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Author John Driver sits down with comedian Jonnie W. and other friends for funny, personal, and ultimately real life conversations about faith and culture. Interesting guests also occasionally stop by or call in for interviews on the latest happenings.
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Jonnie has his first comedy club shows in the Age of Corona 😷, John shares some of his recovery journey, and the boys talk about having to “unlearn” some toxic theology from their youth. Also, a conversation about the glorification of anxiety in our culture. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Kudzu 🍃™️: “We’re taking over."
Due to a death in the family, the boys take a week off and go back in time for a Throwback episode. Jonnie witnesses something weird at the Apple store, John talks to his phone with a British accent, and the boys discuss the last two seasons of The Office. Also a conversation on liturgy, and how being present is better than living from event to event.   This episode if NOT sponsored by Faxes: Like an email, but with 100% more garbage.
The boys talk about old cartoons, (over?)protective moms, and the imminent removal of villains and idiots from pop culture. Plus, Listener Questions! Also, a conversation about online debate and the death of expertise. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Your Second Rodeo 🤠™️: “Because this is not your first rodeo."
John hotwires his microwave, finds a dead mole in his pool, and corrects Jonnie’s horsey heresy. Then the boys discuss some historical characters in American cuisine. Also, a conversation about the best and worst parts of the creative process. This episode is NOT sponsored by Pretzels ™️🥨: “We’re the worst part of every snack mix you love."
Jonnie ponders end times theology, and plans an awkward water break. Then the boys discuss the “Batman voice” and offer an alternative. Also, a conversation on the importance of having friends with different life experiences. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Fireworks 🧨™️: “Let your stimulus check burn a hole in your pocket."
Jonnie launches a (terrible) lawn care company, and spoils an action movie for John. Meanwhile, the boys blame a popular TV show for irreversible damage to American’s crotches, and question whether mosquitos and carnivores are products of the fall of humankind. Also, a conversation on heaven. Today's episode is NOT sponsored by Saharan Dust Cloud ™️☁️: “Because it’s 2020, that’s why."
The boys discuss their stance on contraband at the movies. John has a conflicted relationship with cold cuts, and Jonnie pitches a (terrible) children’s book. Also, a discussion on deconstruction, jingoism, loyalty to systems, and how the patterns of our childhood follow us into adulthood.  Todays episode is NOT sponsored by Produce 🥦™️: “We know you mean well, but this is going to rot in your fridge."
The boys ponder whether they’d use a tiny tornado shelter, and John gives a stellar bus driver metaphor worthy of a youth sermon. Then Jonnie responds to some listener questions, and gives some advice to young comedians. Also, a conversation on The Confederacy, “The Lost Cause”, and Cancel Culture. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Drive-In Theatres ™️🎥 🍿: “Welcome Back Outside, America."
Jonnie gets back to work telling jokes in front of people 🎤, while John tries his best to keep his daughter from getting a Facebook account. Then the boys welcome in their longtime friend - author and speaker Reggie Dabbs - to talk about his black experience in America, speaking out even when it’s uncomfortable, and how white folks can be allies for change in this important season. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Business Cards™️ : "Here, throw this away."
John realizes no one remembers any of his past messages, and Jonnie wonders if sermons need to rhyme to be good. Also, a conversation about how the show, and our opinions, have evolved over 114 podcasts, and how we expect to be cancelled any minute now. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Butterflies 🦋™️: “Moths with one nice outfit."
Jonnie ponders if he would lose his creative drive if he were super rich, while John withers under cross-examination from a Southern lawyer. Then, the boys chat about their show being “Unrated”. Also, a conversation about Michael Jordan, bad journalism, and being present. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Breakfast 🍳: “The 7th most important meal of the day."
Jonnie invents a new handshake 🤝 for a new era, while John listens for whispers, and tries to hard sell Jonnie on the merits of a national parks documentary 😴. Also, a conversation about hearing God’s voice. This episode is NOT sponsored by Cottage Cheese ™️: “Have we gone bad? Who knows?”
John and Jonnie are back in studio TOGETHER (sort of)! The boys talk about great Moms, Jonnie wonders if a baked potato🥔 is a meal, and John questions his own conspiracy theory acumen 🤓. Then, a discussion on white privilege (from two white guys). Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Coughing In Public™️: “Hold it in if you possibly can."
Jonnie hates “Corona Commercials” and does a dramatic reading of what they actually sound like, while John rides the salty-sweet food roller coaster. Jonnie asks John if it’s tougher to preach on the book of Job in the middle of a national emergency. The boys marvel at a friend’s athletic accomplishment, and wonder if the first marathon was R-Rated. Also a conversation on why the Prosperity Gospel doesn’t ring true. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Broth™️: “Call it what it is... Meat Tea."
John wards off a vicious beast using a surprising method, while Jonnie ponders the legality of a certain bumper sticker. Then the boys discuss the spectrum of attitudes about emerging (too early? too late?) from quarantine, and how we should all treat each other. Today's episode is NOT sponsored by Pants™️👖: “Ready for our comeback.”
Jonnie assesses his market value for prerecorded messages to fans in Cameo, while John has Taco Bell for the first time in ages. Then the boys discuss whether the isolation is making dumb ideas trend on social media. Also a conversation about what occurs when our values clash with the party line of our tribe, and why people are more than one thing. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Hammocks™️: “Are you relaxed, or trapped?”
John’s wife has the wrong idea of what it means to be “low on toilet paper”, while Jonnie discovers the surprising things stores ARE running low on now. Also, a conversation about worry, control, and togetherness in a culture raised to think of ourselves first. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Drapes™️: “We’ve updated our privacy policy.”
Jonnie clears up the real reason behind the toilet paper shortage 🧻, and John cashes in on the crisis with his new book 📖. Then the boys reminisce on the Rapture Panic of 1988. Also, a conversation about saying “I don’t know” when you just don’t know. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Haircuts 💇‍♂️™️: “It’s gonna be awhile. Maybe buy a hat?”
Jonnie breaks out of his quarantine, and immediately regrets it. Meanwhile John has a life hack to keep him safe while jogging, and the boys ponder other jobs Jonnie could do if comedy doesn’t come back for awhile. Also, a conversation about having confidence in God’s plan (and less confidence in our own) during a crisis. Today episode is NOT sponsored by Restaurants 🍽™️: “Bet you never take us for granted again."
The boys have no idea how the internet works, and John ponders why he will never be elected to office. Meanwhile, Jonnie is forced to retire one of his jokes, and also offers several ideas for future virus-themed TV shows. Plus, a conversation about Free Will, Doubt, and Trusting God in a tragedy. Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by End Tables™️ : “We’ve stood beside you the whole time."
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Yeah, don't pull a Poddy Break on your 100th episode and vanish without any explanation.

Feb 12th
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