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Author: Allen Pnn Edwards

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It's time that finally someone talks for the middle guy. The guy stuck in the middle of all this madness. Welcome to PNN ONE Radio Network. We're here with a voice. It may not be a solid voice or a serious voice but it's some kind of voice. We're loud, we're proud and well, we have nothing else to rhyme with that. Check us out at Enjoy!
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No Mo Leaf Blowers!

No Mo Leaf Blowers!


The city has finally put the hammer down on leaf blowers. It's been a long time coming (that's what she said).
I'm not one to hum weird noises while in the prayer position but I am one that knows how to destress. In this wacky-wide world of ours, we all need to learn how to chill out every now and then.
Time To Talk News!

Time To Talk News!


We're gonna break it down. Talk about the news. How it works, how it's created and why it's delivered the way it is. if you have ever wondered why all the channels are talking about the same thing at the same time; I'm going to fill you in.
Do you worry? Do you worry a lot? Are you a freakin' worrier wart? Well it's time to stop. Here's some tips that will get you through life.
This is not an endorsement. This is a tip on an amazingly health chocolate cookie that I'm addicted to. I also talk about eating healthy and eating junk and the cost difference. Let's eat!
Because Trump fans are convinced that every news channel is FAKE, they seem to take it out on OUR news truck!
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