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Author: William Teh 1Nakata

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Welcome to the CG BOSS Podcast, a show on my journey as a creative, designer making one universe at a time. Sharing my experience in Design, Animation, Business and interesting creative bits.

Asides: Mini Boss podcast segments on Parenting.

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41 Episodes
I talked about a recent Playstation Ad Commercial that got Plagiarised. And the director got fired in the process. But is it all Bad to copy as long you solve a business problem? How do we make sure our inspirations does not become our setback?Show Notes:My Blog Post: Bao Ad: Article: is a Remix Kirby Figursen: Futur Where do Good Ideas come from?
CGBOSS Year End Reflection

CGBOSS Year End Reflection


This episode I reflect somethings on my internet journey blogging social media and making a sale on Artstation. Check our my artstation store here to get MechatroWego model.  Drop a voice message here on Anchor
CG BOSS (Trailer)

CG BOSS (Trailer)


Mini Boss 🕶 intro E01

Mini Boss 🕶 intro E01


Mini Boss intro • MiniBoss Parenting 101 with toddlers • MiniBoss Outro
Recently downloaded Amazon lumberyard 1.21 and I give my short review and impressions.
Cryengine is making a comeback like a phoenix rising from the Ashes. Is it time to use it in 2019?
Should you use Blender in 2019 weigh some thoughts on it after writing about Blender 2.8 in 2 blog posts.
Amazon Lumberyard in 2019 should I use it instead of unreal or unity?
🚀CG Boss podcast rename • CG boss name and some updates • Outro CG Boss. Computer Graphics Boss, Creative Group Boss 💻 😎🕶🤖🔊📹
It’s the final Episode of Animators Journey I share about this past year how I learned CG at 3dsense and some possible future ideas and thoughts of doing personal projects.
On this episode of the Animator journey I talk about my newest animation harmony it’s all in the eyes. I also talk about the future of this podcasts and some thoughts about doing CG this whole year. Like this podcast on: Or Buy Me a Ko-Fi Tip: my website on
On this episode of Animator Journey I talk about pivoting your career and going back to UX and how to be ready adaptable. - Book read recommend Startup of you - Ikigai
A short episode about ambition, getting into the flow and moving forward. Why you need Plan ABZ and some thoughts on Animation as a career.-
Amazon Lumberyard a game engine from Amazon integrated with AWS cloud services. A short impression and review.
A visit from Laika and a surprise drip in from DVE1.
During our animation review we got to meet Benson Shum from Disney to review our animations. Read more on the Blog
On this episode Of animator Journey I talk about blocking and redoing work.
In this final e3 episode I talk about some new games like cyberpunk and their marketing premiere to small indie games. Blog with the trailers mentioned:
E3 lots of cool trailers and multi platform titles but are we thinking that games can be the future media we all engage in the future? Game Trailers: Kojima Games and Film will merge
I talk a bit about why we need to keep things simple when we do animation or other creative endeavors.
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