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Welcome to The Home Based Travel Agent Show

Author: Barry Kantz and Lorene Romero

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The Home Based Travel Agent Show is about the travel business. Barry Kantz and Lorene Romero talk about topics of interest to people in the travel trade community or for people interested in the travel business. Shows often include guests who are well known in the travel trade community. The goal of the show is to increase your knowledge of the travel business and to help you grow your business.
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Show Notes In this episode of the podcast, we explored the importance of using emotion in selling a travel product. We discussed the differences between logical and emotional decision-making processes and how travel brands can use emotional strategies to reach and resonate with their target audience effectively. We outlined several emotional strategies that travel agents … Continue reading 454 – Emotion in Travel Sales: How to Tap into Consumer Desires and Drive Bookings →
Show Notes In today’s show, we are speaking with Chris Falvey with Unique NOLA Tours, and we are going to learn about New Orleans. New Orleans is one of the unique cities in the United States. The city has an immense history that is fascinating and, at the same time, quite colorful. A part of … Continue reading 453 – New Orleans | History, Hauntings & Crime With Chris Falvey →
Show Notes Where do people want to travel in 2023? Peter Worthing with Audley Travel explains that Japan and Australia are among the top ten destinations according to Audley Travel’s survey of their clients. In addition to the popular destinations, trains have become a popular mode of travel particularly in Europe, and the Japanese Bullet … Continue reading 452 – The Top Ten Travel Destinations for 2023 With Peter Worthing →
Show Notes North Lake Tahoe is a beautiful destination where you can explore the beauty of all that nature has to offer. There are beautiful beaches, crystal-clear freshwater lakes, and mountain vistas blended with amazing sunsets. Along with the beauty of North Lake Tahoe, you have ample opportunity to enjoy the area through recreational activities … Continue reading 451 – Beautiful North Lake Tahoe With Bart Peterson →
Show Notes Shane Mahoney of Lugos travel joins the show to describe how his company takes the stress out of creating unique luxury travel packages for his clients. The process of creating a unique luxury travel package is time-consuming and stressful for the client. Often the potential client will avoid the stress and time of … Continue reading 450 – Luxury Travel With Shane Mahoney →
Show Notes Morro Bay is an enchanting small town on the coast of California between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Morro Bay is a fishing town with a beautiful harbor, but it is unlike any other harbor. It is punctuated with a large 800-foot rock rising out of the ocean. You will find several of … Continue reading 449 – Enchanting Morro Bay, California With Michael Wambolt →
Show Notes You are going to get hacked or scammed. Adam Levin says travel is a petri dish for hackers and scammers. He says this is a fact of life as sure as death and taxes. It’s essential that you become educated about hacking, scamming, and fishing to protect yourself against such an eventuality. Adam … Continue reading 448 – Travel Scams and Hacks With Adam Levin →
Show Notes Dara Busch, Co-CEO and head of the consumer team at 5WPR. 5WPR is the ninth-largest travel public relations company in the world. We have the opportunity to speak with Dara in today’s podcast and discuss their recent investigation and report on consumer spending behavior. Specifically, we talk about how consumers are now spending … Continue reading 447 – Dara Busch On How and Why People Are Spending Their Money On Travel And What They Expect →
Show Notes Maneuvering the ins and outs of social media can be a complex task but very important for your marketing efforts. Successful businesses today must have a social media presence and a marketing strategy to go with it. It doesn’t matter if you are selling to a local market or you have a nationwide … Continue reading 446 – Social Media Tips for the Travel Advisor With Cyndee Harrison →
Show Notes Exploring nature and spending time in environments that is conducive to such activities is growing in popularity among all age groups. Combining exploring the Grand Canyon, and native cultures, and adding in luxury accommodations where you can spend your nights gazing at dark skies is a winning combination. Imagine sleeping in a geodesic … Continue reading 445 – Luxury Under a Dark Sky at Clear Sky Resorts →
Show Notes Unlocking the hidden treasures in our cities is easy when you have a kind person showing you around; showing you the culture, exploring the food, and letting you in on the history. Finding these treasures is a real joy whether you are a first-time visitor or even if you’ve been to the city … Continue reading 444 – Discover Cities Like Never Before With David Naczycz →
Show Notes Space tourism is all about looking down whereas astrotourism is all about looking up as Michael Marlin describes astrotourism in this podcast. We have lost a precious resource over the last twenty to thirty years and that is a dark sky where, with the naked eye, we can see the Milky Way and … Continue reading 443 – Astrotourism With Michael Marlin →
Show Notes Today, for most people, travel is about the experience and not so much about acquiring things and partying. Millennials want to travel to have an experience they can share with friends on social media. Environmental awareness, healthy diets, exercise, spirituality, and a desire for new experiences are all a part of the Millennial … Continue reading 442 – Health and Wellness Travel – Yoga Retreats With Rachel Roberts →
Show Notes Rail travel has something to offer everyone; the speed of bullet trains, the scenic journey through beautiful landscapes, or the nostalgia of vintage trains. Rail travel isn’t about the destination as much as it is about the journey. A rail journey is an excellent, pre or post, add on to a river cruise … Continue reading 441 – Beautiful Adventures by Rail With Jim Marini →
Show Notes Travel has its own set of challenges, the TSA, passports and visas, renting cars, finding a hotel, and many others. But, what if you add the challenge of traveling with a child who is on the autism spectrum? And, why is this important for the travel agent or the travel trade? It’s important … Continue reading 440 – Traveling Different with Dawn M. Barclay →
Show Notes One of the most important aspects of your business, right along with making sales and servicing your clients, is to know your numbers. In fact, if you don’t know your numbers, there is a 90% chance that you will go out of business. Knowing your numbers is all about tracking your income, expenses, … Continue reading 439 – Put On Your Business Owner’s Hat and Know Your Numbers →
Show Notes A commodity is a mass-produced or non-specialized product. The travel products you offer could fall into the category of a commodity. This is not where you want to be as a travel advisor. First and foremost you want to offer your clients an experience coupled with outstanding service. This is what will separate … Continue reading 438 – Are You Selling a Product, A Service, Or An Experience? →
Show Notes Airfares are chaotic, and the old models that tell you to book thirty days in advance, or any other time frame, no longer apply (if they ever did).  Airfares are affected by pandemic inspired consumer behavior,  labor shortages,  rising fuel prices,  new travel restrictions,  and many other things.  This makes predicting airfares almost … Continue reading 437 – Airfares are Chaotic But Here’s How to Save Your Clients’ Money →
Show Notes: The unkempt drifter crushes his cigarette into the pavement and slowly walks to the road that borders the bush station. He sticks his thumb in the air to flag down the next kind person who drives by in hopes of getting a ride. How many times have you watched a scene like this … Continue reading 436 – An Old Form of Transportation Transformed Into Luxury Travel →
Show Notes: The travel industry is leaping forward as we reach a critical mass of people accepting the risk of the virus and returning to travel. According to several surveys, people are ready to spend big on their vacations. Travelers are embracing open space destinations, upscale travel, and health and wellness travel. Hotels are rebounding, with … Continue reading 435 – This is the Year of the Travel Comeback →
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