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Author: Diana Krach

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Your Highness is about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, having conversations not widely discussed, and honoring those who are making this space and plant available to everyone in a fair and equitable way.
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Every so often, we feature other podcasters in the cannabis space to take over our recurring segment, Fave Pot/Not Pot. In this episode, Maggie Wilson of Metaphysical AF shares her selections. Then we discuss the discourse around rescheduling and share our ever-changing opinions.Lastly, Elbe of Elbe's Edibles takes listeners on a journey back in time to when Oregon was a stark contrast to the grim reality of today. 0:15- Welcome to Your Highness Podcast    0.54 - Fave pot2:14 - Fave not pot 4:11 - Main Segment28:50 - Closer Look This episode is sponsored by Mitragaia.
On this episode of Your Highness podcast, Diana is joined by Charity Moran of Seaux & Reap. The two share their Fave Pot and Not Pot items, from pre-cut blunt wraps to the therapeutic wonders of acupuncture and somatic journaling. Charity reveals her passion for the growing world of luxury cannabis travel and her curated events in sunny Louisiana. Whether it's cannabis-infused five-course suppers or taking guests on an unforgettable journey through local cultivation tours, Charity's mission is all about fostering a rich, immersive experience that champions informed consumption.Diana is also joined by Kristin Souza of Sugar Leaf Boutique, who discusses the attitudes toward cannabis legalization in Connecticut. Kristin also candidly discusses the challenges faced by local businesses in the cannabis industry, the pushback she's encountered on social media, and the lack of access to dispensaries in the state. Listen in as she shares her vision for the future of Connecticut's budding industry and her heartfelt plea for support for social equity applicants and craft options.0:15- Welcome to Your Highness Podcast 1:08 - Fave pot3:16 - Fave not pot 7:13 - Main Segment20:25 - Call to action and where can people find you?23:06 - Closer Look at Connecticut 
Join me, Diana Krach, and my guest Myisha King, as we kick off our chat with our favorite cannabis-related and non-cannabis-related things. From Granddaddy Purp and Betty Eddie's extra-strength CBD fruit juice to a local comic book store and the amusing antics of a loved one, we cover a variety of topics that show our love for all things cannabis and beyond. Listen in as Myisha discusses the transformative impact of CBD on her family, especially her nonverbal daughter. She shares the initial reluctance, the compelling encouragement from her husband, and the momentous breakthrough with her daughter. The discussion then navigates the complex process of obtaining medical cards in Maryland with our second guest, Jen, a local medical card certifier. We address the pervasive stigma around medical cannabis, the spread of misinformation online, and the challenges that come with acquiring a medical card in Maryland through her business Manna Health and Wellness. She talks about the potential of the cannabis industry in Maryland, and her hopes for its acceptance and normalization.0:15 - Welcome to Your Highness Podcast 0:52 - Fave pot2:53 - Fave not pot 9:12 - Myisha's story18:13 - Where can people find you?21:39 - Jenn from Manna
We hear from the Devil's Lettuce Ladies about their Fave Pot/Not Pot and how their show covers all things marketing and elevation. Next, JR and Diana update listeners about the 6-year journey that led to this point, and about how the structure of the show is changing in the future.And then we hear from Katie at Starbuds Cannabis Co about what people  outside of Canada get wrong about the local scene. Use code YHPOD for 10% off your next purchase on 
Ever wondered how to talk to your kids about Plant Medicine? The topic can appear daunting, but Diana Krach and  Danielle Simone Brand unravel just how to navigate this intricate subject. This riveting episode underscores the importance of educating our young ones about substances like cannabis and mushrooms, sensitively addressing our fear-based upbringing and its influence on these conversations. They also talk about using gardening as a communication tool to teach children respect for plants.Turning the spotlight on literature, they recognize its potential as a catalyst for introducing children to Plant Medicine. They delve into kid-friendly titles such as "It's Just a Plant," "The Root Family's Very Special Garden," and "Why Mommy Gets High," each taking a unique approach to education on the topic. Acknowledging older kids too, we emphasize the need for suitable literature. This episode is more than just a conversation; it's an invitation to spark curiosity and change perceptions about the intriguing intersection of plants and health. Be prepared for an insightful journey into Plant Medicine and its influences on parenting. Important links:Why Mommy Gets HighIt's Just a Plant: A Children's Story of Marijuana: Ricardo Cortes: 9780976011729: (use code YHPOD for 10% off)
Join me for an engaging conversation with the brilliant Dr. Darian Parker as we discuss our favorite cannabis and non-cannabis products. I share my experience with Here and Now by Flora and Bast, a product that has significantly enhanced my yoga and work time. Dr. Darian, on the other hand, shares his experience with Gravity, a gummy he uses to break away from his routine seriousness and enjoy a moment of relaxation. We also discuss how cannabis can help those with ADHD and the need to take a break from life's seriousness now and then. Listen in as we consider cannabis use in various contexts, including its application in exercise, and how it can be utilized to enhance focus and relaxation. We examine ground-breaking research from Colorado showing the positive effects of cannabis usage before exercise and the lack of awareness around this. We also touch on the stigma and fear that still surround cannabis use and the responsibility of users to be more open about their usage.In our exploration of the medicinal vs. recreational debate, we examine the language used to describe cannabis use.Listeners can get 10% off using code YHPOD on their next purchase at - Podcast Discussion on Favorite Cannabis Products (11 Minutes) We discuss our current cannabis and non-cannabis-related items. I share my experience with Here and Now by Flora and Bast. Dr. Darian shares his experience with Gravity, a gummy with no THC. We talk about how cannabis can be used to focus and relax, and how it can help those with ADHD. We also explore how to take a break from the seriousness of life and not be a robot once a week. (0:11:29) - Exploring Cannabis and Interviewing Techniques (11 Minutes) We explore cannabis use in different contexts. We discuss our experiences with cannabis and non-cannabis-related items, such as Here and Now by Flora and Bast. Dr Darian shares his experience with psychedelics and we consider the complexities of the cannabis business. We also discuss the need for people to be open-minded when discussing cannabis and the difficulties of filtering through the vast amounts of content we are exposed to on a daily basis. (0:22:47) - Cannabis (7 Minutes) We investigate the relationship between cannabis use and exercise. We discuss the groundbreaking research from Colorado that has shown the positive effects of cannabis use before exercise and the lack of knowledge that many people have about it. We also touch on the stigma and fear that still exist around discussing cannabis use, and the responsibility of people who use it to be open about their usage. We end by sharing some of our favorite experiences with cannabis, such as using edibles while bowling and having deep conversations with friends while in the same state of consciousness. (0:30:06) - Exploring the Medicinal vs. Recreational Debate (14 Minutes) We investigate the idea of medicinal cannabis use versus recreational use and the language used to describe it. We discuss the difficulty in proving the medical need for cannabis in some states and how some people view food or exercise as medicine. We consider the argument for recreational use as a form of medicinal usage and how it's a personal choice for each individual. Finally, we look at how the cannabis industry has changed over the past few years and the focus on recreational use versus medicinal use.   
On the latest episode of Your Highness Podcast, host Diana Krach is joined by Danielle Simone Brand and Shannon, AKA Weed Mama. Danielle and Shannon talk about their new collaborative projects and the exciting things they have in store for their listeners. They discuss the importance of representation in the cannabis industry and how they aim to promote inclusivity through their work. Throughout the episode, they share their personal experiences and insights on the industry, as well as with cannabis sexual wellness products. 0:15- Welcome to Your Highness Podcast 0:40 - Fave pot4:38 - Fave not pot 10:30 - Main Segment32:24 - Call to action and where can people find you?Important links:Weed MamaMitragaia (listeners use code YHPOD for 10% off) 
In this episode, Diana Krach is joined by Wendy Brazill to discuss her book, "Why Mommy Gets High". The two delve into the inspiration behind the book, which explores the taboo topic of moms who use cannabis. Wendy shares her experience with cannabis and motherhood and discusses the stigma surrounding the issue. Diana and Wendy also address the potential benefits and risks of cannabis use for parents, as well as the legal implications. Overall, the conversation sheds light on an often-overlooked topic and provides valuable insights for parents who may be curious about cannabis use.0:15- A quick note1:54 - Welcome to Your Highness Podcast 2:40 - Fave pot6:50 - Fave not pot 14:28 - Main Segment30:53 - Call to action and where can people find you?Important, 10% off with the code YHPODHigh There
In this episode of Your Highness Podcast, host Diana Krach sits down with Kema Ogden, owner of Top Notch THC, a popular dispensary in Las Vegas. Kema shares her insights on running a successful dispensary and navigating the complex legal landscape of the cannabis industry. The discussion covers a range of topics, including marketing strategies, customer service, and compliance with state regulations. Kema also talks about the importance of building a strong team and establishing a positive company culture. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the business side of the cannabis industry. Important links:Mitragaia Top Notch The Health Center 
Join us as we chat with the incredible Mandy Lile of Potency No.710 about our favorite cannabis and non-cannabis-related things. Discover why Beboe pens, Sour Diesel strain, and Kiva chocolate bars are some of our top picks. Mandy even shares how her young sons help her stay energized and productive, and how Kiva's churro, s'mores, and marshmallow chocolate candy bars are her secret to a restful night.In this fascinating conversation, we explore Mandy's journey to create a cannabis lifestyle brand that busts the stigma surrounding cannabis through beauty. Learn how she has faced challenges like shadow banning and censorship, but has overcome them by collecting over 250 before and after photos of people's skin transformations, offering a powerful alternative to topical steroid prescriptions. Mandy's mission to 'Unlock Wonderland' has guided her brand's growth and has inspired countless others in the process. 0:16- Welcome to Your Highness Podcast2:42 - Fave Pot 8:05 - Fave Not Pot12:40 - Main Segment 32:24 - How Can People Support YouGet 10% off at using the code YHPOD. 
Dr. Peter Grinspoon joins Diana to talk about his new book and discuss the complex nature of medical care and cannabis use. 0:16 - Welcome to Your Highness Podcast1:46 - Fave Pot4:45 - Fave not Pot 6:46 - Main Segment 23:45 - Calls to action 26:00 - Where can people find you?27:30 - Wrap up and goodbyeImportant links:MitragaiaThe Healing Rose
Sysamone Phaphon and Eunice Kim collaborated to create an ongoing education initiative for cannabis literacy and accessibility for the AAPI communities.  With the help of many other AAPI cannabis activists, they published a book that translates cannabis terminology into many Asian languages. The book contains easy-to-understand definitions of cannabis terms, as well as information about the various ways cannabis can be used and consumed. It also includes stories from AAPI patients and advocates who have experienced the healing effects of cannabis firsthand. Following the book's release, Sysamone and Eunice held a series of community events to promote its message and allow people to learn more about cannabis in an open and safe environment. Through their efforts, they hope to make sure that everyone has access to education about cannabis so that they can make informed decisions about their health care.Important links:CannaCuriousYour Highness SubstackHiVi lifeSavanh WellnessRanchera (listeners can use code YHPOD for 10% off)Yourmomlikesmymusic
Welcome to the Your Highness podcast segment, "Where in the World is Vee", where we follow the journey of Veronica Castillo, the traveling vegan cannabis writer. This time, we have a special update for you as we take a dive into the mystical realm of the unknown.On the 11th and 12th of the coming month, Miami will be bustling with activity as people from the cannabis world gather for Benzinga. It is a divine alignment as everyone has their own reasons to be there. Vee's homecoming and introduce our project, "The Life," which is a biographical book and project about Vee Castillo's journey. It feels like everything is coming full circle in Miami before Vee heads out to Montana for the "Fat Nugs Under Big Skies Tour" in the week of 4/17, which will focus on Montana's cannabis and community.SPONSORS: - Sinful Beverages- Bloom- Fidelity Diagnostics- Urban Farmer- Tasty Waves- Clear Cannabis Inc. - Secure Canna- 710 Montana- Beargrass Naturals- Stokes Dispensary - Frosteez- Hippie Submarine - Elevated- Twisted Biscuit STAY TAPPED IN WITH VEE TO KEEP UP WITH THE NEWSIG- VEE_THETRAVELINGCANNAWRITERVEE_TRAVELINGVEGANNAWRITER Instagram @MagicalGoddessDom999 Tiktok- @magicaldom999Linked In- Dominique TossieTwitter- GoddessDom999
We're featuring a special episode of Bodacious Women In Cannabis:Diana Krach, the queen of the Your Highness podcast joins Susan Burns to share her journey in the cannabis industry, which started when she began using cannabis at 12 or 13. She started her podcast to give a platform to women in the cannabis industry and to discuss the medical benefits of cannabis. The podcast is geared towards women and is meant to be a safe space for them to discuss their experiences.
Our sister podcast, also hosted by Diana, is called Getting Personal with Plant Medicine, and it's a collaboration between Mitragaia and Your Highness Media. This show takes on the personal side of all types of plant medicine.Skip Stone of Stashlogix, a safe storage company, discusses the challenges of traveling with plant medicine with kids. He gives some background on how traveling safely with a stash requires more than proper storage. In the last segment, travel writer Vee Castillo gives great tips for traveling safely with plant medicine. 



In our mega-sized episode, Laura Beohner of The Healing Rose talks about suppositories, Danielle Simone Brand discusses an awesome vacation opportunity, and Vee Castillo and Magical Goddess Dom .0:00 - Intro song0:16 - Welcome Laura Boehner of The Healing Rose0:52 - Fave Pot 4:40 - Fave Not Pot 8:11 - Suppositories 24:53 - Where Can People Find You25:54 - Buttplug song26:35 - Danielle Simone Brand talks about an upcoming trip to Colombia with Uphill Tours38:20 - Buttplug song38:38 - Where in the World Is Vee?Important links:-10% off your next purchase at if you use the code YHPOD-<3urmom-Windhill Tours-Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer
Jamie London Wollberg, an unconditional love coach, joins Diana to talk about experiencing a lack of accessibility and inclusion in the cannabis industry. 0:00 - Intro to Jamie0:34 - Fave pot5:18 - Fave not pot10:29 - Lack of accessibility at industry events16:30 - What are the most significant accessibility gaps in the industry24:14 - Issues with a delivery service for their inaccessibility33:08 - Call to action Important links:The Healing Rose Lemon Ginger CBD salveThe Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle (listeners can get 10% off with code YHPOD)Wake-In
In our final episode of our "Ghost of Past, Present, and Future of Cannabis", we dive into the experience of transitioning out of the industry. Stephanie Kerns joins us to discuss why she left the cannabis industry and how that has impacted her life. Important links:The Healing RoseButtplug by Yourmomlikesmymusic and <3URMOMThe Cannabis Workers Coalition Your Highness Substack
MAJOR APOLOGIES to the folks who tried to listen to this the first time we uploaded it! Even after all this time, we make mistakes. :)To continue our Past, Present, and Future theme, we are discussing the current state of the cannabis industry. We highlight conversations around the social media spaces that paint the grim picture of what is happening now. Important links:Weed Mom by Danielle Simone Brand Highly Human's latest campaignBrian Box Brown
Melanie Simons and Yanina Kaminski are best friends, as well as the co-founders of Love You Three. In this special brand highlight, the two talk about the unique challenges and rewards of running a business with a chosen family. They also give some insight into how they create specific flavor profiles and the desired outcome of the products. To get your brand featured in a brand highlight episode, contact  
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