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Retrospect '60s Garage Punk Show

Author: Phil Grey

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'60s garage punk, garage rock, proto-punk, freak beat and psychedelia from the entire planet. Your regular toe-tapping trip down memory lane this ain't!
This is a weekly show hosted by Phil Grey and first broadcast on Free FM [Hamilton, New Zealand], an Access radio station proudly supported by NZ on Air, with repeat airings across New Zealand and selected Canadian community and campus stations. Focusing on obscure '60s garage punk/garage rock. If it's cool we'll play it! Feedback's welcome - just message Retrospect
86 Episodes
Obscure 60s garage, Rick from Chicago's THE CAVE DWELLERS joins me on the line, and global picks from Peru, South Africa, Egypt, France, Mexico....[supported by NZ on Air]
Obscure 60s garagey goodness from all over! LOS DOLTONS, ATTIC SOUNDS, I DELFINI, THE SULTANS FIVE....[supported by NZ on Air]
Global Psych Rarities! Results of Adults, The Rainbow Army, Los Apostoles, Groep 1850 and much more![supported by NZ on Air]
A heady mix of Canadian, American, British, Polish, Italian and Japanese garage and psych![supported by NZ on Air]
Our second guest selector episode - this time it's Canadian fan John Brain choosing a heady mix of garage and psych[supported by NZ on Air]
Rest In Peace Roger Kynard 'ROKY' Erickson [1947-2019][supported by NZ on Air]
Pt 2 of our BACK-TO-BACK specials - one well-known 60s track followed by an obscure cover! SOM BEAT, LE ONDE BLU, LOS SIREX, ELS DRACS all covering tracks we all know.[supported by NZ on Air]
Old punky goodness - THE ID, THE SOULBENDERS, LOS SHAINS, ABBREVIATIONS, INTERNZ and more![supported by NZ on Air]
BACK-TO-BACK 60s tracks - a well known original, and an obscure cover, with tracks from UK, Italy, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Ireland, Mexico, Singapore and New Zealand[supported by NZ on Air]
100% global garage! Tracks from LES MEDIATORS, I NEW DADA, APOCALIPSES, LES GOTHS, THE SPIDERS and waaaay more.[supported by NZ on Air]
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