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Author: Steven Moe

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We talk purpose with inspiring people making a positive impact with their lives. We are particularly interested in social enterprises and entrepreneurs. We will listen to them reflect on their journeys and take time to dig deeper in order to better understand what really motivates their choices.
96 Episodes
Full conference audio: "Future Prospects for Charity Law, Accounting and Regulation" held 11-12 April 2019 at Te Papa
Yes, this is a very long episode!  Have a listen to short intro to understand more but it is all the audio of more than 10 sessions at the two day conference "Future prospects for charity law, accounting and regulation" held 11-12 April 2019 at Te Papa and providing it all here so accessible to all those who were not in the room but would be challenged and empowered by the content.  I was on organising committee and all of those on it wanted to make the content readily available to others through this platform.  Check out other episodes of seeds podcast for close to 100 interviews with more good stories and challenges.  We had around 40 speakers including several from overseas and more than 10 sessions.  This was put on by CAANZ, CLAANZ and supported by Charities Services.  These are put in the order they appeared at the conference but you can skip to the right point by looking at this index: Session 1: Do charities need to be "regulated" 7:59 Keynote: How to prove public benefit by Jennifer Batrouney QC: 1:19:01 Session 2: Advocacy - Are Charities able to advocate against Government Policy? 1:44:45 Session 3: Accumulations or application - what to do about Charities' reserves? 2:32:23 Session 4: Future of Charities and Tax 3:07:55 Session 5: Governing charities 4:04:32 Session 6: Current Research in the Charitable Sector 4:48:51 Session 7: Review of the Charities Act - emerging issues and implications 5:36:16 Session 8: Social Enterprise - this is a separate seeds episode Session 9: Seeds podcast interview: A History of Financial Reporting - this is a separate seeds episode Session 10: Future of Financial Reporting 6:22:01 Group discussion 7:39:49 Final Keynote: Dr Oonagh Breen, Call to Action 8:29:20 End: 9:18:57  For more content visit  For session 8 on social enterprise visit here. For Session 9 on History of Financial Reporting - an interview for seeds podcast visit here Videos and descriptions of speakers etc also up here    
Peter Beck on love and 'thin places'
Peter was the Dean of the Christchurch Cathedral at the time of the earthquakes in 2011.  I chose to air this interview now because we talk about love and acceptance in this and it feels like the most appropriate interview given the Christchurch attacks which have just happened.  In this wide ranging conversation we discuss his background in the UK, his studies at Oxford University and what led him to become a priest, how he ended up in New Zealand and his memories of the quakes.  We also take time to reflect on spiritual 'thin places' where the distance between physical things and spiritual things is less thick. It has been explained as “a place where the boundary between heaven and earth is especially thin. It’s a place where we can sense the divine more readily.”  This is the 89th interview and if you enjoyed this you might enjoy some of the earlier ones as well at On reflecting about this interview I wrote this: Thin Places The thinnest of barriers separates us from wonder. From an understanding of love, waiting. As paper cannot be seen through yet we know it is so thin. Shine a light on it and see for yourself. Like the sun hitting a silver platter And reflecting into open eyes. Open to the possibility that your presence will be with us no matter which path is chosen. Or like holding a midnight candle held in the dark at a service more than 50 years ago.  A moment in time. These encounters, unfolding elegantly, revealing within the very idea, that God is with us always. Inspiring hushed whispers.  Look – right there! That sense of wonder rises filling us up to the brim from the inside. Seek out the thin places, point them out to others that love may grow.      

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Jonathan Lee

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Steven and had a solid, fun, recorded conversation on purpose and life. Steven recently published a legal handbook on social enterprises in New Zealand and has been doing interviews with entrepreneurs and social enterprises about their journeys on this podcast. Through mutual friends and overlapping circles we got connected quite quickly. I feel honored to have been invited to be on the podcast. The growing list of humans and their truly impressive set of accomplishments and contributions to earth and society are humbling. Steven masterfully guided the conversation from my childhood to teenager years as an immigrant, as he waives into it his own story and aspirations, and we move into my university days and during that the exposure to the greater world, its beauty, its problems, my craft, and my finding of sometimes-often bumpy pathways that have taken me where I am currently. I told him it has been years since anyone has dug that deep to my past-history and the aspirations that have been part of my constant evolution, and it was truly an enlightening articulation/process for myself as well. After our interview/conversation, I have listened to several podcasts with other interviewees and have enjoyed their stories, lessons, and journeys. I am looking forward to soaking up some more! I can definitely recommend this podcast and hope that there is great value for you too.

Jan 23rd
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