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Author: Peter Witham

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Discussing a life of creativity. Everything from Photography and Software Development to Blogging and Crafting. I try to help you get the most from your creative time.

Everybody creates something, it's what we do as humans. Let's try and make the most it. Support this podcast:
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Experience Like A Customer

Experience Like A Customer


You need to try and experience your content the say as your customers will, and for that you may have to do a little homework, but it will be worth it. By experiencing what you make the same way a customer does you can ensure that you are making the right choices and delivering what you expect not what you assume.--- Support this podcast:
Should We Fix Our History?

Should We Fix Our History?


It can be tempting to go back and fix those older works that just don't meet our newer higher standards, but they might just be beneficial to leave as they are. Previously not so great work by comparison to your standard today is a great way to show progression and improvement, and that my friend is a good thing.--- Support this podcast:
Note: This episode was record on the move in some really terrible weather so the quality may not be what you are used to.Over a long time now I have noticed something, the weather greatly affects my creative mood and output. When it's damp and raining it somehow pushes me to a higher level.Terrible storms in Texas today reaffirmed this for me, so I thought I would share some interesting observations.If you listen to this episode on Anchor at you can now leave messages to share your thoughts, and I really would like hear them. Let's get a conversation going and maybe I'll share your comments on the next episode!--- Support this podcast:
As I mentioned in the last episode, this week I started my setup and testing for live streaming. It proved very interesting and I share my thoughts and lessons learned in this episode.It gave me enough information going forward on how I can improve both quality and service. Now I can start work on my development and podcast streaming I think.A couple of streaming examples here from my game streams.YouTube: Support this podcast:
Live streaming is a popular way to share with people, some times the less polished result can be more interesting. This is something I have started to investigate.--- Support this podcast:
Boundaries are wonderful thingsWe are more likely to respect boundaries put upon us by others than those we impose on ourselves. That is assuming we put any in place to begin with. Just telling ourselves that we will know when enough is enough is not a good way to hold ourselves accountable.Not only are boundaries a good way to measure things like project limits but they also teach you a useful skill that you can carry through every aspect of your professional career.If you liked this episodePlease subscribe, tell a friend, like or just share on your social platform of choice. I greatly appreciate it and it is your way of saying thanks, this inspires me to keep making them.--- Support this podcast:
Remote Working is a blessing and a curse depending on how the day is going.I'm going to share some tips that I think help make the days not only productive but keep you in close contact with you're team if you work on one.I would love to hear from you, visit to send feedback right to my inbox.Thanks for listening.--- Support this podcast:
Do you know what those fancy tools you use are doing? Do you realize what actually happens in the background when you press a button to get an instant effect? You should, one day those tools might change. But understanding what they do is a skill that will always be available to you.--- Support this podcast:
Use the MVP to remove excuses for starting on your journey to creativity. No not minimal viable product, I'm talking about something else.--- Support this podcast:
Measurement is good, but only if you use the right statistics to test with.--- Support this podcast:
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