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Author John Driver sits down with comedian Jonnie W. and other friends for funny, personal, and ultimately real life conversations about faith and culture. Interesting guests also occasionally stop by or call in for interviews on the latest happenings.
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John loves church history, especially if it involves eating, while Jonnie notices a strange new tick caused by mask-wearing. Then the boys fantasize about gaining weight for a movie role. Also, a discussion on whether we should teach kids that they’re “special”, and learning the value of liturgy. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Nougat®️: “It’s in all your favorite candy bars, but no one really knows what it is."
John rescues Jonnie on the side of the road, ad ponders whether it makes them even in the long run. Jonnie can’t wait to be a corporate sellout.  Then the boys talk about the election controversy and conspiracy theorists🙄 . Also, John tackles a listener question about whether the Bible condones slavery.  Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Casper Mattresses®️: “Totally haunted, but the friendly kind."
Jonnie almost ruins someone’s ministry for failure to properly vet a movie clip 🤬, while John almost punches his wife in his sleep 🥊. Then the boys discuss sleep drugs and whether the Body Mass Index is fake news. Also, a conversation about liberty from a Biblical perspective.  Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Turkey Ham®️🦃 🐷: "The original mash-up"
The boys discuss the impact of social media on the election aftermath. Jonnie posts a shirtless photo because he can. Then, John defends the Electoral College, and brags about how much math he knows. Plus, a conversation on tribalism and the dangers of cancel culture. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Four Seasons Total Landscaping 🌺™️: Now booking for Winter of 2020.
Time for another trip down memory lane, back to November 2018, to be exact. Jonnie tells the dumb story of his dumb injury, John takes his family to Disney, but only for the sermon illustrations, and the boys discuss voting, immigration, and other hot-button topics that will cost them listeners.  Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by No Shave November®️: “The best way to let yourself go since Flabuary.”
The boys ponder what sweets old people prefer, and to their horror, realize they ARE old people. Jonnie’s wife will probably get away with murder, while John believes it takes a village to raise a child, and appoints Uncle Jonnie to his Parenting Trubunal. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Candy Corn™️: "For people who love sugar, but hate themselves."
Jonnie wants the church to adopt Festivus rules. Then the boys discuss their favorite sodas, and whether CBD oil works. Also, special guest Alyson Holland joins the conversation to talk about the Kennedy Curse and the cult of personality around ultra famous families. Check out her smash hit podcast, “Kennedy Dynasty”, on all platforms. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by I’ll Pray About It ™️: “The way Christians everywhere say ’No’”.
Jonnie has some odd requirements for his hotel room, and almost ruins a middle school volleyball game. John hates small talk, and eats ice cream in bed like a monster. Also, a conversation about crowns in heaven. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Otter Pops™️: “When you want a popsicle, but also want to cut your mouth with sharp plastic."
Jonnie explains his intense phobia of hoodies, and John offers a solution. John’s wife sets her clocks back in different rooms, and Jonnie ruins someone’s business call. Also, a conversation about growing up in the “Just Say No” generation. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Knees™️ : “If you’re over 40, we hurt now. Congratulations."
John becomes an inside restaurant guy and ponders his “platform", while Jonnie visits Nebraska and hatches an invention that will (probably not) change mask-wearing forever. Also, a conversation about the line between stewardship of our gifts and the pride of being “self-made." Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Voting™️🇺🇸: “The candidates are all terrible, but at least you got a sticker, right?"
Jonnie goes to the dentist and gets way too much nitrous oxide, while John counsels his daughter without a license. Also, a conversation about an “Us vs. Them” mentality in church and culture at large. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Red Rover™️: “Injuring Children since 1878"
Jonnie gets furious in an airport, and ponders breaking into the NBA Bubble, while John comes up with the cheesiest Youth Group slogan in history. Plus, a conversation about a recent “prophetic warning” video, and why Christians are fascinated by predictions about the future. Today episode is NOT sponsored by Papa Murphy’s Pizza 🍕™️: “Cook it yourself, loser."
Jonnie takes a trip to Middle Earth 16 years too late, and almost forgets a joke at a TV taping. John ruins Laura’s sleep and pulls a gun on dream burglars. Also, a conversation about rest, and why it’s just as important as work. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Printer Ink ™️🖨 : “You’re probably out, and it’s gonna cost you.”
John talks about the fall of the Roman Empire, white grape juice, and admits he speaks more bluntly on the livestream. Jonnie shares the perfect time limit for a sermon, while lamenting his own short attention span. Also, the boys make an argument that America is currently in a recovery program (whether we know it or not). Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Listerine™️: “Your breath was always this bad. The mask just proved it."
John hates small talk, and desperately want to tell you about his rash, while Jonnie is worried that getting healthy will make him less funny. Then, the boys discuss artists who use their platform to push politics, and why comedy with an agenda is almost always a bad idea. Also, a conversation on vulnerability. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Lucky Charms 🍀™️: “We know you just buy it for the marshmallows, and we’re okay with that."
John can’t stop working even on vacation, which Jonnie finds insufferable. Then they boys discuss what performer they’d risk getting COVID to see live in concert. Also, a listener question about the End of Days. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Seasonal Allergies 🤧 ™️: “Making people stare at you judgmentally since March, 2020."
Jonnie plays a terrifying version of hide-and-seek 🧦, while John plays tag with fireworks 🧨. Then, the boys make biking sermon illustrations 🚲. Also, a conversation about (gulp)…mask mandates 😷. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Tic Tacs™️ : “When you need fresh breath for exactly 3 seconds."
Jonnie has his first comedy club shows in the Age of Corona 😷, John shares some of his recovery journey, and the boys talk about having to “unlearn” some toxic theology from their youth. Also, a conversation about the glorification of anxiety in our culture. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Kudzu 🍃™️: “We’re taking over."
Due to a death in the family, the boys take a week off and go back in time for a Throwback episode. Jonnie witnesses something weird at the Apple store, John talks to his phone with a British accent, and the boys discuss the last two seasons of The Office. Also a conversation on liturgy, and how being present is better than living from event to event.   This episode if NOT sponsored by Faxes: Like an email, but with 100% more garbage.
The boys talk about old cartoons, (over?)protective moms, and the imminent removal of villains and idiots from pop culture. Plus, Listener Questions! Also, a conversation about online debate and the death of expertise. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Your Second Rodeo 🤠™️: “Because this is not your first rodeo."
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Yeah, don't pull a Poddy Break on your 100th episode and vanish without any explanation.

Feb 12th
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