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Soul Fighter presents "Live Your Best Life"
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Soul Fighter presents "Live Your Best Life"

Author: Christina Rondeau

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These podcasts are easy to listen to and always gives you quick tips and goals to achieve after listening. Chritina wants to empower you and help you be on the path to living life like a soul fighter. Christina Rondeau who is an author, business coach, fitness guru, pro fighter and celebrity trainer offers you these podcasts to help guide you to be successful in your personal and professional life. This is your life journey and Christina shares her experience and stories to help guide you on yours. "inhale the future, exhale the past."
39 Episodes
Join Christina and special guest Ursula Mentjes for a power session and  3 tips to fast forward you into achieving your goals. In life, relationship or business you can use these tips and be inspired by their passion for helping others manifest there desires. You can also hang out with Urusula on social media channels and find her at and continue to grow on your life journey! 
Anything can happent to you and having a healthy positive mindset can make all the difference especially in healing your body. Listen to the 3 steps I took to stay positive and help my body heal when hit with a blood clot, meniscus tear, torn cartilage and ruptured bakers cyst  all at once! You have the power to create the life you want! 
Todays podcast is all about a manifeting challenge for you. The Rubber Duckie Challenge! Listen and start manifesting your rubber duckie today! Then PLEASE leave a review and tell me about it. I would love to hear your amazing feeback and positive listeners looking to continue your journey making YOU a better You. You have the power to create the life you want! Support the show (
It is so easy to give up but so much harder to keep chipping away at your goals. How do you do that? Listen in and I give you 3 easy steps to take action and move forward and achieve your goals. Never give up..  what do you do? How to do it ?  I answer these questions and share with you tips to do it too! If you enjoy these podcasts please leave a review! 
In life we shift directions and take different paths. It is all in how way percieve these new direction and paths of life. It is about experiencing and enjoying the journey not just getting to the destination. Re focus your mind, shift your thinking to be a soul fighter! - - 
Manifesting can come so fast and the question is do you want everything you could have?  I also discuss social and emotional intelligence and how to make sure your not that person manifesting negative things. Support the show (
Change your Vibration! Start the day off positive and don’t fall victim to yourself.  You create your own story and you can change it. Take 60 seconds to start you day on a positive vibration every single day! Listen and learn how to do this and start today. Support the show (
What is life about for you? Ask yourself that question and let’s try to find the answer together. 
A lesson in compassion and being the light for a lost soul in need. Never give up and know that you can start over at anytime in your life. Support the show (
Your Life makes a Difference! It does!!! Support the show (
I am protected

I am protected


When you feel alone and afraid what can you do? A few positive suggestions for you to help ground you and help you feel protected from within. 
What inspires You? Asking you a few questions to answer on your journey and some of my own answers. I AM INSPIRED... Let's get inspired together! 
Shaking a bad mood and being in control of yourself! 
Checking in with you and reminding you to be aware of your surroundings. We all need a check in and a reminder in life and this one is to help keep you safe! 
I hold my head up high

I hold my head up high


Do you hold your head up high? Well you need to and let this podcast help inspire you to do so! 
Here Me, I Roar

Here Me, I Roar


Here Me, I Roar... let your voice be heard in your life. Be inspired and Be Confident. Roar in your life and be Powerful. 
This is a tough one for many people! Let’s try to be free with some Forgiveness. Small steps to big results. 
Let’s celebrate our blessings today! It feels so good to be grateful and to look at situations in our life with a different perspective. “I celebrate my blessings” 
Are you a good friend? Let’s take this lesson today to talk about appreciating those that are good to you and being a good friend. Support the show (
Mindfulness !! This is the key to feeling connected and a new happiness. Really absorb this lesson! Support the show (
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