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Author: Stella Damasus

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Sharing daily experiences and giving daily boosts to get you going. Raw, unscripted and unrehearsed. Real emotions, real talk, real moments.
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Ep151: Happy new year

Ep151: Happy new year


How domyou feel right now? 2021 is finally here. Are you ready?
Ep150: Happy new month

Ep150: Happy new month


No matter what, we have to be thankful that we are still here today.
The world is going through a crisis. It's easy to be overwhelmed and have anxiety. The alternative is using your voice or resources to help in your own little way. Listen to what I am trying to do and I hope it encourages you to do what you can do.
What I have been up to. #endsars #africaisbleeding #election2020 #joebiden #kamalaharris
Talking about what the death of Chadwick Boseman taught and showed me. #chadwikboseman #humanity
Stand up for something and support others the way you would want to be supported. 
Ep145: Get to it.

Ep145: Get to it.


The truth about my long break. I realised that I don't need anyone to motivate me to do what I have to do. Do what you have to and achieve your goals regardless of what is happening right now. If you are alive and healthy, you owe it to the world to get up and do your part.
It's important for everyone to put our humanity switch on. You can't afford to sit by and act like this doesn't concern you. #justiceforgeorgefloyd #blacklivesmatter
Stop waiting for a man to bring you happiness. It's your choice.
What will it take for you to walk away from those who don't value you?
You need to know when to back off. Sometimes you need to let people decide for themselves.
Some people are better as friends than lovers. Don't risk loosing a great friendship to a relationship.
Between took us 5 years to make and release. Adiva magazine has taken 7 years. All out in the same month in the year 2020.
138: Spread hope

138: Spread hope


Let's spread the message of hope during this lockdown. This will be over soon and life will be back to normal. #staysafe #stayhome
Ep137: Covid 19

Ep137: Covid 19


Let's do whatever we can to help those who can't afford to feed their families in this compulsory stay at home period.
If your definition of friendship is different, can your friendship work?
You never know who is watching. Be kind and professional. Someone out there will see and make a difference in your life.
I have learnt so many life lessons from videos of Kobe Bryant. It may help you too.
My podcast title is daily dose. I usually give you daily boosts to get you through your day. Truth is that I am human. There are days I don't feel inspired or motivated. This is what I do on days like this?
Ep132: Do you boo

Ep132: Do you boo


You may think that you are not racist, but do you know that you can be like them without realizing it?
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Wow! I totally enjoyed this episode. Sad but thought provoking too.🙏🏽

Apr 15th
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Narayan Ghorpade


Feb 3rd
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