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Welcome to Keto For Normies, a podcast hosted by Matt and Megha, the founders of KetoConnect, a ketogenic food blog and YouTube channel. Weekly we will have on guests from all walks of health, nutrition and business to give you insight into their relationship with the diet guidelines they follow and the businesses they run. We will also discuss specific topics surrounding the health and science of a ketogenic diet, give our personal advice and tips for being successful on a keto diet, and answer listener questions!

Hosted By: Megha Barot and Matt Gaedke
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176 Episodes
In our one hundred and eleventh episode we talk to Christina Rice about how she defines health and wellness for herself. We also break down what reiki healing is and the benefits of it, as well as some other interesting topics she's discovered through hosting her own podcast!    Preorder our second cookbook now - Keto Made Easy: Fat Adapted 50 Day Guide!  
In our one hundred and seventy sixth episode we talk to Gary Taubes about his new book, The Case For Keto.  
In our one hundred and seventy fifth episode we talk about our New Years challenge, 30 under 20, that will help you get the year started off right. It's important to have a plan of attack that isn't too restrictive or intimidating so be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can get the challenge packet before we start on January 4th. 
In our one hundred and seventy fourth episode we talk to Dr. Westman and Amy Berger about their new book, End Your Carb Confusion. What causes someone to fail on the keto diet? How many carbs should you be eating? Find out the answers and more!
In our one hundred and seventy third episode we dig a little deeper on the keto diet and talk about some major ways to improve your health beyond just keeping your carbs low.  If you're still debating what desserts to make for the upcoming holidays, we've got you covered with our Christmas Cookie Round Up!
In our one hundred and seventy second episode we talk about intuitive eating and what it truly means. Is it simply being in tune with physical hunger? Is it possible to eat Intuitively on a diet made of processed foods? Also, what questions determine whether you have issues surrounding food? Check out our holiday food guide for the upcoming holidays!
In our one hundred and seventy first episode we talk about why the weekends get us off track and tips to improve on that. 
In our one hundred and seventieth episode we talk carbs. How many should you eat? What are your goals? Are you lazy keto lifer?
In our one hundred and sixty ninth episode we discuss the most recent studies and topics to hit the nutrition scene! Also, are we coddling the American mind?
In our one hundred and sixty eighth episode we talk to New Yorks best selling author James Nestor about his book, Breath, and so much more! Have you ever considered how important breathing is, how it can improve your quality of life and whether or not your are doing it right? Sponsor: Perfect Keto **Offer: 15% of 2 Boxes / 20% off 3 Boxes / 30% off 4 boxes **New PB Bars are legit - Get them October 5th-9th!
In our one hundred and sixty seventh episode we talk to Dr. Ted Naimen about the the protein to energy ratio. You can dig a lot deeper in his book, The PE Diet! Sponsor: Perfect Keto for 20% off Perfect Keto + Free Shipping + Free Nut Butter on orders of $80+ for the rest of 2020
In our one hundred and sixty sixth episode we break down the the four major factors to consider when calculating your macros and tracking calories. Sponsor: HiLo Life Promo: Get $3 off Hilo Life’s Piece-A-Pizza on Amazon Prime now! No code is needed, valid until 9/26, while supplies last.  
In our one hundred and sixty fifth episode we break down the taxing of junk foods, eating out vs. cooking at home, and the upcoming holidays! Sponsor: Perfect Keto Code: KFN40 for 20% off Perfect Keto + Free Shipping + Free Nut Butter on orders of $80+ for the rest of 2020    
In our one hundred and sixty fourth episode we break down our top 10 tips for weight loss success along with a list of 26 tips from health line. Are they really evidence based? Join The Curve for an in depth meal planner and nutrition courses!
In our one hundred and sixty third episode we break down the true definition of 'self improvement' and what it takes to achieve it! This is a great listen for mindset, success, happiness and all around growth. Join The Curve now for help figuring out your macros and access to the meal planner!
In our one hundred and sixty second episode we talk so Siim Land about his new book Stronger By Stress. Often, stress is looked at as a bad thing, but there are ways to implement it to enhance our lives! More content from Siim Land about fasting and autophagy on!
In our one hundred and sixty first episode, we talk to Amanda aka Keto Queen aka Ketoginja about her incredible weight loss and budget tips! Sponsor: Chomps Code: KETOCONNECT for 20% off and free shipping!
In our one hundred and sixtieth episode, we talk to Mari Ann and Steve, the founders of Marigold Bars. With good ingredients and even better taste, these bars are one of our favorites to have stocked up in our fridge. Listen to find out why! Sponsor: Perfect Keto Code: KFN40 for Buy 1 Get 1 40% Off!
In our one hundred and fifty ninth episode we talk to good friend, Suzanne Ryan, founder of Keto Karma and Defy Foods. We talk about how she lost over 100lbs and kept it off as well as her newest product line of low carb cheddar crackers. Sponsor: Perfect Keto Code: KFN40 for Buy 1 Get 1 40% off
In our one hundred and fifty eight episode we talk to the founders of Serenity Kids. The high fat, high protein baby food pouches are perfect for your little one, and even our 11 month old son, Theo, loves them and eats one everyday! Sponsor: HVMN Code: KETOCONNECT for 10% off  
Comments (37)

Aaron Hartje

I tried powering my way through this one episode, but it quickly became obvious that these two don't know anything more about keto than anyone else who has picked it up and done it as a hobby. Once they GUESSED that breast milk does not contain lactose (which it DOES) it was time to bail. Side note: My personal belief that any female incapable of properly pronouncing her T's doesn't know what the hell she's talking about remains undefeated.

Jan 8th

Suzie H

on Hard 75 you have take cold showers, uh no.

Dec 29th

Neha Mahnoor Patillo

How to write a review to win a tee shirt

Mar 14th

Michele Gray

Great podcast!! VERY interesting!! Heart disease rampant in my family. Need to research more but his research and conclusions makes sense! please have him on again. ..i could have listened for hours!

Nov 21st

Stephen King

"My worst experience was a lukewarm bath" 😑

Aug 8th
Reply (1)

Trisha Skirkanich

honestly, you guys talk about anything but your episode titles. the podcast should be named, "whatever my wife or husband and i feel like blurting out." this one had absolutely nothing to do with unrealistic expectations for weight loss, except for a few sentences in the beginning. I listened to at least five or six shows and have found just a little bit of valuable information that kept me coming back but after listening to this I'm done. no one is getting any value out of this. this literally sounds like a husband-and-wife chatting back and forth and being all over the place.

Jul 10th
Reply (1)

Gayle Harrison

Huge congratulations on your pregnancy!!! You guys will rock at parenting! I wish you all the best! ❤️

Feb 28th

Julia Wabie

loving this podcast guys! exactly what i needed to keep up with my keto lifestyle

Feb 14th


The meat of the episode begins @ 12:20.

Feb 11th

paula banda

I love how you talk about day to day stuff! filtering the fakes and finding your own way thru KETO! I just drove from one city to the next listening to this pod cast. TY!

Feb 11th

paula banda

thank you for helping me understand that my journey is not like anyone else's. I 18 lbs my first 3 months and I had to remove myself from the forums. everyone was losing much more than me and I got discouraged a bit.. but I haven't given up. I had to really understand that I lift everyday and my body was shedding,but retaining muscle. your pod casts help! ty tons

Feb 8th

paula banda

omg! I thought I was the only with the popcorn issue! loving the podcast guys!

Feb 6th

P Ann Fitz Gerald

so decided to do this.. bought the book.. so listening to these podcast as well as the videos... thanks

Dec 1st

Tabitha Smith Gatlin

love everything you guys put out!!

Oct 25th

Starr Mcnally

Awesome! Glad I found your vlog/youtube/podcast! Love the knowledge and support!

Sep 4th

Jacquie Jones Klugiewicz

Love you guys!! I have watched a ton of your videos and found out you had a podcast when I heard your interview on the diet doctor! :) soo happy! You guys are seriously amazing!!!!

Aug 11th

Genny Verdone

great interview. love jimmy Moore and you guys asked great questions. learned a lot

Aug 5th

Kristina Bedard Webb

Megha is there a media your not awesome in ? you and Matt do an awesome job making the keto lifestyle seem like its actually not crazy and us normal people can benefit. You've inspired me to take control of my own health. thank you so much !

Jul 27th

Jamie Kayler

Great interview! You guys are great. You've helped my husband and I get started on our keto lifestyle so much. We love your YouTube videos too! Just got the cookbook!

Jul 1st

Rachael Hudgens

I am so happy I found this channel. keto seemed so daunting and now I'm so excited that I started and that this channel has given so many great tips!!

Jun 22nd
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