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Everyone wants something they can’t have. Holden wants Seyah to notice him. Nevaeh wants to be cancer-free. Loki wants to be a hero. They’ll die to make it happen.

But dying is just the beginning for them. They will be remade together in a mysterious, abandoned world, hunted by killer machines. Each of them finally has what they always wanted – but at what cost?

ReMade, a 15-part post-apocalyptic thriller from Serial Box, is written by an award-winning team of writers including Matthew Cody, Andrea Phillips, Carrie Harris, E.C. Meyers, Kiersten White, and Gwenda Bond. Narrated by Greg Tremblay and Laurel Schroede.


Serial Box presents the Remade podcast

00:01:16Update: 2017-09-142

1: Shadows and Dreams

01:07:37Update: 2017-10-0211

2: Hungry

01:26:26Update: 2017-10-022

3: Home, Perilous Home

01:21:14Update: 2017-10-051

4. The Most Dangerous Game

01:25:57Update: 2017-10-093

5. Umta

01:09:35Update: 2017-10-12

6. Reality No-Show

01:26:28Update: 2017-10-161

7. Mourning Train

01:08:59Update: 2017-10-191

8. End of the Line

01:37:36Update: 2017-10-23

9. Whiteout

01:24:23Update: 2017-10-26

10. Mirror of Fate

01:23:25Update: 2017-10-30

11. We’re Dead in this Ghost Town

01:41:04Update: 2017-11-02

12. Modern History

01:10:50Update: 2017-11-06

13. Memories of Arcadia

01:33:41Update: 2017-11-09

14. The Slow Fade

01:24:14Update: 2017-11-13

15. The End of the Beginning

01:03:47Update: 2017-11-15

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