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In this episode Sarah and T tackle a timely subject.   Adding property owners to your rental program.   Everyone wants to do it, but does everyone know how to do it properly?   In this episode Sarah and T start with 12 tips (but end up giving about 16 tips) about how to make sure you get the right fit with your property owner and your rental program.
Sarah and T meet Sibylle Kim in this episode.   Sibylle has a house in Vermont that she self manages, and she is a consummate professional in how she delivers her property to guests.   Take a listen to the passion she has for the vacation rental industry and how important she thinks advocacy is for all vacation rental managers.   
This week our two hosts split the country in two and each attended a spring education conference.  Sarah took the west part of the country and attended a conference in Oregon, and Tim took the east part of the country and attended a conference in Chicago.Listen to the takeaways from both conferences in this edition of Sarah and T.   Fun times, a queen's tray, and a tray of bacon are all things to listen for.
In this episode of Sarah and T our two hosts revisit a very popular topic.   Pet peeves about vacation rental websites.   Last year at this time Sarah and T reviewed some of the most frustrating things about vacation rental websites, and now one year later there are even more things that are peevish about websites they want to share with you today.   Find out those things that we do which irritate our guests on our websites and even more importantly, find out how to correct those things.
In one of the most eye opening episodes Sarah and T have ever done, you will meet an amazing lady who is working to change the vacation rental industry.   Have you ever thought about staying in a vacation rental from the perspective of someone with accessibility challenges?    Listen to the story of founder Lorraine Woodward who has muscular dystrophy and who is working with vacation rental managers around the country on making their properties more accessible to ALL vacationers.
In this episode Sarah and T share some real nuggets about how to have an effective off site company retreat.   In this episode we discover there are three different kinds of retreats, and there are different strategies about how to set the event up.   Listen to tons of real life experience from our Hosts about how to do a retreat, and how NOT to do a retreat.
We are calling this the 6 T episode.    Top ten time tested tactics today to keep your employees.   Sarah and T put an opposite spin on their last podcast where they talked about what to do to lose employees.  Today they speak of what to do to keep those treasured staff members that make your company cook with gas!   Lots of great ideas, stories and takeaways in this episode.
In this week's episode our two hosts discuss what we don't want to think about - how we drive away staff from our companies.   Do you micromanage your people?   Do you have a terrible onboarding process?   Do you have stupid rules in place?   The likely answer to at least one of these questions is yes, and this week Sarah and T talk about how to stop doing dumb things that drive employees away.  This is part one of a two part series!
In this episode of Sarah and T the hosts welcome, for the 3rd consecutive year, Jeff Hurst, the COO of Expedia Brands.   This podcast is an interview with one of the top people in hospitality and covers a wide variety of topics that are relevant to the vacation rental industry.  Find out what Jeff thinks about Google, private equity funding that is fueling company purchases, and what search filters are hot on VRBO.   Sarah participates in this episode in a very special way.
In the first episode of 2022 Sarah and T hold up the mirror and bear their dirty secrets about large and small fails they've had in rolling out new ideas in their businesses.   When you have a new idea and want to implement it make sure you have a process you follow.   Our two hosts have had plenty of experience on good implementations and not so good ones.   Take a listen to this entertaining episode about how to roll out new ideas in your business.   In the news segment Sarah and T review all of the company purchases and sales that occurred in the V.R industry in 2021, and we close the show with a call from one of our followers.
In one of the most anticipated episodes of the year, Sarah and Tim review their predictions from last year, make their predictions for next year, and review the top 10 episodes of their podcast for 2021.These two are always fun to listen to, but in this episode they are at their best.   Listen to what they got right for 2021, what they think will happen in 2022, and what episodes you liked best based on number of downloads, at least! 
This week's episode of Sarah and T takes you to the main stage of the recent VRM Intel Women's Summit in New Orleans.   The keynote speaker for the event was Amber Hurdle, and her message is important for all of us to hear.  Find out what bold, unwavering and confident women in business are thinking, how personal and professional branding are important to all, and find out who the "OG" (Original Gangster) of the Grand Ole Opry is.  Amber knows!   This is a GREAT episode.
Do you have a company mission statement?  Do you know what it is?   Does your staff know what it is?   Most importantly is your front line staff delivering on the mission that you want as they deal with guests, property owners, vendors and each other?   In this super take away filled episode Sarah and T explore how to get your folks on the same page with you and ensure everyone knows the importance of their role in delivering your mission.In the news segment we get an update on Airbnb's response to some damage that occurred in one of Sarah's properties.
In this episode Sarah and T do a review on a subject they tackled in 2018.   What are the top amenities requested by guests in a vacation rental.   Some are the same, some are similar, and some are brand new.   Listen to their list, and see if you agree.   In the Not So Hot Off the Press but definitely happening find our what Southwest Airlines knows that Air BnB will never figure out.
In this week's episode Sarah and T speak to Tiffany Edwards.  Tiffany is on to talk to us about growing up in the business, what is the best way to handle a response to issues when they arise, and the importance of being nice.  Tiffany was the most recent award winner of VRMA's President's Award.   Listen to this genuine person speak of one of the biggest challenges in the industry.
In this much anticipated episode Sarah and T have asked some of their friends to fill us all in on the best takeaways from the VRMA International Conference in San Antonio, Texas.   In a fast paced episode we give you more than 100 ideas, ah ha moments, and things to think about from the recent conference.  Special thanks to all of our participants (Robin Cragen, Paul Becker, Amy Gaster, Ryan Dame, Mike Harrington, Chris Bettin, Steve Schwab, and Sharon Walker).   Get your pen and paper ready to take lots of notes!
This week is the week of the VRMA International Conference in San Antonio, Texas.  Unfortunately Sarah and T will not be in attendance, but in the spirit of being at the conference this week's episode gives you an idea of what to do if you are there.   Ask other people questions about how their year went, and the best ideas others are implementing.  Sarah and T act as if they are at the conference in this episode by asking each other popular questions that you can benefit from.   Enjoy!
In this episode, Sarah and T tackle the topic of governmental regulations on short term rentals head on.   Has this been a problem in your area?   If not you are either not paying attention or you have been extremely lucky so far.   The best defense is a good offense, and in this episode Sarah and Tim go over 8 proactive strategies you can use when your local government starts to think about limiting vacation rentals. One of the most important podcasts Sarah and T have ever done!
One final episode to wrap up the 2021 DARM Conference in Charleston, SC.   In this episode our hosts interview the keynote speaker from the conference and reveal so many takeaways you should have a pen and paper ready from the first minute.   Find out the importance of organizing against regulations, the reason why you should ask "are these the people I need to be working with," and should you invest in Vacasa.    These subjects and the importance of Greek Citizenship are all discussed on this episode of Sarah and T! 
In this week's episode Sarah and T yield the microphone to their good friend and fellow podcaster Matt Landau.   Sarah and T provided Matt one of their favorite episodes for Matt to play to his audience this week and in return Sarah and T are here airing one of Matt's favorites.   Take a listen to this interview between Matt and Alex Cruz of Welcome Home Club in San Antonio, Texas.   Alex has some great ideas about how things should work in the vacation rental business.Sarah and T will be back next time with a new episode.  In the meantime listen to this classic episode of "Unlocked" by Matt Landau.
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