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Soul Fighter presents "Live Your Best Life"
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Soul Fighter presents "Live Your Best Life"

Author: Christina Rondeau

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Soul Fighter founders Christina & Debbie have put together podcasts to help you "Live Your Best Life." The podcasts are easy to listen to and always gives you quick tips and goals to achieve after listening. We want to empower you and help you be on the path to living life like a soul fighter. We also included some featured podcasts from founder Christina Rondeau who is an author, business coach, fitness guru, pro fighter and celebrity trainer Christina Rondeau offers podcasts that helps guide you to be successful in your personal and professional life. This is your life journey and Christina shares her experience and stories to help guide you on yours. "inhale the future, exhale the past."
32 Episodes
What is life about for you? Ask yourself that question and let’s try to find the answer together. 
A lesson in compassion and being the light for a lost soul in need. Never give up and know that you can start over at anytime in your life. 
Your Life makes a Difference! It does!!! 
I am protected

I am protected


When you feel alone and afraid what can you do? A few positive suggestions for you to help ground you and help you feel protected from within. 
What inspires You? Asking you a few questions to answer on your journey and some of my own answers. I AM INSPIRED... Let's get inspired together! 
Shaking a bad mood and being in control of yourself! 
Checking in with you and reminding you to be aware of your surroundings. We all need a check in and a reminder in life and this one is to help keep you safe! 
I hold my head up high

I hold my head up high


Do you hold your head up high? Well you need to and let this podcast help inspire you to do so! 
Here Me, I Roar

Here Me, I Roar


Here Me, I Roar... let your voice be heard in your life. Be inspired and Be Confident. Roar in your life and be Powerful. 
This is a tough one for many people! Let’s try to be free with some Forgiveness. Small steps to big results. 
Let’s celebrate our blessings today! It feels so good to be grateful and to look at situations in our life with a different perspective. “I celebrate my blessings” 
Are you a good friend? Let’s take this lesson today to talk about appreciating those that are good to you and being a good friend. 
Mindfulness !! This is the key to feeling connected and a new happiness. Really absorb this lesson! 
Ahhhhh we all need a rest.  How do we rest our mind when it can’t stop throwing chores and work at us. We talk about how to rest in silence today. 
We can always learn and make ourselves a better person.. emotional intelligence is so important for self growth and that is something that can always be worked on. We focus on growing into a higher version of ourselves in this podcast. 
In this podcast we talk about being restored through nature and practice an exercise that will help ground you and make you feel More connected. 
In this podcast we talk about compassion and repeat a positive affirmation to help you grow on your journey help you manifest all you desire. 
Live Boldly

Live Boldly


Learn how to Live Boldy ! Lets get rid of any resistance or fears that stop you from pursuing goals and dreams and live boldy! We will say affirmations and go through the Christina Rondeau famous 3 steps to taking action! Let's manifest the positive and move forward, BOLDLY! 
As an author of 2 safety books and teaching self defense for over 30 years. I pride myself as an expert in safety. I have met with numerous police officers discussing safety, human trafficking & more. I was raised by a police officer/detective, took the detectives license when I was 18 and worked for a PI Firm for a couple of years and I have taught self defense at several colleges and to thousands of private groups and individuals. I worked with Krav Maga and Kenpo experts about how to use your body as a weapon not to mention I am a certified Krav Instructor and a 5th degree Black Belt. I am pretty passionate about safety. In this episode I will tell you the best tips to keep you and your family safe at home and in your daily routines. This is a must listen to get you thinking a little bit more about YOUR Personal Safety! 
How do you live your best life? What does that even mean? What if I told you to be selfish and just "do you!" You have to put yourself first and take care of "YOU" above all so that you can be amazing and awesome to everyone in your life! It's positive to say "no" to others and put yourself first. Block out the negative and only allow positive people and things in your life .. like attracts like.. stay the positive path and watch all the happiness that enters your world! Try it and see for yourself! Listen, practice and watch wonderful things happen! 
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