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Author: Peter Witham

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Discussing a life of creativity. Everything from Photography and Software Development to Blogging and Crafting. I try to help you get the most from your creative time.

Everybody creates something, it's what we do as humans. Let's try and make the most it. Support this podcast:
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Go all in Poker face!

Go all in Poker face!


My problem might be my biggest strength. When I start something new I go all in, straight for the deep dive. I'll learn as much as I can, practice and push myself to do the best job I can at whatever it is. That's my strength, it should be yours as well. A few thoughts on how to tackle new things and have a feeling of achievement rather than just dabbling at something on the surface. Please rate this podcast --- Support this podcast:
Forget New Year Resolutions

Forget New Year Resolutions


I know plenty of people out there set a new year resolution or two, but forget it. It's a bad idea for most and destined to fail. I have a better suggestion, set regular goals instead. Rate this Podcast: --- Support this podcast:
Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays


Enjoy the break if you are having one, take time with friends and family. Recharge ready to take on next year. --- Support this podcast:
There is also a video version of this episode: Here on YouTube Journaling has been one of the most popular topics, so I thought I would revisit and offer some ideas and suggestions on how you can start and what you may want to consider putting in a journal to keep you inspired and motivated. I would love to hear your thoughts and tips, Contact me --- Support this podcast:
It is very important to capture those ideas in any form you can when you have them, even when they might be rough quick thoughts. They do not have to be perfect, but capturing them is a must. From a few simple words, or a sketch, to a couple of lines of text. Capturing even the beginning of an idea has to be a priority for you. iOS Software I use to capture notes Moleskine Flow for iOS Penbook for iOS Contact Me Contact Form --- Support this podcast:
I have spoken a lot about working in teams in other episodes. So for this one, I thought I would turn it around and talk about the benefits of working solo if that suits your style and preference. --- Support this podcast:
Through a series of synchronistic events I have a new project I am working on. For the first time, I am making paid content. In this episode I share my thoughts on the project, what it is, how I plan to do it, and how I think it will work. For anyone that has ever made something to share and ask for payment, I am sure you will have experienced a lot of these thoughts and concerns. Patreon post for project Code Notes App sourcecode --- Support this podcast:
When the numbers say stop but the gut says carry on. What do you do? A few thoughts on when knowing it's time to make a decision. --- Support this podcast:
I get it, you just did something cool and want to tell the World, but you did that 10 minutes ago, should you wait longer for that next release? Is it too much in one go? Does everyone really want a 2 hour podcast to listen too? Some thoughts on all those things, pace and delivery can make the difference between an on-going conversation and attention or a way to send people to sleep. This episode was created with tools for the Mac from SetApp --- Support this podcast:
So you reached the end of your day, you finished work, maybe the kids went to bed and it's that moment when time is yours to do what ever you want with ... what now? Well, I have a few suggestions on how you can take advantage of that time and keep those projects and what ever else you want moving forward. --- Support this podcast:
The Power of Silence

The Power of Silence


Do you like silence? For me, silence is a great way to recharge my battery and gives me the opportunity to focus. But I appreciate it's not that way for everyone. Silence in todays society is almost a weird fifth wheel. --- Support this podcast:
Part 1 Every time I start a project, I believe it's the one that is going to work out and make the difference. I have to, and you should as well, why? Because if you do not believe in it at the beginning, why bother even doing it. Part 2  Do you maintain a list of skills you want to work on? I do, I have a list of skills I want to improve and a list of skills that I want to learn. This keeps me motivated and excited to try new things. --- Support this podcast:
There is no shame in using a template or preset to get a project started. Often I hear that there is some kind of stigma attached to using a pre-built solution. But often that is the fastest way to get to what really matters...making content. To start a new project you need to remove any excuse to procrastinate, and often it seems that generating a tool or system to make the thing you want to make gets in the way. So let's start by avoiding that. --- Support this podcast:
It's the huge question that always sparks debate. So rather than say what I think you should do, I'm just going to tell you what I do. --- Support this podcast:
The answer will be different depending on what you do. But here is a list where I have tried to break down a few different categories by type. Visual Sites - Pintrest - YouTube - Vimeo - Instagram - VSCO - Vero - Dribble Technical or Readable Sites - LinkedIN - HackerNews - Reddit More dedicated, focused sites - Product Hunt - Specialized Forums - Slack Groups - Discord Groups - Your Own Web site Books and Written Material - Amazon Self Publish - Apple Books - Google Books Generic Social - Twitter - Facebook --- Support this podcast:
It is so important to have you're own domain name and Web site. Especially if you are thinking of building a brand or e-commerce. In this episode, I am going to give you very good reasons why you need to do this and not use a third party as you're home on the Web. Show Notes: - It will always be there for as long as you keep it live. - You get to control how it looks and all other aspects of the site. - You are free to change your mind at any time and take it in another direction. - You are not relying on a service that might go paid or disappear at some point. For example, many of the social networks that now no longer exist. - You are not dependent on a third party company and their privacy rules and how they use your data. - Users know exactly where to find you. - You can use the site and domain as a jumping point to anywhere else you want to direct people. - You can use services to see metrics and learn from your users what is working and what is not. This is invaluable data. - You can gather user information via forms and/or emails and start a two way conversation. - If you decide to sell goods or services, you are free to implement that the way you want it to be. - You are not forced to display advertising or other distractions based on the desires of another company. - You get to provide the experience to visitors and potential customers exactly the way you want it to be. Support this Podcast and my other work on Patreon, I would very much appreciate it. --- Support this podcast:
You cannot attract everyone, and you do not need to. You just need to know who to attract, but do you know how? Here is some thoughts on how to work that out and an example. 1 good audience member is worth a 100 bad ones in the long run. --- Support this podcast:
Sometimes projects delay things, that's bad! So here's a new episode to get us back on track. In this episode I am going to talk about that very thing, making time and keeping commitment to your creative projects. --- Support this podcast:
Trends come and go. Whilst they offer an interesting insight in to a direction you might want to consider, you should never just follow them without question. Or worse, abandon your own trend because something else is more popular. Just a couple of thoughts shared on how and why. --- Support this podcast:
I am starting a new side project and the best part of that is I get to have a totally clean slate in front of me and the opportunity to work on it with new skills and new ways. --- Support this podcast:
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