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Author: J. R. Swab

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The term "hacker" came out of the earliest of computer enthusiasts such as the ARPAnet experiments for programmers and networking wizards.

It's people like these that gave us the Internet, Unix, and every other life changing technology. Hackers are not the ones breaking into systems, stealing credit cards, and causing havoc.

If you love open source, decentralization, Linux, or want to learn tech. This podcast is for you. Support this podcast:
60 Episodes
ubPorts & Ubuntu Touch

ubPorts & Ubuntu Touch


I got a free Nexus 5 so I decided to load up Ubuntu Touch.--- Support this podcast:
Debating on Using Emacs...

Debating on Using Emacs...


As a hacker I am always out to learn new skills and recently it has been Emacs. I love Vim though so this is a touchy subject...--- Support this podcast:
The following instructions are for Arch Linux without Xorg (so  essentially terminal only arch or what you get after a fresh Arch Linux  install). If you are using Ubuntu server or another distro, the steps  should be close to the same. But not exact so please do your research.  You may get lucky and just have to edit the config file.--- Support this podcast:
Many people use an ad blocker like uBlockOrigin to block ads from  tracking us around the web but this only works on the devices it is  installed on. We can do one better and prevent them all across any  network in our control.--- Support this podcast:
"Welcome to Matrix: An open network for secure, decentralized communication."--- Support this podcast:
Webapps Sandboxed Revisited

Webapps Sandboxed Revisited


Last week we talked about a new app I found called Webapps Sandboxed. This week I talk about what it was like using it for as many apps as possible.--- Support this podcast:
"The idea behind it is to provide a secure way to browse popular webapps by eliminating referrers, 3rd party requests, insecure HTTP requests, etc. It accomplishes this by providing a sandbox for multiple webapps. Each webapp will run in it's own sandbox, with 3rd party requests blocked, and all external links opening in an external default web browser. Homescreen shortcuts can be created to any of the saved webapps." - Toby Kurien, creator of WebApps Sandboxed Browser.--- Support this podcast:
"Unicode is a computing industry standard for the consistent encoding, representation, and handling of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems. The standard is maintained by the Unicode Consortium, and as of  June 2018 the most recent version, Unicode 11.0, contains a repertoire of 137,439 characters covering 146 modern and historic scripts, as well as multiple symbol sets and emoji." - Wikipedia--- Support this podcast:
Then I was browsing YouTube at the end of the night to relax before bed  and came across a video talking about note-taking applications that are  both cross-platform and robust. This is where I heard about Notion  again. I can't remember where I first heard about it, but the first  time I chose not to give it a go. After that first video, I looked up  some others on Notion and saw how much this app can do and aims to achieve.--- Support this podcast:
One day awhile back I chose to learn about a cryptocurrency that previously I knew nothing about. The pick was Monero, a coin (at the time) ranked thirteenth by market cap on and eighth by price. What I found interesting about this coin was the mining algorithm, CryptoNight.--- Support this podcast:
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