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This is an episode you won't want to miss. We've read headlines such as "White House Economic Advisor Stephen Moore Calls Pro Trump Coronavirus Protesters Modern Day Rosa Parks," "Fox News' Tomi Lahren Compares Social Distancing To Slavery," and "Trump Supporter Claims Prolonged Lockdown Is Slavery at California Anti-Lockdown Protest." This episode looks into how the comparisons show a lack of understanding, knowledge or concern for history and the experiences of African American people.
I believe this pandemic experience ought to heighten our awareness and love for people, activities, experiences and things. Take a listen to my thoughts here in this episode of THE MARC MEDLEY SHOW and I invite you to visit
This episode questions what our lives will be like when this pandemic (COVID-19) is deemed "over." What will be considered normal post COVID-19? Take a listen and I would love to hear your thoughts.
Racism and prejudice is a waste of energy because the very people you are hating on in life could be who you are buried next to for eternity. Something to think about.
This episode is based on a quote from former President Barack H.Obama as he was one of the eulogists for at the funeral of the Honorable Elijah Cummings, congressman from Baltimore, Maryland.
Welcome to the episode of The Marc Medley show as this episode is a hodgepodge or a potpourri of topics ranging from the passing of the Honorable Elijah E. Cummings to the impatience of motorists in 2019. Take a listen
Today is my birthday, August 17th and I turned 57 years old. There is no shame in my game concerning my age, yet for many, they feel that their age is something to be ashamed of.
I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO. I'm sure you've come across this meme at some point or another and if not you get the idea. In my view, there is no such thing as a "menial" job. There is no such thing as a big job or a small job as ALL jobs are important. Learn more about it by listening to this episode of The Marc Medley Show.
How we treat people and how precious life is. We really must be grateful for what we have and the people who are in our lives.
How many times have you heard someone speaking about their children or a child they know of as "spoiled" or "bad?" Have you ever given any thought to what was being said? Being spoiled or bad is not cute. Look up the definition of spoiled. (1) diminish or the destroy the value or quality of (2) harm the character of (someone, especially a child) by being too lenient or indulgent. Think about that.
My Words Have Power

My Words Have Power


Speak about your words. Power of life and death is in your words. Your words create your reality. Learn more by listening to this episode of The Marc Medley Show.
Am I the only one who notices that it seems like "anything goes" these days? Find out more by listening to this episode.
My reflective thoughts on my experience with this year's TD Bank 5 Boro Bike Tour held on May 5th.
We are in sad and dangerous times when one can think "it's not illegal unless you get caught." We are living unfortunately in an anything goes society and world. In the long run this will not bode well for any of us.
Have you ever thought about how our habits have impacted our past, impact our present and will play a part in our future? If you haven't, listen to this episode and then reflect. Feel free to change habits if necessary.
As a child, there was a grade indicator on the report card to let parents know how their children were behaving in school; the indicator was called self-control. Over time this indicator was removed from the report card and my question is, did we do ourselves a disservice by doing so?
Have you ever questioned why someone needs to be rewarded to do what he/she was supposed to do in the first place? Why do employees have to receive an incentive to go to work? Why do children need to receive a reward for good behavior when they are supposed to behave correctly? This episode of The Marc Medley Show deals with these questions.
This episode of The Marc Medley Show deals with the dangers and foolishness of idolizing actors/actresses, musicians/singers, athletes and other entertainers.
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