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Profession With Purpose
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Did You Know? The RATINGS and REVIEWS on a podcast are the most important factor for getting featured on all the popular podcast platforms. Help us reach & impact even more amazing people just like you with your 5-star review @ the US, the classic picture of "The American Dream" is being able to come into the country and, through hard work & determination & resourcefulness, creating your own slice of success for yourself, your family, and your community.But what if you came into this country, and for almost 10 years you were told that you can't pursue your ideas? Not only that, what if you were told that if you DID pursue your ideas that you would be forced to LEAVE the country?In this episode, you're going to hear a conversation that I know is going to be really eye-opening for a lot of people. It's also a conversation that is really illustrative of all the different options that you may have in your career and in your life. I'd consider Moby Hayat someone who has taught me a lot, somebody who's been a friend over many, many years, somebody who I've been able to look up to, and somebody who's really carved his own path in his career. And if you're familiar with the show, you know we talk a lot about unconventional paths to creating success & fulfillment, and this episode is certainly an example of that.Episode Links:Moby on Instagram Facebook LinkedIn 
Have you rated and reviewed the show yet? It's like leaving us a tip, only it's free! Go to week on the podcast, you’ll get to hear a fun and wide-ranging conversation between me and someone who I honestly met completely by chance. He is the founder of marketing agency Parable Brand Stories Luke Frazier.Luke and I met and hit it off almost immediately, and in hearing his story it started to become clear as to why.Luke Frazier epitomizes a journey towards Profession With Purpose, as someone who has jumped around from industry to industry, checking out and trying/doing a number of different things, and then taking the lessons & realizations from his experiences and bringing them all together to recognize & take advantage of opportunities where others may only see obstacles.Our conversation touches a wide range of topics, including* The overwhelming power of expressing your personal story and your company’s story to connect with your ideal peopleHow self-imposed pressure can lead you to achievements beyond what you ever thought possibleThe upsides AND the downsides of being humbleOwning your expertise and experiences at all levels of professional developmentI’m positive you’re going to enjoy and get a lot of great takeaways from this episode, and also be sure to connect with Luke Frazier & the Parable Brand Stories team and let him know you heard about him on the podcast!Parable Brand Stories: https://parablestory.comOn Instagram: LinkedIn:
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How do you confidently sell your freelance graphic design services to an established business when you’re just a teenager?What do you do when you’re 21 years old, and you find yourself repeatedly sitting across a conference room table from (now former) Disney CEO Bob Iger?How is it possible to serve as CEO of a Management Consulting Firm (think “Professional Services SWAT Team“) AND serve on multiple city commissions AND co-found and organization dedicated to improving the quality of our political discourse?If you’re Nathan Ryan, you use every opportunity presented to you as a chance to be curious, open minded, and an eternal student.I'm extremely honored to share my conversation with my friend & fellow Austinite Nathan Ryan with you.Nathan is the co-founder and the CEO of Blue Sky Partners, which is "an on-demand executive team for your business" that's focused on values, growth, culture, and scale from the ground up.Nathan's also heavily involved in the local community here in Austin, having been a member and a commissioner on a number of city commissions.He's also the Co-Founder of Good Politics, an organization which seeks to make the democratic process more approachable, human, and fun. By now, I'm sure it's becoming quite evident to you that this is a man who is invested in helping his community and those around him, and I just know you're going to really enjoy listening in on our conversation.Episode Links & Resources:Blue Sky Partners Website Ryan's Website: episode post at
Join the free Profession With Purpose Community on Facebook at the show? Drop a 5-star rating and review at this episode, I wanted to cover an extremely common behavioral mistake that people make whenever they are trying to improve how they show up in the workplace, in their job and their career, and really everywhere in their life.More information, resources and links can be found on the episode post at
Join the Profession With Purpose Community at |If this is the first time you're hearing about the Rebase Show, well Rebase is the show for #ProfessionWithPurpose.And, well, the purpose of this show is to equip you with the tools, the tips, stories, and the wisdom that's going to help you create more success and more fulfillment in your career & in your life.To be completely transparent, I'm super excited to be able to share this conversation with you that I had with Natalie Nixon PhD.Natalie is an in-demand keynote speaker. She's the author of the award-winning book The Creativity Leap: Unleashed Curiosity, Improvisation, and Intuition at Work.She is President and Creativity Strategist at Figure Eight Thinking, which is a creativity and foresight strategy firm that advises leaders on how to achieve transformative business results.Natalie has such a diverse and varied background, including areas like anthropology, fashion, academia, strategic design, management consulting, and it's all tied around one common theme, which is creativity... and how creativity benefits us in the workplace as well as how it benefits companies.Links & ResourcesBuy The Creativity Leap on Amazon Learn more about Natalie's firm Figure 8 Thinking at figure8thinking.comGet the free Wonder-Rigor Tip Sheet at this episode? Leave a 5-star rating and review at
Enjoying the show? Have your voice heard by letting us know what you like with a review at |Join the conversation in the Profession With Purpose Community at |Catch the full conversation from Episode 46 "Making a Difference By Empowering Others" at |If you've ever felt helpless or like you don't have total control over the direction of your career or the progression of your career, you're going to learn how to make yourself Bulletproof and how to be infinitely, employable, and keep yourself in a position where you can always have job security in an economy where no job is truly secure.This episode is another one of our "Tactical Takeaways" episodes. And in this episode, I'm going to review a previous episode that we released with Katie Sagan, the VP of the people and experienced team over at VaynerMedia, just a few episodes back.As a reminder, this won't be a all-encompassing recap of our conversation, but I am going to go over my Top 3 Takeaways from my conversation with Katie and hearing her story. These takeaways are not just going to be fluff, or something to inspire you... no, they're going to be really tactical things and things that you can actually take action on.Once we actually get to the top #1 takeaway, you're going to get an action item, something tactical, something that you can actually take action on NOW if you want to create this certainty and you want to create the security in your employment.And I have to tell you: it was really difficult to narrow the list of takeaways from my conversation with Katie to just three things. I mean, our conversation was amazing, and there were so many things that we can talk about, but I think you're really gonna like what these 3 takeaways are going to teach you, and how you can take action on them and actually improve the trajectory of your career, while also improving the conditions that you're working in right now.
Enjoying the show? Have your voice heard by letting us know what you like with a review at |Join the conversation in the Profession With Purpose Community at | Catch the full conversation from Episode 33 "Your Struggles Can Become your Strength feat. Krista Large" at |Have you achieved every single goal that you've ever set in your life, no matter what? Do you have a 100% success rate with goals or are there important areas in your career in your life where you feel like you've fallen short of the things you aspire to achieve?Well, in this episode, I'm giving you my top takeaways on how to gain better clarity and better direction on your goals, PLUS how to take consistent action towards achieving them.Notes, resources, and links from this episode can be found at |
Welcome to the first episode in a series of experimental episodes I'm currently referring to as "Tactical Takeaways".This is no Cliff's Notes episode. No, rather than try to summarize an entire guest conversation from a previous episode, instead I will help you put things into action through a handful of my top takeaways from the episode, plus recommended action steps you can take to integrate the ideas from that conversation into your life.
Join the free Profession With Purpose Community on Facebook at us a 5-star review at this podcast episode, you're going to get an amazing conversation with a Director of the People and Experienced team over at VaynerMedia, not to mention someone who's helped that company grow from a few dozen employees to over 900 employees in just 9 years. While VaynerMedia is not the only company with that kind of growth, it is one of the few to do so while still keeping its culture and the company's "soul" in-tact and thriving.We'll dive into how they managed to go through massive growth as a company while maintaining a great culture, as well as how Shirlee's unconventional career path can actually serve as a model and a great example if you feel like you're not exactly on the career path you want to be, or if you're second-guessing the path you've chosen.
Join the free Profession With Purpose Community on FacebookLeave us a 5-star review at can watch this full conversation on YouTube at Mercurio is a long-time Sales Manager & Leader whose passion for GOOD Leadership has now taken her career down the path to becoming a Personal Development Coach.Similar to myself, Mindy found herself in a management position rather accidentally and, similar to myself, she discovered what Leadership really means by learning a lot of lessons the hard way.In our conversation, we talk about leading during uncertain times and through crisis, how any employee or their manager can improve their relationship and their performance, as well as a number of different things employees should do to develop TRUE job security. And as we've seen throughout the pandemic, no job and no company is truly 100% stable, perhaps now more than ever.Connect with Mindy on Instagram: out her website: more episode details & resources, visit​This is the video edition of my full podcast conversation with Mindy Mercurio from the Rebase podcast, THE show all about #professionwithpurpose​. You can easily subscribe to the Rebase podcast and take every episode on the go here:Apple Podcasts --​Spotify --​Stitcher --​Google --​
Join the free Profession With Purpose Community on Facebook at us a 5-star review at you know how I know you're going to really enjoy this podcast conversation with Talent Partner & Qualified Mental Health First Aider Mischa Walmsley?Mischa has some strong & maybe contentious ideas in regards to on-site work vs remote work, the financial/moral/competitive obligation of employers to truly invest energy & resources into mental health, as well as some pretty strong bets on how our working environments will change coming out of the pandemic. The first time we connected, we intended to spend 20 minutes just chatting and getting to know each other. Over an hour into our chat, we realized that we were both about to miss our respective scheduling conflicts if we didn't wrap things up.He's one of the few talent consultants who will come right out and tell companies "It's a lot cheaper to retain good people than to try & acquire new ones." All of this coming from a man who's helped to connect world-class individual contributors & leaders at some of the world's most notable tech companies like Spotify.Connect with Mischa on LinkedIn:
Join the free Profession With Purpose Community on Facebook at us a 5-star review at this episode you’ll hear my conversation with Lori Saitz, a lifelong student of meditation who has discovered a somewhat unconventional way to fast-track the achievement of any goal. Listen in to learn about how a regular practice of gratitude, specifically one customized to your own life & experiences, can rewire your brain to recognize new opportunities and actually attract to you the resources & solutions you need to succeed in achieving your goals.Links & Resources:Connect with Lori on LinkedIn at: her company on Facebook at: on Instagram at: your free Custom Gratitude Meditation at
Join the free Profession With Purpose Community on FacebookLeave us a 5-star review at episode of the podcast is special, not just because you'll hear from the VP of People & Operations at VaynerMedia Katie Sagan, though she and her story are quite special in their own right. This episode is special because you'll hear Katie really open up about what it's like to spend a huge part of your life looking to create an impact through the "conventional" ways we always think about, and then to recognize that sometimes you can impact the world simply by being in a great environment where you can empower others.In our conversation, we'll cover topics likeWhat it feels like to have a great corporate cultureWhy business is poised to create the greatest global impactWhat it's like to have (multiple) bosses who disagree with you ... and STILL have your backWhat a "boomerang" is ... and why it's both a sign of a great work environment AND a nice little ego boostHow to build an army of career advocates, for yourself and for others
Join the free Profession With Purpose Community on FacebookLeave us a 5-star review at'm really excited to share this conversation with you, in particular because it's about a topic that has come up a lot during the COVID pandemic. In the face of lockdowns, quarantine, economic change and uncertainty, it seems like everybody's talking about the concept of resilience, and specificallyWhy folks like yourself should become more resilientHow you might have benefitted from already being more resilient than you currently areI've been fascinated by this idea of resilience for the past decade or so, in trying to understand it better and really to better equip myself and those around me to be as resilient as possible.But what is resilience, really? What does it really mean? What is the big deal with resilience, and why is it important? How can it help you in your career and in your life? As you'll see, we will cover all of that and more in this conversation Resilience Trainer and Performance Consultant Neil Wattier, who will show you how you can grow and thrive through stress and adversity while propelling your performance from good to great.Neil's Website ( with Neil on FacebookConnect with Neil on LinkedIn
This week I'm extremely excited to bring you this conversation withA certified conflict analysis and resolution mediatorAn award-winning strategist and brand builderSomeone who's worked for over 15 years in executive leadership positionsSomeone who's recognized as a professional development expert by Reader's Digest, Thrive Global, MSN money, MSN news, and so many moreA frequent speaker at organizations and universitiesAn expert at helping people develop professional aspirations and achieve their dreams... as well as how to thrive in their current job in their current career. I hope you enjoy this conversation about company leadership, micro-innovations, and real professional development that can be accomplished in as little as 5 minutes a week ... my conversation with Hiring Bloom founder Armida MarkarovaEnjoying This Episode? Leave Your 5-Star Review Here!Episode and Show Notes!
Whether on the the battlefield or in business, victory -- consistent, repeated victory -- is achieved by teams of talented people.But what is "talent"? How do you define it? How do you identify it? How do you even begin to know how to look for it?In this episode, you'll hear my conversation with Mike Sarraille and George Randle, the co-authors of the upcoming book "The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent".We'll hit on topics likeWhy PEOPLE and not PRODUCT are a company's greatest strategic advantageThe 9 Foundational Character Attributes of TalentHow to develop a talent mindsetWhere to find the world's greatest leadership incubatorand a whole lot moreMike Sarraille is a former Recon Marine and retired US Navy S.E.A.L. Officer who has over 20 years of experience in special operations, including the elite Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). He's currently the CEO of EF Overwatch and a leadership consultant with Echelon FrontGeorge Randle is a former US Army Officer and the VP of Global Talent Acquisition at Forcepoint, a human-centric cybersecurity company.He's also a strategic advisor at EF Overwatch, and he has more than 20 years experience in talent acquisition at Fortune 100 and Fortune 1000 firmsLinks:Order The Talent War on AmazonFollow Mike Sarraille on LinkedInFollow George Randle on LinkedInRate & Review at this episode and tag us on Instagram @rebasehq
You deserve a job that matters a career that is engaging, fulfilling, doing work that is meaningful. You deserve to do more than just clock in and clock out. Well, what if I told you that meaningful work might be where you least expect it?Over 75% of the global workforce identifies as disengaged, unfulfilled or worse... and more and more people are admitting that they're seeking more than just a paycheck when it comes to their job.Now, this poses a challenge, both to job-seekers who are unequipped to find that extra something they're looking for... as well as requiring a different way of thinking for employers who are used to really only dealing in the very surface level aspects of most jobs. Well, the good news is that finding meaning and purpose is actually possible in any job, as long as we know how and where to look.
A lot of folks are just trying to survive right nowAnd I don't want to discount the importance of ensuring your own survival, your own safety, and the survival of those you care about.But I want you to know that you are built for MORE than that.You are built for more than just survivalYou are built for more than collecting a steady, “reliable” paycheck.You are built for contributionYou are built for growthMassive growth. Massive contributionYou are built to impact the lives of other people.
In this episode, we're going to dive into the ongoing struggle with how isolation and loneliness show up in the workplace. Less than 2-3 years ago, we dedicated an entire episode to discussing possible solutions to the common struggles associated with people being lonely in the workplace. Because of the extenuating circumstances of the COVID pandemic, it made a ton of sense to bring these lessons back to the forefront in a concise, consolidated format.
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