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Author: T. Ward Media

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An evening podcast hosted by Terrence Ward. This show covers studies based on Bible Studies for Life workbooks and current events. As well as special guests from the area.
18 Episodes
Terrence covers the second chapter of the Book of James and talks about headlines from Frank is out this week with his son, so put those prayers up for a healing to reach his son!
Frank and Terrence cover the first chapter of the Book of James from this episode. It's a great verse by verse study! Sponsored by: Simply Stitched Designs
Terrence talks about the final section of our study on the Dark Side: Confronting Evil. Listen as he discusses the Battle Plan for your faith and spiritual warfare.
Faith In The Evening - The Dark Side Part 4: Episode 13 by T. Ward Media
Frank and Terrence discuss God's commands on dealing with the paranormal and the demons you can face from it.
Frank and Terrence discuss demons on this episode and the power Christ gives you in fighting them.
Frank and Terrence start their six part series on The Dark Side: Confronting Evil, after a week absence from the show. On this episode they pay tribute to our nations veterans for their selfless service ahead of Veteran's Day on November 11, 2017, cover the first topic of Satan using Revelation 12:7-12 as their guide. Sponsored by: Simply Stitched Designs
Frank and Terrence do a recap of the last two weeks and extend an offer of salvation through Jesus Christ. Sponsored by: Simply Stitched Designs
Frank and Terrence continue their study on the Forgiveness and how we must obtain and use it in our lives. They also talk about their experiences this week with a co-worker they ministered to about salvation, the retirement of a beloved State Trooper, and listen to a great message via Facebook. Sponsored by: Simply Stitched Designs of Historic Walnut Ridge, AR
Frank and Terrence talk about forgiveness in this weeks episode and cover what you need to do to obtain it and deliver it.
If God is good, why is there suffering? Frank and Terrence dive into the book of Job to talk about this weeks final study on the Honest to God Series. They will take look at relevant news from and other topics.
Frank and Terrence discuss How did we get here and why, on this episode of Faith in the Evening. Sponsored by: Simply Stitched Designs
In this episode Terrence is flying solo without Frank! Will the episode crash or can he hold it together? This episode tackles the question, Why Should I Trust The Bible? Remember to subscribe to our feed!
Sponsored by Simply Stitched Designs
On tonights episode covers Psalm and David's prayer about ensuring God reveal himself to him. Hosted by Terrence and David.
In this episode Hosts Terrence and Frank dive deep into Psalms 139:1-6 and 13-18 and look into why every life is sacred. We also talk to Bray Brooks. Bray is the Media Director for Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Black Rock, AR. Bray is here to promote their church for those looking for a new church or new to the area. You can visit for more information on their church and upcoming events. This episode is sponsored by Simply Stitched Designs of Walnut Ridge, AR. For more information on our podcast, visit for more details and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
An all call for sponsors and special guests to email us at if your interested in helping this program grow. Sponsors are needed to help fund the show and kick it off in to high gear. Sponsors may invest in a mention or :30 commercial during the program. Special guests are needed to talk about events coming up at their churches or just to promote their church to those looking for a new home church. No fee is required and are only done by appointment.
A quick preview of the things to come on this next series inspired by the Bible Studies for Life book, Honest To God.
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