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A podcast of politics & culture by Angelica Clarke and Matthew Sekellick
6 Episodes
Chapter 6: John Wickworld

Chapter 6: John Wickworld


Ange and Matthew dig into their Own Private Keanu and do a long read on John Wick: Chapter 2. Plus, Matthew went on a road trip and discovered the joys of Midwestern craft beers, regional foods, and thrift shops.
Ange and Matthew tackle the big question this week: are memes good? The Oscars had just happened so we talk about them. And Jeff Sessions made a statement live as we recorded, so, uh, we talked about that too.
Episode 4: A New Nope

Episode 4: A New Nope


What do we talk about this week? The same thing we talk about every week! The end of the world and beating up Nazis. Spring is springing uncomfortably early, and Richard Spencer and Milo got kicked out of CPAC. Also: the Indivisible Guide, town halls with congresspeople, and conspiracy theories.
Angelica returns from her big gay commie vacation for a discussion on Brexit, Obama's luxury capitalist vacation, fascists and no-platforming fascists (and the debate about tactics around fighting fascists). Plus, somehow, a discussion of power and conspiracy theories ties all this together with the Muslim Ban, #NeverTrump-ers, and the Superbowl!
We took a bus with striking workers from the IUE-CWA Local 81359 to the supervillain's lair - midtown Manhattan. Plus: Obama’s farewell was lackluster, Trump’s fake papers don’t matter, private equity firms are vampires but Peter Thiel definitely isn’t, and Cory Booker doesn’t believe in anything. Former “Twitter King” Sean P Collins joins us for the hour (and Cuomo is still bad).
We discuss how John Wick has transcended the employer-worker relationship, Andrew Cuomo's vapid Presidential ambitions, and raccoons.
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