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Rosie comes from a family of entertainers but has never considered her purpose entertainment. Rosie is the youngest of six children Pedro, Gustavo, Jenni , Lupillo and Juan. She is an entreprenuer, author and influential public figure with an active following of 3 million on her social media combined. Rosie uses her plaftorm to give hope to sexual abuse victims as a survivor and counselor. During her 9 year carreer as CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, Rosie co-produced Mariposa de Barrio on Telemundo and Netflix. She has also co-hosted the top Spanish morning shows Despierta America and Hoy Dia, and co-hosts along side her husband Abel Flores a podcast called "The Power of Us" on Revolver. Rosie has written three books My Broken Pieces, Take Your Power Back, and God is Your Defender. All of her projects have the same purpose: spread the Good News oF Salvation and in healing in Christ. "Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice." Proverbs 31:9
Have you ever taken a look at how our product packaging is getting smaller and smaller while the prices go higher and higher? Have you thought about how we are willing to have a known cheater as our leader? Have you thought about how there is no such thing as customer service anymore? Well, I have. Take a listen to this episode of The Marc Medley Show.
Jai-Leta Colvard is a proud board member of Loving Arms Cancer Outreach. She has been donating to this amazing non-profit organization for over 5 years. Now, Jai-Leta is able to make a major impact to cancer survivors. Ms. Colvard is honored and blessed to serve the community while supporting cancer survivors.At Just Jai Wear™, the company Jai-Let leads, we believe in embracing positive energy, love, feeling comfortable in the skin you are in, and setting small health goals We hope our gear will magnify your desire to be your best fit and resonate across the globe.We look forward to partnering with you on your health journey by providing comfortable and stylish fitness apparel that fits like a soft glove and loungewear for the holidays. Our clothes can be worn throughout the day whether you are exercising, relaxing, or running errands.We are committed to encouraging, motivating, and inspiring the community to shape their life with fitness and good health in mind while spreading the word across the universe.Our discussion topics included:* Bouncing back from a mental health crisis* The transformative impact of grief* The importance of seeking and providing support during challenging times* Discuss the mission and vision of Space of Grace, Inc., highlighting its role in empowering individuals on their mental health journeys.
Carolyn Hickman is a self-publishing author, Intuitive Energy Healer + Herbalist who loves helping others heal their past and transcend their pain into their purpose. Carolyn reveals her unimaginable journey of not only losing her mother but losing almost everyone she had ever known all at the very same time through a series of painful events that left her breathless, betrayed, and broken. However, even in the most challenging and darkest of days, she discovered how to let go of the pain and resentment gracefully and overcome the resistance to forgive the people not willing to make things right or say “sorry.”
In this episode of THE READING CIRCLE with Marc Medley, I interview Dr. Matthew Teutsch about his contribution to Illmatic Consequences: The Clapback to Opponents of 'Critical Race Theory' Dr. Teutsch wrote Chapter 15, Christian Nationalism and the Comic: Incognegro. During this interview we cover a lot of ground concerning the history of Christianity and it's role in systematic oppression. Be sure to take a listen. I found Dr. Teutsch to be very candid, vulnerable, insightful and informative. I also encourage you to get the book to read the compilation of essays concerning Critical Race Theory and why it must be taught to our young and not so young. We cannot act as if history did not happen.
Stevie Wonder wrote "Cash In Your Face" in the early 80's as it appears on his Hotter Than July album. The lyrics of Cash In Your Face are just as appropriate in 2023 as they were in the early 80's. Not much has changed. In fact, we are regressing. The clocks are being turned back with decisions such as those being made by our current Supreme Court and politicians around the country. Book bannings, Diversity courses being outlawed, etc. are just a few examples of what is going on today. In this episode we analyze Stevie's lyics and discover how they apply to us today. Take a listen.
Bijoun Eric Jordan is a high school English teacher just finishing his 19th year. His greatest professional pleasure is stoking enjoyment of words and ideas — and after school, making students world travelers. Bijoun studied education at New York University, followed by a gap year abroad, then a master's in English literature at Hunter College. His essay critiquing the right-wing's recent efforts to undermine racial justice initiatives through the "boogeyman" of critical race theory appears in the new collection Illmatic Consequences: The Clapback to Opponents of "Critical Race Theory," inspired by rapper Nas's debut album Illmatic. A self-professed nerd and staunch advocate of the Oxford comma, Jordan is also a consummate hip hop head and a recovering lyricism addict whose other passions include politics, culture, gaming, and creativity. He lives and loves in Brooklyn with his wife, daughter, and son.
Dr. LaTanya White is an inclusive scholar-practitioner working at the intersection of racial equity and entrepreneurship curriculum design. Over the course of her professional career, she has coached and consulted more than 600 Black urban entrepreneurs. A 2x author, TEDx Speaker, leader and strategist, Dr. White is the founder and principal consultant for Concept Creative Group, a technical assistance firm focused on business development, capacity building, and Dynastic Wealth™ transfer for Black entrepreneurs.Dr. White developed her expertise in the intersection of the racial wealth gap and Black entrepreneurship through her graduate studies at Antioch University’s Graduate School of Leadership and Change. As a result of her doctoral research on intergenerational wealth transfer and Black business families, Dr. White has designed an evidence-based entrepreneurship training model that specifically addresses the ancestral narrative and lived experience of Black entrepreneurs using a lens of racial equity.Dynastic Wealth™ is a comprehensive approach to the entrepreneurial process that cultivates quantitative and qualitative forms of wealth through the lens of racial equity. The model has implications for entrepreneurship education research, scholarship, and practice that require entrepreneurship training curricula to be redesigned through a lens of racial equity.She developed her own Foundation growing up in the Liberty City area of Miami, Florida and began to Evaluate her inner strength and resilience as a student at Florida A&M University’s School of Business and Industry. It wasn’t until she was completing an MBA-level internship in Buffalo, NY did Dr. White begin to Analyze the entrepreneurial skillset she had developed but it would take a 13,000-mile trek to Bali, Indonesia before she had been Retrained to accept her purpose as The Guide that so many minority entrepreneurs needed to get over their fear and launch their business.Through active service under the Economic Development Programmatic Thrust with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Dr. White hopes to Leverage her sorority’s global reach in an effort to recreate economic independence in communities of color.Her membership with the Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle helps her teach her village about Efficient Systems like brand development, copywriting and direct marketing that helped catapult her own business. Formerly enrolled in the Graduate School of Leadership and Change at Antioch University, Dr. White’s doctoral research produced a comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum for Black entrepreneurs to build Dynastic Wealth™, the most Sustainable method for Black economic independence and Black mobility.Bringing her cumulative expertise and passion for Black entrepreneurship education together, Dr. White is launching the Entrepreneurship Center for Black Dynastic Wealth™. The Center will be a membership-based entrepreneurial learning accelerator for Black and African American entrepreneurs who want to go beyond generational wealth to create Dynastic Wealth™. Dr. White has been featured in several media outlets including, Essence Magazine, Florida A&M University magazine, and SiriusXM Radio. Click here to learn more about Dr. White’s past speaking engagements.
Happy Mother's Day! Take a listen.
I would not trade my time of growing up in the 60's and 70's with a child growing up today in 2023 for all of the money in the world. I would not trade whatever issues I am facing with anyone else's issues for all of the money in the world. Take a listen to this episode and find out why.
At the end of the day, it really is about respect. Take a listen to my thoughts about Angel Reese and Yusef Salaam.
Unfortunately in 2023, good clean fun is a thing of the past in my view. Even for something as simple as April Fool's Day. Take a listen.
In order to get your desired results, you must put in the work. This episode was inspired by a speaker series presented by ESPN's Darryl Jacobs. The keynote speaker Dr. Marcus Bright, author of Brighter Ways Forward: Reflections on Sports, Tech, And Socialeconomic Mobility.
Chris Rock appeared in a live stand-up special that could be viewed as Jason Zinoman of the New York Times described it as "comedy revenge." Exerpts from Mr. Zinoman's review and exerpts from Bishop Desmond Tutu's book The Book of Forgiving are excerpted and commentary by this podcast host Marc Medley is given during this episode. Take a listen in its entirety.
The Process of Life

The Process of Life


"The process of life is ever unfolding, guiding you, pushing you, preparing you for the next part of the process. Life often takes a twist, or makes a turn that is frightening or confusing. Difficult challenges, bad days, upset feelings, moments of confusion are part of life's process. Perhaps if we stopped trying to figure out the process, the process would proceed exactly as it should." Iyanla Vanzant
This episode is based off of the readings from two books. #SpeakLife: Your Tongue Has The Power of Life & Death by Laticia Nicole and Until Today!: Daily Devotions for Spiritual Growth and Peace of Mind by Iyanla Vanzant. This is the first episode of The Marc Medley Show in 2023. Take a listen. Be sure to visit my website at
Have you ever asked the question "why me?" I know I have. The truth of the matter is, I do not believe any of us will be exempt from a "Why Me?" event in life. Take a listen to this episode of The Marc Medley Show to learn more. Be sure to visit me at
Kim Williams is an educator par excellence and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority sister, who shares her moving story about her diagnosis and being a survivor of ovarian cancer. Ms. Williams and I planned to go skydiving for her 50th birthday in celebration of her surviving and living to see 50 when COVID-19 waylaid our plans. It was a moving, inspirational and fun interview.
The next time you go to pay for anything, be observant of your experience. I'll bet you will find like I do that it is not best experience, especially when you are spending your hard earned money. Take a listen to this episode for some interesting insights by Marc on this topic.
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