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How do you become a person of influence? How do you rise to fulfill your potential? How do you become what God has created you to become? Samuel was dedicated as a child, but he had to rise to the moment as a man to fulfill God’s purpose for his life.Support the show
In this episode, we discuss practical tips on waiting to hear from God, how God speaks to us, and what to do when we don't hear an answer and it's time to decide. Last Week's MessageCrystal Beach Campus InformationBeach Baptism Article - Baptist PressSupport the show
Hearing the voice of God is a big deal, but it's also a bit confusing. Does God speak to us the same way today? Do people hear God's voice? Is it audible, like I'm speaking to you? If I don't hear a voice, is something wrong with me? And what about the people who claim God is speaking to them, but they are doing weird stuff or are obviously emotionally troubled?Support the show
People are nervous about tomorrow, but nothing says I believe in tomorrow like having a child. We know that child will likely live beyond us, we hope so, and in so many ways, our children are our future. How do we trust our children to the Lord? How do we trust God with tomorrow?Support the show
In this episode, we discuss the recently leaked Supreme Court draft opinion and the potential of overturning Roe v. Wade. What would that mean for our country and how does it change the pro-life movement?Last Week's MessageNew Life SolutionsSupport the show
There are a great many flawed ideas about heaven, and perhaps the most flawed is that the vast majority of people are sure they are going. Well, we need to know for sure what heaven is like, and we certainly need to know for sure who is going to be there.Support the show (
The book of Revelation is a book for all time, not just the end of time. Its truth informs how we live today and helps us understand the battles that rage in our lives right now. But the book of Revelation is also very definitely a book about the end of time. History is moving toward a climax, and your history, your life, is moving toward a climax. You have a date to meet with God. It’s a frightening thought, but you will meet with God one day and how you think about that and how prepared you are for that determines how you live today, and it will also determine how that meeting goes. Support the show (
The story of Easter is a story of hope, victory, and triumph over evil. Jesus was crucified. Jesus was buried. On Sunday morning, the tomb was empty, and Jesus was seen alive. The world is forever changed. Death is defeated, Jesus is alive, and the Kingdom of God is at hand.But soon enough, Jesus would be gone, and life would go on. It was different, of course; the first followers of Jesus could not “un-see” what they saw, could not “un-hear” what they had heard, but life did go on. Injustice was still here. Pain was still here. War was still here. Death was still here. Easter HAD happened, but then life in some ways continued as before. And in some sense, that is where we find ourselves. We who follow Jesus believe He is alive, BUT…pain, sickness, sorrow, injustice, evil, and death. We want to celebrate today and wear fine clothes, feast with our families, and snap the pictures. We will bask in the truth, and yet just as surely as Sunday follows Friday, Monday follows Sunday.Support the show (
Easter SZN // Ricecast

Easter SZN // Ricecast


In this episode, we discuss the connection between Revelation and Easter, the courage of Jesus throughout the Easter story, and, of course, Tom Brady's return to the Tampa Bay Bucs. Last Week's MessageCalvary Easter ScheduleSupport the show (
The book of Revelation is moving us toward the climax of history even as it is showing us a picture of the realities we face now and have always faced. In Chapters 16-17, the bowls of God’s wrath are poured out on the earth, and the last bowl represents God’s judgment of the world system known as Babylon. In Chapters 17-18, we are given a vision of that system and of the judgment that is coming just as the 7th bowl predicted.Support the show (
As we look at Revelation 15-16, we see of the most terrifying chapters in the book.  This is hard to read.  At first glance this isn’t the week you want to invite a friend to come and hear how Jesus offers you the good life, but if you look closer you will actually see very good news in these terrifying chapters that deal with the wrath of God.Support the show (
There will be pain and suffering. For a time, the people of God and the work of God will seem far weaker than totalitarian political systems. For a time, the faithful adherence to the truth will seem to be losing ground to the deceptions of popular, apostate religious systems. The opinion polls will swing in the wrong direction. The rainbow flags will fly. What's up will seem down, and what's down will seem up, and the most basic observational realities will be called into question. For a time, the False Prophet, the Antichrist, and the Dragon will seem like an unbeatable team. But, as we have seen throughout this book, things are not what they seem. There is more going on than what meets the eye. Behind the veil of what we can see, there is a spiritual battle, but the end is in sight, and the victory is certain. Support the show (
In warfare, armies and generals go to great lengths to anticipate how the enemy will attack. Where will he attack? What weapons will he use? How can we prepare? Countries use sophisticated espionage to crack codes, infiltrate security, and surveil the adversary, all in the hopes of getting inside information that can help prepare for the battle ahead and secure victory. In Revelation 13, we have a vision about how the enemy plans to attack and how he intends to make war against the followers of Jesus. In Chapter 13, we unlock the enemies' secret codes so that we can prepare for the battle and win the victory.Support the show (
There is a great spiritual battle that is taking place, and the battlefield is the earth where we live. There is a war that is raging, and it truly is the war that will end all wars.Support the show (
In this episode, we talk about Pastor Willy's forthcoming nomination as the President of the Southern Baptist Convention. How did this all come together? What does it mean for his role at Calvary? What challenges face the next SBC president?Reading for this week's message - Revelation 12Give to Support UkraineLast Week's MessageFor more on Pastor Willy's forthcoming SBC NominationSupport the show (
Why does the future matter? Why does it matter knowing how it will all end? How does it affect how I will live today? Knowing that the world is yet again poised on the edge of war, with the specter of nuclear weapons once again coming to the forefront, people are once again asking important questions about the future. Will we live in crippling anxiety, or is there a truth that can steady us in these uncertain times?Support the show (
In this episode, we reflect on the situation in Ukraine, talk about ways that we can help and, more importantly, ways that we can pray. Last Week's SermonScripture for this coming Sunday - Revelation 10-11Send ReliefSupport the show (
As we come to Revelation 8-9, the dark clouds on the horizon grow darker. It is difficult to even read through these chapters, more difficult to preach them, and more difficult still to contemplate their occurrence. We were introduced to a scroll in Revelation 4-5 that seems to represent the purposes and plans of God. That scroll is taken by the Lamb, Jesus, the only one worthy to open the scrolls. The scroll was sealed with 7 seals, and the first 6 were opened in Chapter 6. These seals were troubles on the earth as human conflicts, wars, famine, and death swept across the pages of human history. The 5th seal was the awful reality of believers martyred because of the word of God and the testimony they had given. The 6th seal was a variety of natural catastrophes as if creation itself was coming apart. After the interlude of Chapter 7, the vision comes back to the last seal, the 7th seal. The 7th seal introduces a new group of “7’s”, 7 trumpets, and these trumpets announce an escalation in the great convulsion of good versus evil.Support the show (
The Bible warns us of a time of trouble that will come. This should not surprise us. Jesus warned that in the world, we would have trouble. Nowhere, either in the Scripture or in the long history of Christian theology, is there a promise that God will remove us from all trouble, but there is a promise that He will deliver us through and ultimately to a victory on the other side.Support the show (
The only rational response to someone who understands the greatness of God's power and the goodness of God's love is to respond with awe and thanksgiving. Worship is the reality of eternity slicing into time and space, if only for a moment.Support the show (
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