leader to women around the world. You want to listen to this episode if you've ever battled with confidence issues or felt less than! This has to be one of the best episode's I've ever recorded! It's filled with inspiration, determination, and everything that International Women's Day represents!Learn more about Trish and her pocast by searching "The Confidence Podcast with Trish Blackwell".Learn more about my coaching at --- Support this podcast:
On this week's episode, we have the awesome Averianna the Personality! Averianna is a tv host and entertainment personality who has covered the BET Soul Train Awards, NAACP Awards, All Star Weekends, and other red carpet events! She currently works as a talent assistant on the Pickler and Ben show in Nashville, TN!Averianna is an inspiration and light to the entertainment industry! You have to hear how she "intercedes" for entertainers and why she believes how you've always known your purpose (even if you didn't realize it)!Be sure to follow Averianna on Instagram: @iamaverianna.Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and visit my website: --- Support this podcast:
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