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Sarah and T - The professional Vacation Rental Manager's Podcast

Author: Sarah Bradford/Tim Cafferty

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This is Sarah and T - The Professional Vacation Rental Manager's Podcast. The first podcast dedicated to the professional vacation rental manager. Join Sarah Bradford and Tim Cafferty on their journey through day to day issues affecting the professional vacation rental manager. From the Coast to the Mountains Sarah and T have it covered when it comes to vacation rentals. Listen for yourself and see.
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This week Sarah and T continue their mini-seminar series with Aaron Linfoot of Meredith Lodging of Oregon.   Aaron shares an amazingly positive outlook on life, business and dealing with setbacks.   A great conversation that will give you lots of ideas as you approach 2021.
We continue our mini seminar series this week with a great interview with a very interesting woman.   You will enjoy hearing Beverly Serral of Best Nest Vacation Rentals in Hilton Head South Carolina.  Beverly is a top real estate agent, does renovation and interior design, but also runs a vacation rental firm that takes attention to detail seriously.   Hear about what Flockers are (hint, there is not a movie about them), why she would never take a property that doesn't match her standards, and why cluttered counters are a no no at Best Nest.   Please enjoy this episode of Sarah and T!
In this week's episode Sarah and T continue their mini seminar series with Danielle Johnson of Manzanita Beach Getaway Vacation Rentals from the coast of Oregon.    The idea of this mini seminar series is if you were at a seminar and sat next to someone, what questions would you ask?  Danielle describes how she built her company, how she has enjoyed great success this year, and is using pricing tools to great advantage.   Danielle is definitely someone you want to hear from.
Today Sarah and T, in the age of covid concerns, start their own Vacation Rental Conference with a series of interviews with vacation rental managers that you would want to sit next to during an in person conference.   We start with Audrey Miller of Maine who gives us some great takeaways about how she does business.   Enjoy this interview with one of the hidden heroes of our industry.Do yourself a favor and wait for the last question in this interview to get one of the greatest takeaways in the history of our podcast.
In this episode Sarah and T get ready to launch a series of interviews with Vacation Rental Management Company owners by interviewing each other about the state of the industry.   What has Covid-19 done to their companies?   What is the best idea they have heard in the last 3 months?  How dependent on OTA's are they?  What does the next 12 months look like?   Get the answers to these and other questions in this week's episode.  These are the types of questions that will be asked over the next several episodes as Sarah and T interview some of the best VRM's in the country and world.
In this episode Sarah and T address a subject that everyone could improve upon.  Your disaster plan.  What do you do when there is a natural disaster or a Covid-19 outbreak?  Plan ahead to make sure you are ready.   Sarah and T go through 5 important steps when you are planning for a disaster.   The key part of the process is indeed planning.    Do you have a football?  Find out what that means.   In the news segment AirBnB has done more to irritate professional vacation rental managers and we have the story!
In this week's episode Sarah and T talk about various issues that can arise in dealing with a "new" owner in your rental program, or an owner that is not properly welcomed to your rental program.   Listen to their experience in a variety of situations that we all have dealt with.  In the news segment a major on line travel agent announces 25% of their work force will be cut.
It is the height of the summer vacation rental season and many VRMs are at their wits end with the stress of running a high touch business in a Covid-19 world.  This week's episode of Sarah and T focuses on what you need to think about to be most effective during this crazy time.   Here's a hint - it begins and ends with You!   Lots of great tips on organization, delegation, leadership styles, and self care in this episode
Sue Jones is well known as human resources expert in the vacation rental industry and today Sarah and T interview her about the challenges many in vacation rentals are facing with human resources issues.  Sue brings great answers and strategies to the table this week as we talk about the Federal Unemployment benefit, how to overcome staffing shortages, and how to keep you and your staff motivated during this difficult time.
In this episode our two intrepid vacation rental management owners tackle your top questions about the daily issues in vacation rental managment.  Taking these questions from on-line rental forums, Sarah and T help solve some of today's top issues.   Some really good ideas are exchanged here.  In the news segment, a report about a stimulus bill that would directly help travel if passed. Go Martha! 
In this episode our two hosts dive deeper into the biggest fails they have made in the vacation rental industry.   Part one of this episode was heard earlier, and today picks up where they left off bearing their souls on hiring mistakes, business strategy mistakes, and business growth problems of their past.   Listen in and take heed from their experience.
This week, Sarah and T interview one of their most famous and accomplished guests.  John Ruhlin, the best-selling author of "Gift*ology  The Art and Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Client Retention."Sarah has referenced this book many times on our podcast, and in person at various conferences around the country and today she gets to interview him!   This episode will change your perspective on gift giving and branding SWAG that you may give to your guests.   You will definitely hear some things that will hit home on failures that you don't even know you have made.
This is an unbelievable episode that every rental manager and owner should listen to.  16 company owners and managers give a report to Sarah and T on how their business is faring.   The guests are (in appearance order) Mark Driskell (Mountain Time Vacation Rentals), Judith Lee (Sun Place Vacations), Steve Milo (V-Trips), Chris Bettin (Premier Vacation Rentals), Kirsten King (Big Sky Vacation Rentals), Joanne Logie (New England Vacation Rentals), Sharon Walker (Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals), Larry Hoffer (Resortia), Amy Gaster (Tybee Vacation Rentals), Brad Stewart (Stewart Mountain Lodging), Betsy LeBarge (Mt. Hood Rentals), Mike Harrington (Carolina Retreats), Lance and Elaine Stitcher (Seaside Vacations), Angie Leone (Coconut Condos), and Alan Hammond Holiday Vacation Rentals.Nothing more needs to be said other than if you want to know what is going on with vacation rentals in the country today - listen to this episode.
This week's episode brings us closer to normalcy as we start to think about welcoming guests into our properties.  Michelle Williams is the General Manager of Atlantic Vacation Homes in Gloucester, MA and the chairperson of the Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals.   This group just released a document to all vacation rental managers to give guidance on how you might approach cleaning your properties during this challenging time.  Michelle brings specific actionable items to us in this far ranging discussion.   This is one you need to pay attention to and take good notes.
In this edition of what seems like a never ending series of podcasts on Covid-19's effects on the Vacation Rental Industry, our hosts invite two positive-minded people on to discuss how we can be positive as well.   You will enjoy the commentary of Matt Landau and Sharon Keefe who bring their A-game in this fast paced podcast.  Find out what you should be doing with your marketing, owner communications, business planning and political activism.   Our first ever 4 location podcast!   Enjoy!
Like you, Sarah and Tim have been directly and significantly impacted by the Coronavirus.  In this episode there is no music, not jokes, just a lot of useful information about how to deal with something we never expected to deal with.   There are also two listeners highlighted in this episode sharing their challenges.  You are not alone, and we try to give you actionable steps to help you move forward.
We have all been rocked in the last few weeks with the pandemic of Covid-19.   This week Sarah and T speak with Amy Hinote Founder and Editor of VRM Intel about what her observations are about the current state of affairs in vacation rental management given the pandemic.We seek your input!   Please call us at 336-612-1612 and tell us how you are being affected by this unprecedented virus, and the reaction to it in your area.   Our next podcast will be focused on you - our valued listeners!  We look forward to answering your questions and giving you encouragement during this exceptional time.We will get through this together and we will be better than ever!
Recorded at Podfest 2020 in Orlando Sarah and T have moved the show outside in the Florida sun to talk to one of the smartest people in professional vacation rental management.  Andrew McConnell is the CEO at and has his finger on the pulse of a lot of the biggest issues in the industry.   Sarah and T press him on his thoughts about what is the concern about Google coming into vacation rentals, why he thinks some of the efforts in "book direct" are misguided, and of course there is an in depth discussion on the topic of the month - Carona virus.   Find out lots of great information in this one including why "Truth Hurts" when Andrew walks out on a stage.
Sarah and T are very experienced professional vacation rental managers.  That means they have made their share of mistakes over the years, and in this episode our two rental managers share with us some of the biggest ones.   There are so many things that Sarah and T want to cover this turns out to be part one of a two part series all in the interest of you being able to learn from their misfortune.  Get a paper and pen ready for some of these fails.  In the news segment Sarah and T discuss what is up with Google VR.
In this episode of Sarah and T - The professional Vacation Rental Manager's Podcast our hosts interview Justin Ford with Breezeway.  He is a Safety expert and he brings us all sorts of great tips to pass along to our staff and property owners about how to keep our guests safe during their stay.  It is one of the hot topics in our industry and we have it covered this week.   In the news segment Sarah and T talk about Vacation Rental Week sponsored by VRMA (March 9th through 13th).
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