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Exploring the intersection of energy, finance, and innovation
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Welcome back to the show, Jigar Shah, Director, DOE Loan Programs Office. You've heard from Jigar, a commercial financing expert, before in Experts Only Podcast #104. Now, hear from him LIVE at RE+ with Experts Only host Jon Powers. "This recording took place at the PowerUp Live Podcast Stage at RE+ Las Vegas in 2023. PowerUp Live is where attendees can top-up on all things energy, featuring interviews with clean energy experts and conversations with podcasters around the industry. - SunCast Media" Thank you for tuning in!
In 2023, the world experienced extreme weather events from rising ocean temperatures to detrimental wildfire smoke to the hottest consecutive days the Earth has ever seen. However, renewable energy is at a historical moment in time where policy, technology, and finance have aligned in a way to make a generational impact against the climate crisis. Thanks to the implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) over the last year, the industry has built significant momentum. We are witnessing a generational opportunity to drive both public and private sector investment into clean energy solutions. Tune in as Jon Powers, President of CleanCapital, is joined by Thomas Byrne, CEO of CleanCapital; Alex McDonough, Partner at Pioneer Public Affairs; and Marta Stoepker, Director of Public Relations at Qcells discuss the following: - Why the clean energy transition is at an historic inflection point as policy, technology, and finance align. - How the IRA has reshaped climate policy, and navigating those real-time policy changes. - How U.S. manufacturing of clean energy technology is increasing and what more to expect based on the IRA incentivizes for Domestic Products. - Understanding how climate legislation is unleashing billions of dollars in private capital to build assets like solar and energy storage.
Welcome Barney Schauble, Chairman of Nephila Climate, to Experts Only! During this episode, Barney and host Jon Powers discuss the exciting future for the clean energy industry. Barney and Jon dive into insurance -- not just insurance on our assets, but also how we're insuring the broader risk of climate. Barney is also Chair of the Board of Ceres (a non-profit devoted to sustainable capitalism). He has been working in this space, both on the risk side and the capital markets side, for his entire career. They explore how he ended up working in climate, and the importance of thinking about risk and how we can better do it across the market. Tune in to hear more about the the work that needs to be done to ensure that we can address these issues overall in the climate crisis.
Welcome back Roger Ballentine, energy and sustainability strategist, to the show. Roger first appeared on Experts Only five years ago. Listeners got to know Roger as he discussed his experience in the clean energy space, helping to form the conversation around climate the last few decades. 106 podcast episodes have passed since then, and we're grateful to have him back on the show! During this episode, Roger and host Jon Powers discuss the Clean Air Task Force's report: "Modernizing How Electricity Buyers Account and are Recognized for Decarbonization Impact and Climate Leadership." Tune in to hear more about the work this report is trying to affect, and Roger's work at Green Strategies, Inc. Thank you for listening!
Welcome Zoe Berkery, CleanCapital's very first employee, to the show! Zoe and host Jon Powers go way back to their days working at The White House together when she was an intern. Zoe is now an emerging leader in the clean energy space. They discuss her career, the growth of CleanCapital, and how she navigates the challenges of managing hundreds of megawatts of distributed generation for the company. How does asset management need to change to help CleanCapital scale? Tune in to learn!
Host Jon Powers welcomes his longtime industry colleague Paul Curran, CEO of BQ Energy, to the show. BQ Energy is brownfield and landfill developer. They've developed hundreds of megawatts of wind and solar. CleanCapital acquired BQ Energy in June 2022 to scale up what they were already doing. Hear more about the unique work of turning brownfields to brightfields. Paul explains that you have to know what you're doing -- but the potential to solve the climate crisis and utilize the under-utilized, or impossible, land that are brownfields and landfills could be a critical piece of the climate crisis solution. Paul was doing renewables well before renewables were cool. Tune in to hear more from him! Thanks for listening!
Host Jon Powers welcomed Lisa Jacobson, President of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), and Ethan Zindler, Head of Americas for BloombergNEF, back for their sixth annual conversation about the Sustainable Energy in America 2023 Factbook. This conversation is an annual tradition that covers the data in the Factbook, highlighting where the industry is today. The Factbook has been published every year for over a decade, so now you can track the growth in the market over the last 10 years. Tune in as Jon, Lisa and Ethan look both backwards and out of where the market is. The Factbook is available to download here: Thanks for listening!
Host Jon Powers welcomes Joe Bryan, Chief Sustainability Officer & First Senior Advisor to the Secretary, United States Department of Defense. Joe is an expert in creating change and doing interesting, innovating things both internally and externally, and he brings out the Department as a leader in both the markets and internationally. This conversation brings our host back to his days of working at the Pentagon with Joe. He was excited to dive back in and see the work Joe is doing to bring change on the issues they care about. Welcome to the show, Joe!
In August Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act, a landmark climate and clean energy bill. Six months later, we're asking: where are we now? We recently hosted a webinar titled "How is the Inflation Reduction Act Affecting Clean Energy Developers" for listeners to better understand how the rollout of IRA policies will impact clean energy developers. - What are the steps to full implementation? - What progress has been made on tax and other key policy levels within the administration? CleanCapital's Jon Powers was joined by Tax Expert Elizabeth Crouse and IRA Expert Elizabeth Gore to recap recent & upcoming announcements and the exciting potential outcomes for solar and storage developers. Hosted by: - Jon Powers President, CleanCapital Panelists: - Elizabeth Crouse Tax Partner & Co-Lead of Power, K&L Gates - Elizabeth Gore Senior Vice President, Political Affairs at Environmental Defense Fund
Experts Only Podcast is back for Season 2! Welcome Governor Bill Ritter, Jr., the 41st Governor of Colorado, who served from 2007 to 2011. He founded and now leads the Center for the New Energy Economy at Colorado State University. Governor Ritter and our host Jon Powers discuss the way policy and markets emerge, and the work they're doing to help create the environment for the clean energy industry to thrive. Thanks for tuning in!
The US Department of Commerce recently opened an investigation into whether solar cell and module manufacturers are circumventing US import tariffs on Chinese solar products. The potential impact of these tariffs can significantly affect solar and storage developers pipelines. Thanks for tuning in for a conversation with Solar Energy Industry Associations President & CEO Abby Hopper to understand the Department of Commerce Auxin Solar Tariff situation and what actions we should all be taking to create a positive outcome.
Hear an expert’s outlook on the new frontier of sustainable travel. Host Jon Powers welcomes Christian Møller-Holst , CEO & Founder of Goodwings, to the show to discuss how businesses can book and manage a net zero travel strategy. Thank you for listening!
Did you know that ESG approaches are being utilized by companies representing 80% of the world's GDP? Tune in to hear from Kara Mangone, Global Head of Climate Strategy at Goldman Sachs. Kara joins host Jon Powers to discuss the roadmap for #ESG through 2030 along with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's new rules and the effect they'll have on the industry. We hope you enjoy this deep dive on the state of ESG and its future. Thanks for listening!
Host Jon Powers was thrilled to welcome back Lisa Jacobson, President of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), and Ethan Zindler, Head of Americas for BloombergNEF, for their fourth annual conversation about the Sustainability in America 2022 Factbook. Learn from the experts about the Sustainable Energy in America 2022 Factbook, which chronicles the progress of clean energy in 2021, as well as the latest market & policy trends of the US energy economy. The Factbook is available to download here: Thanks for listening!
Welcome Robert Diamond, Partner, Capitol Counsel, LLC, to Experts Only Podcast. Rob joined his longtime friend and our host, Jon Powers, for an in-depth conversation on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, which was signed into law last year. During this episode, Rob, who leads the agency's infrastructure practice, explains the opportunities clean energy and climate companies have to access the $1.2 Trillion, and how they can take part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Thanks for listening!
Host Jon Powers welcomes Taite McDonald, Partner at Holland & Knight for an expert discussion on commercializing energy technology.
Welcome Jigar Shah, Director, Loans Program, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), to Experts Only Podcast. Jigar joins host Jon Powers for an expert conversation on the unique American approach to commercial financing. Tune in to learn how Shah's team will support the commercialization of technology that has been developed and demonstrated in the U.S. and scale it up to meet ambitious global decarbonization goals.
During this important webinar, hear from the experts: - Jon Powers (President & Co-founder, CleanCapital) - Melinda Baglio (Chief Investment Officer & General Counsel, CleanCapital) - Shannon Maher Bañaga (Spokesperson, The Partnership for Clean Energy Investment) - Christopher Mathey (Federal Policy & Business Development, Stem, Inc.) - Joshua R Baribeau, CFA (VP of Finance & Corporate Treasury, Ameresco) Learn what direct pay is, how we expect it to move the clean energy industry forward, its status in Congress, and what you can do to help during this critical time in the Solar+ Decade. Tune in to hear more.
Welcome JC Kibbey, Illinois Clean Energy Advocate at Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), to Experts Only Podcast. Illinois recently passed a monumental piece of legislation, the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, signed by Governor J. B. Pritzker. This Act presents a binding 100% carbon-free energy standard by 2045 and establishes Illinois as a national leader in clean energy policy. JC Kibbey has been monumental in pushing this legislation forward. Tune in to hear host Jon Powers' discussion with Kibbey, a clean energy advocate, as they discuss the opportunities the Act presents for investing and developing clean energy in Illinois. Thanks for listening!
Welcome Trenton Allen, Managing Director and CEO of Sustainable Capital Advisors, and Member of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board, to Experts Only Podcast. Tune in to hear host Jon Powers' discussion with Allen, an expert in sustainable capital. Thanks for listening!
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