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Author: Mike Cooch

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Build a business you love! Serial entrepreneur Mike Cooch is constantly on the hunt for strategies that give lifestyle entrepreneurs what they really want: more freedom, more money, and more impact.
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Entrepreneur's everywhere struggle to sleep - it's a curse! We have so many things going on in our heads at any one time, that shutting down at the end of the day can be hard. I've tried just about everything other than sleeping pills (those freak me out), and some things have definitely helped. But there is one secret that has made the biggest impact by far, and I think it will be true for you as well. All the best, Mike Cooch
If you aren't advertising on the Facebook Ad platform, you're missing out on the most powerful and affordable tool to get more attention, leads, and customers that's ever been created! But many local businesses have struggled with using Facebook Ads at one point or another - spending too much money and not getting the results they are looking for - so they give up. You can't give up! Use my 4 step process to create winning local Facebook Ad campaigns every time! If you want more detailed step-by-step instruction on how to create your campaigns, check out my special offer at . All the best, Mike Cooch
If you're selling services to the small business community, you have three different types of potential customers that all get lumped together as 'small businesses', but they are very different in what they want to buy and how much they'll pay. A common mistake - which kills your profitability - is selling the wrong services to the wrong buyers, oftentimes without even knowing that you're doing it To grow your business quickly and profitably, you must know the three different types of customers, be able to identify them in your sales and marketing process, and strategically design your services to meet their needs at the right price points. I hope you enjoy it! Mike Cooch PS – If you're an Agency, consultant, or freelancer that would like to know how to package your services for faster sales, more profit, and greater scalability, check out Services that Scale – my program where I share the lessons I learned building and selling multiple fast-growth, seven-figure service businesses.
I learned this rule early in my career, and I think it's been one of the most important - but little known - factors in creating a profitable, scalable service business of any kind. Digital Agencies, consultants, coaches, and freelancers would all be very smart to pay attention to this rule and adopt it at their business! I hope you enjoy it! Mike Cooch PS – If you're an Agency, consultant, or freelancer that would like to know how to ‘productize’ your services for more profit and scalability, check out Services that Scale – my program where I share the lessons I learned building and selling multiple fast-growth service businesses. In this episode, I share a lesson I was reminded of as I watched Apple's recent earnings report announcement. Their 'wearables' division is growing so fast that it's now bigger than their Mac business, and if split out as a separate company would be one of the 150 largest companies in the world. That's insane! It also was a powerful reminder about how you can add huge amounts of profitability to your business. I hope you enjoy! Mike Cooch PS - if you want to know how to 'productize' your services for more profit and scalability, check out Services that Scale - my program where I share the lessons I learned building and selling multiple fast-growth service businesses.
Building a business can be an all-consuming combination of sprint and marathon for years on end - it's unlike anything else! It's only natural that you may need to take a break at some point. But when? And why? And does that mean you're just going to sit on a beach for a year, or will you still do something else to be productive? I took a break from focusing on growing my business for about 18 months, and it was really good for me. I didn't stop working altogether, I just didn't focus on growth, which requires a different level of energy and focus than just maintaining. In this episode I share why, and how to consider if and when a break is a good idea for you. All the best, Mike Cooch
Each New Year (and new decade in this case) brings excitement and the sense of having a fresh start. It acts as a cue for people around the world to spend time reflecting on the past, considering their priorities in the year ahead, and resolving to make specific changes. And for a period of time, however brief, many people will get better performance from themselves for the days and weeks ahead. Unfortunately, as we all know, for most people that improvement in performance will be temporary. I believe it's a particularly important learning opportunity for entrepreneurs, who must be able to create their own 'cue' for peak performance each day if they hope to thrive. I hope you enjoy! Mike Cooch
In this episode I share with you what I believe is quite possibly the most important skill that you can learn as an entrepreneur…heck, as a human being! I’m also going to share with you some of the particular strategies and techniques that I have learned around maximizing the skill. This audio is from a video I recorded, that you can watch on my youtube channel here: Or read the blog post here: Let me know your thoughts! All the best,  Mike Cooch  LVRG  Stay in touch: Facebook Group:  IG: @getlvrg   Youtube:  LinkedIn:  Twitter: @mcooch  Website:
In this episode I share what I believe may be THE most important lesson I've learned about selling to small businesses: You MUST focus on a single vertical market (at least until you are doing seven-figures of revenue). There are so many benefits to doing this. In this episode I share four critical reasons why you need to make this decision to focus and go 'all in' on a single vertical if you hope to compete and thrive when selling to small businesses. I'd love to hear your thoughts! All the best,  Mike Cooch  LVRG  Stay in touch: Facebook Group:  IG: @getlvrg   Youtube:  LinkedIn:  Twitter: @mcooch  Website:
In this episode, I share what in my experience is the #1 factor impacting the rate of profitable growth at your business, particularly if you are running a service business of any type: Agencies, consultants, coaches, etc.  This single factor may seem obvious at first, and I think that's why entrepreneurs overlook it and don't give it enough attention. But it has tremendous 'downstream' impact throughout your business, and should be your focus, particularly in the earlier stages of your business.  Enjoy and let me know what you think!  All the best,  Mike Cooch  LVRG  Stay in touch: Facebook Group: IG: @getlvrg  Youtube: LinkedIn: Twitter: @mcooch Website:
Entrepreneurs, beware the Sales Prevention Department! What is the Sales Prevention Department, you ask? It's the stupid things happening at our business that are causing us to lose sales we should otherwise win. And EVERY business has a Sales Prevention Department, whether you realize it or not. It could be that you have salespeople not properly following up on leads, information missing from your CRM that causes you to miss opportunities, broken processes that slow down your service delivery and cost you referrals, or nasty contract terms that are unnecessary and scaring away good clients. Or, unfortunately, it could even be you. Yes, even as the owner of your business, you are most likely doing things that prevent you from winning more revenue. It hurst, but it's true! In this podcast episode I discuss what you can do about it. Mike Cooch Founder
I've been fortunate to build multiple seven-figure, very fast growth business in a variety of industries. There is some luck that comes with that. However, one of my favorite sayings is 'Hope is not a strategy'. I do everything I can to shift the odds in my favor. The most important and reliable way I've found to do that in business is by utilizing what I call a 'Growth Operating System'. A Growth Operating System is a combination of process, tools, and culture at your business that leads to consistent, predictable improvement in the key areas of your business that will lead to growth. In this episode I cover how to create a Growth Operating System at your business in just a few simple steps. I hope you find it valuable and look forward to hearing your feedback!
In this episode I share the 7 C's of Success from the book The Art of Achievement by Tom Morris. This is a book I read years ago, but I found his 7 C's to be so clarifying for me that I wrote them down in my personal development journal and I've referred to them often ever since. No matter what new venture or journey you're considering - personally or professionally - having some sort of 'filter' to run your idea through is incredibly important. By doing so, you make sure that you are pursuing something that is really worthwhile and that will capture your full attention and energy. The 7 C's have been one of the best filters I've found. I hope you enjoy! Mike Cooch
The businesses that seemingly go from $1 Million in revenue to $1 Billion in revenue overnight are the ones that get all of the attention from the media. Is that what you should be aiming for? Moonshot ideas and growth? I don't think so. Here's what you should do instead.
Technology has so much promise to improve our businesses and our lives, but it can also be a huge pain, expense, and distraction. How do you evaluate the technology to use at your business? When's the right time to rip out that old platform you are using, and replace it with something new? How often should you be looking at new technologies, versus staying focused on operating with what you have? These are questions I addressed in this episode (recording quality sucks...sorry. I was on a hike!).
Collaborate vs Hire

Collaborate vs Hire


One of the incredible benefits of more people becoming entrepreneurs is that you can find more ways to work with them that are a win-win that don't follow a traditional compensation model. Instead of hiring, find people that you can collaborate with. Not in all cases of course, but in more and more situations this is what we're doing, and the results are outstanding! Visit our website: Follow us on Instagram:
Everyone knows that small business that has a far better product or service than the market leader, and yet the national competitor is crushing them. Why? Because the small business doesn't have the top line revenue to invest back into their business. A maniacal focus on top line revenue growth is mandatory for small businesses that want to win.
Being an entrepreneur can be a very lonely road, which makes it critical that you deliberately find the people that understand you, can support you, and that give you energy. The harsh reality is that may not be your spouse, your sibling, or even your best friend. You must find your people! Thank you so much for tuning in! Visit us at Follow us at MORE FREEDOM. MORE MONEY. MORE IMPACT.™
The Experience Economy

The Experience Economy


We are in the Experience Economy. Customers are looking for more than just tangible benefits from businesses - they want an experience. I discuss two ways to bake experiences into how you do business
Stories are incredibly powerful and important for fueling growth. In this episode I share Four Critical Stories to Develop For Your Business.
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