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This is not an interview but instead an interesting panel which discussed Community Housing with a focus on financing, structuring and legal considerations with Judith Bullin, James Palmer, Natalia Garstecka, Adelaide Brown and Stephen Hart.  Thanks to the Community Housing Aotearoa team for the conference which had 450+ attending and you can learn more about them here: Community Housing | Nga Wharerau o Aotearoa The topics covered are at: 02:11 - Intro by Stephen Hart of CORT 06:09 - Natalia Garstecka of MHUD 14:18 - James Palmer of Community Finance & Positive Capital 25:09 - Stephen Hart of CORT on their journey 35:52 - Judith Bullin of Parry Field Lawyers on legal considerations 45:05 - Adelaide Brown of KPMG 1:01:03 - End For more episodes visit  Video of the talk by James Video of the talk by Judith        
This conversation with Historian Rowan Light is from a few years ago and in this episode have pulled out the part where we discussed the meaning of ANZAC Day, the role of history and historians and why we commemorate certain events and not others - check out his book Anzac Nations.  I hope you enjoy this as this is published on 25th April 2023 as we remember the past today: Lest We Forget.   Full interview is here: More on Rowan who is now based at Auckland University:  "I am a historian of memory and commemoration, interested in public uses of the past and how communities make sense of war and violence. I am project curator (NZ Wars) at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, assisting the Human History team in the redevelopment of the New Zealand Wars gallery. My book Anzac Nations (OUP, 2022) is a history of cultural memory that explores how the story of the Anzacs at Gallipoli has changed overtime in Australia and New Zealand. I am interested in how groups and institutions shape the remembrance and commemoration of war and conflict." for more
Esha is a catalyst for change through highlighting stories of people approaching business differently.  She has just written a book "Working to Restore: Harnessing the Power of Regenerative Business to Heal the World" so in this conversation we discuss the book and how - and why - she wrote it.  However, we start with her background and life story - moving to the US as a child, growing up in an immigrant family, studying English at University and working all over the world as a journalest and why she came to write so much about sustainability and business.  I really enjoyed this conversation and if you do as well why not tell one other person about it, and visit to check out the 345 other conversations there.  A big shout out to Brianne West who posted about the book (she is featured in it) which then led to this conversation.  Thanks Brianne!    Esha's book can be ordered many places, such as:  Amazon: Working to Restore: Harnessing the Power of Regenerative Business to Heal the World: 9780807008515: Chhabra, Esha: Books Publisher Working to Restore by Esha Chhabra: 9780807008515 | Books "Dispatches from the regenerative landscape, where pioneering entrepreneurs use their businesses as catalysts of change to go beyond sustainability and solve social and environmental problems" For more visit  Other conversations mentioned: Oonagh Browne on Chocolate Seeds: Oonagh Browne on the power of Chocolate and Cacao ( Siddharth Sthalekar Seeds: Siddharth Sthalekar on true wealth, reputation in an online world and founding Neighbourhoods ( Spinoff articles mentioned Steven Moe | The Spinoff
This is the audio of an article I just wrote for The Spinoff - you can access the text here which also has a lot of links to all the things mentioned in the article as well: If you like this content, would you be willing to copy and paste that link and share it with your networks, or share this episode with one other person? 
Aimee is the co-founder of Girls who Grow and co-chair of Future Farmers New Zealand.  In this conversation we hear about her background and growing up in a farming community, what she studied and how her career has led to this point.  We had a positive energy filled conversation about what the future may hold and I hope you enjoy it - if you do, then check out some of the 343 other episodes of seeds Girls who Grow: Future Farmers: that includes the Manifesto discussed Open Farms: @girlswhogrow_nz @futurefarmersnz From what is to what if - Book mentioned:,dramatic%20change%20for%20the%20better. What your Food Ate Book: Future Whenua conversation between Steven Moe and Zeb Horrell 
Leanne has co-authored a new book "Human Work: five leadership mindsets for humanising workplaces".   Before we talk about that we first have a conversation about her background and life growing up and the influences that have shaped her.   Seeds is a project to hear about the 'why' behind what people do and this conversation was no different - perhaps even with more rabbit holes of curiousity than normal!  I really enjoyed it and if you do as well would you be willing to tell one other person about seeds?  There are more than 340 episodes and more info is at  Human Work Book site - sign up to get updates:  A shout out to Melissa Clarke-Reynolds who connected us for this great conversation.   Leanne describes the book this way: "Our intention is to contribute in our own small way to shifting the dialogue about how human workplaces can actually be and why this is a good thing.  Leaders stories from around the world are told in the book, together with a view on what mindsets help create more human workplaces." Cultivating Leadership site:  Her profile: Leanne Holdsworth - Cultivating Leadership About Cultivating Leadership: Our purpose is to cultivate leadership that shapes a just, diverse, flourishing, and sustainable planet More on seeds 
This was recorded 8th March as part of the Entre Annual Launch night and was a panel discussing what they have learned as entrepreneurs.  The insights come from Saskia van der Peet (Real Girls in Tech / Farmgate Foods), Jack Wood (Komodo Wellbeing), Ben Scales (KiwiFibre), Rohan Mathias (FoodFuse). To find out more about the work of Entre and their competitions and support for entrepreneurs visit Home | Entre - they play a key role in the start-up ecosystem and this event was really inspiring as we also got to hear from Guy Horrocks. Thanks to the Entre team for the chance to MC the event and present some visuals as well such as yarn, avocados, trees...  If you want to know more about seeds podcast visit 
Jennifer Hamlin loves animals and in this episode we talk about her childhood, her relationship with animals, we get philosophical about our role in the World and how we relate to them and then she tells us about her life story and what has led her to New Zealand and what she does today.  In particular we talk about the work of the Allied Veterinary Professional Regulatory Council of New Zealand, which she founded and now chairs.  We also had a California connection - she knew the place my Father grew up (a small town)!   The aim of seeds is to hear the full background of a life story and really get to know what motivates the people we talk to.  If you enjoy this then check out some others at  Website: Allied Veterinary Professional Regulatory Council of New Zealand (
Jeremy Nurse has led a fascinating life and we hear all about his background and working as a farmer and what led to establishing the 180 Degrees Trust.  They do amazing work with youth to help improve their outcomes. If you enjoy this there are hundreds of other stories on seeds podcast. Site: Youth Charity Christchurch | 180 Degrees Trust Seeds: 
Janet Cole is the Manager at the Kaipātiki Project and in this conversation we hear about her life story and work focussed on impact initiatives that lead to environmental and community outcomes.  The Project is described as follows: "Based in Auckland’s North, Kaipātiki Project is an innovative eco-hub, growing a sustainable future for people and nature. We do this by empowering people, inspiring connection with nature and enabling sustainable living."  We also touch on Environment Hubs Aotearoa and the work done there.   Site Kaipātiki Project | Innovative Eco-Hub | Share in nature’s revival | Environmental Sustainability ( Environment Hubs Aotearoa site Environment Hubs Aotearoa | Collaboration for local solutions More episodes are at  Hope everyone gets a great break!
In this discussion we talk about struggles with banks - how can we make it better for "For-Purpose" organisations?  What is needed for Banks and Charities and other groups to better interact? Led by Community Networks Aotearoa - have a listen in to what we had to say and fill in the survey!  I was in conversation with Ros Rice the EO of Community Networks Aotearoa and Dr Jane Horan on this topic.   We had 90 people sign up for this session. Here is the youtube link to the video. The survey is at Who could you tell on this to help spread the word?? The other project Jane and I had worked on:   
The Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon joined the last Impact Call and in this episode we hear about the work they are doing.  In his role he is responsible for leading the work of the Human Rights Commission in promoting positive race relations.  It was great to hear in detail what they are involved in today.  If you like this content then make sure to check out the 330+ other interviews in the back catalogue at  Website: New Zealand Human Right Commission ( Seeds podcast 
Jen Margaret is an advocate and educator for Te Tiriti o Waitangi and in this interview we hear about her life story and how she came to do this work.  We also learn all about Groundwork and the work they do - what is the place for Pākehā educating and advocating for Te Tiriti.  I really enjoyed this conversation and if you do as well maybe tag someone else in and check out the other interviews at  Website: "Groundwork aims to create positive, enduring change in Aotearoa. We work to realise the potential of Te Tiriti o Waitangi – a harmonious Aotearoa in which tangata whenua and tangata Tiriti thrive. Groundwork makes learning about Te Tiriti accessible and impactful.   We support organisations to understand and apply Te Tiriti o Waitangi by providing self-paced and facilitated workshops, as well as mentoring for those leading organisational transformation. We work with organisations on your Te Tiriti strategy, implementation and evaluation, and we create relevant and accessible resources to guide you on this path."
Rory joined the latest Impact Call to share about Safe Surfer so this is a shorter than normal episode of seeds where he explains what they are up to in providing protections for young people online. Website:
In this conversation with Diane Ducarme we discuss the links between our diet and health and migraines, and how her time in China helped her uncover principles ignored in Western medicine.  We also hear about her childhood, learning 7 languages and travel around the world before she settled in New Zealand.  I really enjoyed this conversation #333 and if you do as well why not check out other interviews at Take the assessment What are the root causes of your health concern? ( Site Nectar Health | Manage your migraine attacks (
Lloyd has developed the DOT Scorecard and in this conversation we talk about his life and background and then about what 'diversity' really means.  I really enjoyed this conversation and if you do as well make sure to check out the 332 others in the back catalogue. Lloyd's website which includes lots of resources: Diversity of Thought - Diversity of Thought Scorecard  
This is a short little conversation with Francesca Allen who I unexpectedly met at Queenstown Airport…why?  Have a listen to find out, and what happened next.  We also talk about the wisdom she would pass on to her grandchildren.  If you like this check out the other conversations at  
In this conversation I hear from Dr Peter Loerscher who is an expert on tax with a focus on the implication for immigrants moving to New Zealand.  We also discuss growing up among Roman ruins, what it was like starting a career during so many transitions in Europe of the 1980s and 1990s, why he moved to New Zealand, how treaties are negotiated between countries and a lot more.  If you enjoy this then check out some of the other interviews in the back catalogue of 300+ conversations. Peter has sent me some materials – if you would like a copy send me an email Peter’s contact:
In this episode we hear from a panel of Founders on their journeys.  Very often we just hear the glamorous part of the journey of Founders of start-ups. In this session we will be hearing some of the other parts too - no sugar coating, no glitz, just the reality of being an entrepreneur. Sharing are three founders who are each at different stages of the journey- Elise Hilliam from MenuAid, Sarah Grant from Magic Beans, and Nathan Taylor from Partly. As all these founders incorporated elements of purpose and impact into their business models, we will hear from each of our guests on their journey and challenges in an interview format hosted by Aislinn Molloy (Senior Solicitor at Parry Field Lawyers, with an expertise in capital fundraising) and Steven Moe (Partner at Parry Field Lawyers and Seeds podcast host). We have an exciting panel of speakers lined up for this event: Elise HilliamElise is the co-founder & co-CEO of MenuAid. MenuAid solves the "What's for Dinner?" dilemma with personalised recipes and a smart shopping list, to take care of your weekly shopping in just minutes. MenuAid recently closed a $1M NZD seed funding round and is expanding their team here in Christchurch, New Zealand. Sarah Grant Sarah Grant is Co-Founder of Magic Beans Community – an impact SaaS start-up focused on educating and inspiring people to grow more of their own food at home and facilitating swapping and sharing of member’s surplus in their local community. Sarah is a passionate home food producer and has a background in business management, governance, sustainability, and community connection and resilience Nathan TaylorNathan is the co-founder and COO of New Zealand tech company, Partly, where he manages internal operations, external stakeholders, and stay’s close to the customer. He has spent a significant part of his career in the startup ecosystem, building companies and promoting entrepreneurship. Growing up in Indonesia as a teenager, Nathan has had an interest in languages from a young age. He holds a Masters of Linguistics, speaks Indonesian and Chinese, and enjoys developing language education, translation, and communication skills.  Nathan is passionate about humanitarian aid as well as effective altruism.
In this session I have a discussion with Sue Barker about the proposed changes to the Charities Act in New Zealand, the submission process, the key issues at stake and the "paradigm shifts" of thinking that are also involved.  If you enjoy this check out some of the other content at  We have also done a short article in plain English outlining some of the key changes here and a guide to how to submit is here  
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Dorje Mckinnon

Thanks for helping remind me what it was like to be 11. Basketball story is great!

Sep 9th
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Jonathan Lee

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Steven and had a solid, fun, recorded conversation on purpose and life. Steven recently published a legal handbook on social enterprises in New Zealand and has been doing interviews with entrepreneurs and social enterprises about their journeys on this podcast. Through mutual friends and overlapping circles we got connected quite quickly. I feel honored to have been invited to be on the podcast. The growing list of humans and their truly impressive set of accomplishments and contributions to earth and society are humbling. Steven masterfully guided the conversation from my childhood to teenager years as an immigrant, as he waives into it his own story and aspirations, and we move into my university days and during that the exposure to the greater world, its beauty, its problems, my craft, and my finding of sometimes-often bumpy pathways that have taken me where I am currently. I told him it has been years since anyone has dug that deep to my past-history and the aspirations that have been part of my constant evolution, and it was truly an enlightening articulation/process for myself as well. After our interview/conversation, I have listened to several podcasts with other interviewees and have enjoyed their stories, lessons, and journeys. I am looking forward to soaking up some more! I can definitely recommend this podcast and hope that there is great value for you too.

Jan 23rd
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