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Parents and educators ought to use the sad display at the Oscars by Will Smith as a teachable moment for our young people. Violence is not the way.
The behavior by Will Smith at the Oscar Awards was deplorable. Find out my thoughts in this episode of The Marc Medley Show.
A photograph taken by New York Times photographer Sarabeth Maney at the Supreme Court Nomination Hearings goes viral. Take a listen to this episode and find out why.
During this episode Marc takes a look at our customer service experiences whether in the store or on the telephone. Take a listen and think about your own experiences in 2022.
Am I the only one who feels we are in a season of loss? Take a listen to this episode of THE MARC MEDLEY SHOW to learn why I feel this way and ultimately what we can do about it.
These are some turbulent times especially in terms of race relations and navigating through all of the negativity that is nothing short of demonic and satanic. Covid-19 has so many of us emotionally worn out. Find out more by listening to this episode of The Marc Medley Show.
Can we be thankful regardless of what is going on in our lives? Listen to this episode of THE MARC MEDLEY SHOW and find out.
We often use the phrase "Back in the Day" with great affection and fondness as we reflect on a period of time that is usally 10, 20 or 30 or more years ago. Usually the phrase is used to refer to what was considered a good time to be alive or to be doing whatever the speaker of that phrase was doing. My question is, what type of "Back In The Day" will our children today have to refer back to?
This weekend we will set our clocks back an hour just as we set them an hour ahead in the Spring. As a country we do this in lock step and without any hesitation or resistance. I have yet to hear anyone say that the changing of our clocks as a country (government mandated by the way) is infringing upon our freedom. Yet, the wearing of a mask or getting a vaccine is. Learn more about it in this episode of The Marc Medley Show.
There is no quick fix for anything, yet, there are so many both young and old alike who want whatever results they are looking for fast and now. This episode is based on conversations that I have had with students concerning them doing their school work.
Marc Medley Appears on The Psychic and The Doc with Mark Anthony and Dr. Pat Baccili. His topic of discussion was "If I Can Help Somebody, Then My Living Will Not Be In Vain." Marc shares his thoughts about learning from mistakes, those he would surround himself with and leaving a legacy.
I've literally observed people spend hundreds of dollars per day on the lottery and have often wondered what would happen if they took that same money and invested it daily just like they do spending it at the lottery machine? I raise that question in this episode of THE MARC MEDLEY SHOW.
More and more stores are moving to self-checkout and cutting down on the number of cashiers. I'd love to know your thoughts as I share my thoughts in this episode of The Marc Medley Show.
Covid-19 is a health issue and not a political issue. Because we have politicized it, we have lost time and so many lives. We must see it for what it is, a health issue and not a politcal issue. Learn more in this episode of The Marc Medley Show.
Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana on the same date Katrina did 16 years earlier. The same calendar date, Aug. 29, as Category 3 Katrina did in 2005. While there were contrasts in the storms, significant damage was levied by both. Houses and other property was gone in an instant. What had taken years to build was gone in a matter of minutes. There are some lessons that we all need to learn from these storms in terms of our perspectives about what really matters in life. Material things can be lost so quickly and yet there are so many who place all of their focus and energy on material things and their egos. This episode of THE MARC MEDLEY SHOW addresses these issues.
This is a special Father's Day episode of The Marc Medley Show. The title is "From Cornflakes to College"
Every time one of these abusive policing issues arise, we always hear the clarion call by the Chiefs and Commissioners for more training or cameras. Neither is what is needed. What is needed is a change of mindset and the change of hearts of too many of our men and women who wear a uniform, badge and carry a gun. It's the individual who is committing these crimes in uniform and not the entire police force and these individuals are giving the entire profession a black eye. The police receive more than enough training. To learn more of my thoughts take a listen to this episode.
In the Declaration of Independence are the words "We hold these truths" and yet in 2021 we keep hearing the words "The Big Lie." Take a listen to my thoughts on how far we've [America] fallen.
This episode is a recap of the events of this week (4-18 to 4-24) and commentary on our society in general. Take a listen and learn why one man dead and one man going to jail is nothing to celebrate.
If we read Exodus 32:9 in the Bible, we see where God tells Moses "I have seen this people, and, behold, it is a stiff-necked people." I would argue and I do in this episode that we here in the U.S. are a stiff-necked people given everything with COVID-19, these police shootings and mass shootings. From where I sit, we are just not getting it......stiff-necked.
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