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Author: Steven Moe

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We talk purpose with inspiring people making a positive impact with their lives. We are particularly interested in social enterprises and entrepreneurs. We will listen to them reflect on their journeys and take time to dig deeper in order to better understand what really motivates their choices.
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Kathleen Gallagher on being a poet, staying attentive and slowing down
Some interviews are like little jewels that I’ve somehow uncovered while walking along the beach.  Today is one of those as I speak with the poet Kathleen Gallagher.  Kathleen has written plays, poems, novels as well as done 7 feature films.  In this interview we talk about her childhood, the creative writing process, how she writes, being attentive and in the moment and her recent novel Inangahua Gold.  Merry Christmas 2018 to all! Her most recent novel 'Inangahua Gold' is available and is very much worth picking up - you can order it via the website above. Finding jewels Some conversations are like jewels Found, unexpectedly, on a rocky beach A West Coast beach full of grey rock that has been buffeted by wind, rain, waves and over time perfectly formed coloured stones into smooth objects of desire. They are often buried, seldom on the surface. The secret to find them? Come closer, for I only whisper this answer. It is lost in the wind to many. You need to be attentive and present. Be in the moment and aware, looking out Not rushing from this here to another there to find these jewels you must open your eyes and really see what is around you. Breathe deep. Look to the old language. Aroha. Love. Wait. Ponder this. Break it down more. Aro means to notice Ha means to breathe So be attentive to each breath. Be present, seek out peace The guidance is written there in the words themselves. This is the antidote to our stumbling from person to person our interactions shallow, casual. Seldom seeking the deepest questions. Too busy with the trivial and mundane to ask: Who are you, what formed you and how can we help each other, my friend? Yes, our conversation was all this. A rare gift given A jewel Aroha I'll go look for more.   "Kathleen Gallagher is a poet, playwright, filmmaker and novelist. She received the New Zealand Playwrights Award in 1993, and the Sonja Davies Peace Award in 2004 for the film Tau Te Mauri Breath Of Peace. She has authored three collections of poetry, 16 plays, six feature films, and one novel. Her films Earth Whisperers Papatuanuku, Water Whisperers Tangaroa and Sky Whisperers Ranginui, have played in cinema and film festivals throughout New Zealand and around the world. Her most recent work is the novel Earthquakes & Butterflies - Otautahi Christchurch launched in Christchurch on September 2015, on the 5th anniversary of the beginning of the Christchurch earthquakes sequence (2010 - 2012)."
Sister Mary Scanlon on 70 years of service with Little Company of Mary
Sister Mary was born in 1929 and knew she wanted to be a nurse early in her life.  In January 1949 she joined Little Company of Mary which is coming up to 70 years of service.  In this interview we talk about her early life and memories of the first radio her family purchased, the Great Depression, the start of World War II and at age 16 her first experience of being with someone who died while she was working as a nurse caring for them.  We then talk about what she has learned through a life of service and in particular about light and love.  This is a most unusual interview and one I think is particularly powerful so I hope you enjoy it. Little Company of Mary Christchurch site: Little Company of Mary Australasia site: A reflection by Sister Mary: I wrote this poem for Mary based on our conversation.  For more visit A Life of Service You describe being 16 and holding the hand of an old man breathing his last. Your memory of that moment still, crystal clear though long in the past. Inexorably drawn to this life, of service – for deep calls to deep. Your name an echo of others – one enough Examples of the promises you keep. Memories created over these years helping many move past fear of death into light Love at all times, the cascading call, may we never let that slip from our sight.  
Julie Chapman on co-founding KidsCan and child poverty in New Zealand
Julie co-founded charity KidsCan 13 years ago and is the CEO now.  In this interview we talk about her childhood, her first jobs, the influence of her parents on her life and what led her to start KidsCan.  We also talk about child poverty in New Zealand and what they are seeing on the front line among the almost 800 schools that they are in and how they are supporting children in need.  We then discuss Te Ao Māori and its growing influence on what they are doing at KidsCan.  This is one of those heartbreaking, challenging, encouraging and uplifting interviews as we dive deeper with Julie to really understand what motivates her and what they are doing through KidsCan. To find out more visit: @KidsCanNZ "Julie is the CEO and Co-founder of KidsCan with over ten years experience in not-for-profit management.  She is responsible for providing leadership, direction and the coordination of all activities of the Trust in accordance with the goals and objectives of the organisation. Julie's role is to direct strategy and create sustainability in order to grow the activities of the Trust to meet its charitable objectives.  Julie is also responsible for programme development, key partnerships, Government relationships, public relations and the overall day-to-day management of the Trust. In 2008 Julie was recognised as a Sir Peter Blake Emerging Leader and in 2015 was named as a finalist for Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year – the second time her contribution has been recognised by the national award."  
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Jonathan Lee

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Steven and had a solid, fun, recorded conversation on purpose and life. Steven recently published a legal handbook on social enterprises in New Zealand and has been doing interviews with entrepreneurs and social enterprises about their journeys on this podcast. Through mutual friends and overlapping circles we got connected quite quickly. I feel honored to have been invited to be on the podcast. The growing list of humans and their truly impressive set of accomplishments and contributions to earth and society are humbling. Steven masterfully guided the conversation from my childhood to teenager years as an immigrant, as he waives into it his own story and aspirations, and we move into my university days and during that the exposure to the greater world, its beauty, its problems, my craft, and my finding of sometimes-often bumpy pathways that have taken me where I am currently. I told him it has been years since anyone has dug that deep to my past-history and the aspirations that have been part of my constant evolution, and it was truly an enlightening articulation/process for myself as well. After our interview/conversation, I have listened to several podcasts with other interviewees and have enjoyed their stories, lessons, and journeys. I am looking forward to soaking up some more! I can definitely recommend this podcast and hope that there is great value for you too.

Jan 23rd
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