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Author: Dan Sixsmith

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Sales reps are facing a crossroads. The Digital Economy has empowered buyers and forced sales reps to change the way they sell. The choice is simple: evolve and thrive or cling to the past and struggle. This podcast delivers the high impact content that sales execs need to crush it in 2019 and beyond. Support this podcast:
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Episode 109: Pressure!

Episode 109: Pressure!


It comes with the job. And it is always staring you in the face.  Dan discusses the every day pressures of being in sales and in business and how to turn that pressure into fuel for success! ⛽️ --- Support this podcast:
Take a ride with Dan on a 20 minute riff on what it takes to completely transform your sales game. From the heart and unscripted as always, Dan walks you through the key ingredients of a successful sales rep transformation program. Learn what the Elite Sellers are doing to keep the checks cashing. Hear the latest research on buyer preferences and the steps you need to take to stand out from the crowd of uneducated and unsophisticated sales reps.  --- Support this podcast:
Episode 107: Kobe Bryant

Episode 107: Kobe Bryant


Dan discusses his thoughts on the unspeakable and tragic death of Kobe Bryant. --- Support this podcast:
Research shows that more intense and shorter bursts of physical activity are more powerful than the long arduous workouts and similarly in Sales today, are you able to benefit more from fast targeted bursts of super- engaged activity? Dan returns to the studio to discuss the benefits of "Sprint Selling", capitalizing on peak segments of the day to register more efficient activity and driving your sales up! In addition, Dan discusses the most overlooked method of adding to your numbers. You'll be surprised!  Tune in for a quick hitting episode.  --- Support this podcast:
There are 5 Actions you MUST take to WIN in 2020. Dan is back from the road to tell you what's in store for SALES in 2020. --- Support this podcast:
It happens to even the elite sellers. A slump. A lull. You are pressing, antsy, frustrated, angry, concerned...need we go on? Here is a 5 step plan guaranteed to get you back in the WIN column and FAST! 💲✍️ Do not miss this episode 🤟 --- Support this podcast:
Sheevaun Thatcher returns to the podcast for another engaging interview! We discuss the foundational elements of RingCentral's(one of the hottest tech companies and leader in the Unified Communication space) success as an organization, specifically around enabling sellers to maximize their effectiveness. In addition, Sheevaun gives us a preview as to what the future may hold for selling success moving into 2020 and beyond. Don't miss this one! --- Support this podcast:
How do you find great Sales Talent? In this episode, we talk about why it is so difficult to find and hire elite sellers and what the successful companies are doing to identify and predict the future success of potential new hires. For more compelling stats and information, see the following White Paper: --- Support this podcast:
The main reason why Sales has failed to close deals the past 7 years in a row? They didn't show the prospects the money. The inability to effectively sell value is the main thing holding you back from crushing quota, make a ton of cash and turning losses and stalls into green. Tom Pisello wrote the book on selling value. In fact, he's written two: The Frugalnomics Survival Guide and his most recent best seller, Evolved Selling. Tom draws from his wealth of knowledge and experience working with hundreds of companies and thousands of sales teams to tell us how we can leverage value selling to change the face of our Sales game! Don't miss this one 🎙 --- Support this podcast:
Buyer confidence is cited as the #1 issue facing sales reps in B2B deals(new Gartner report) But it is not what you think. It is not the Buyer's confidence in the sales rep, but it is the buyer's confidence in themselves! Confidence to make the right decision. Buyer enablement and the sales rep's ability to help the Buyer navigate through the massive amounts of information that they are wrestling with is paramount to sales success. Dan details 5 steps to successfully engage with Buyers and show them the most prudent way to tackle the decision making process. Garter article: --- Support this podcast:
Growth Guru, Data Monetization Expert, Serial Entrepreneur, and now Investment Banker, Kristin Luck returns to the Sales Is King Spotlight to discuss the NEW RULES FOR SUCCESS in business today. Do not miss this conversation! --- Support this podcast:
Relationships used to be all you needed in Sales. Today, with dramatically reduced attention spans, complicated buying decisions, executives doing more selling and buying, and buyers placing a diminished value on Sales Reps- the dynamics of relationships are changing. Dan explores this and discusses what you need to succeed in this increasingly transactional digital economy. --- Support this podcast:
Do you feel guilty taking vacation from your job? Is the Hustle mentality detrimental to your health and wellness? Does it have a negative impact on your personal and family life? Does your company really care about your 'work-life' balance? If these questions interest you, tune into our interview with Carlos Hidalgo, who personally has felt the sting of the Hustle Culture. He almost lost his family in the process of 'hustling'  at all costs. His new book, The UnAmerican Dream, describes the rollercoaster ride that Carlos experienced and the story of how we jammed on the brakes and changed his life. It also provides a blueprint for putting some sanity back in your life! --- Support this podcast:
74% of Sales Managers are poor communicators? What? Yes, a MHI study confirms our worst fears about sales leaders. Dan details some of the other critical issues plaguing sales leaders today and what needs to be done about it and FAST 🤔 --- Support this podcast:
[New Interview] Empathy expert, Dr. Helen Riess joins Dan in the Sales Is King Spotlight to discuss her outstanding book, The Empathy Effect.  We have spoken so frequently about the importance of Empathy not only in sales and in business but in Life.  Being able to establish deeper connections with your customers, your co-workers, your direct reports, your family and friends is paramount to feeling satisfied in your day to day activities.  In business, buyers can see through the people who only cares about themselves. The people who show a genuine interest in their friend, prospect, or customer are succeeding in connecting and differentiating. But can Empathy be learned? Or is it just part of our DNA? You better believe you can learn how to be more empathetic and Dr. Reiss explains how in this high impact episode. Too many folks have only a surface level understanding of empathy. In this interview, we get deep into what empathy really means, how you can improve your ability to be more empathetic and why it is becoming so important in the workplace today. Visit Dr. Reiss' organization here if you want to train and coach your team to be more empathetic: Do it 👊   --- Support this podcast:
Episode 94: Enough Already!

Episode 94: Enough Already!


Sales is being disrupted. There, I said it. What are you doing to evolve your sales game? Dan reviews the latest evidence that the chasm between the Haves and Have Nots in Sales is growing. The Elite Sellers are kicking the piss out of everyone else in the following areas: Trustworthiness Timeline of the deliverable(s) Referrals Expertise Credibility Personality Understanding Buyer needs Fit Price Chemistry Ease of working with Capabilities Your comfort level Reputation Proximity Flexibility Enough Already! It is GO TIME! --- Support this podcast:
If you find yourself slugging it out with the competition, here are 5 powerful steps to win the deal. 1. Engage in effective discovery- around strategic objectives and business priorities 2. Us!  How do we deliver a different experience?   3. Show them the money!  Can you show the ROI?   4. Get deeper into the decision making process!   5. Talk about the post-sale experience.   Take a listen and share your thoughts.  What would you add? --- Support this podcast:
I cannot believe it took 92 episodes to get down in the mud and talk cold calling. And we do it a big solid in this high energy episode.  Everything you need to succeed is here. Give a listen NOW --- Support this podcast:
Take out your competitors early and often. Waiting for a prospect to bring up your competition is a misstep. Proactively address your competition, expose their weaknesses and highlight your strengths. Do this early in the process. Dan walks through a couple of recent examples from his sales conversations. Beat their *sses today!!🥊 --- Support this podcast:
Self belief is a foundational component of Sales Excellence, but how do you create and maintain this bedrock confidence through the ups and downs of the deal battlegrounds? Dan discusses the power of visualization as a way to drive certainty and then how to leverage that certainty in every aspect of your business and sales life. DO IT 👊 Please subscribe :) and share with your friends and colleagues if this podcast delivers value for you. Peace ✌️ --- Support this podcast:
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