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Author: Shane L. Waters, Nicholas De Neff

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Hometown History shares little known history from America's hometowns.
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Nicknamed the Witch of Wall Street, Hetty Green was an American businesswoman and financier known as the richest woman in America during the late 19th century. She was known for her wealth and was named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the "greatest miser," which meant that even when being incredibly rich, she was a renowned cheapskate. Interview featuring author Charles Slack, his book on Hetty Green can be found at Get key nutrients - without the B.S. ... Get 10% off during your first 3 months at
The 4th person we are highlighting in our misfits series is Diogenes the Cynic, known more commonly as Diogenes. He was born in Sinope (modern day Turkey) around 404BC (or 412BC, its not exactly clear) and died at Corinth in 323 BC. Diogenes was a very controversial figure - let us tell you why.Visit us online at itshometownhistory.comEpisode Sponsors:Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play!Support the show by becoming a Patreon, check out the perks!
Born in 1889, George Dibbern was an author, adventurer, and sailor-philosopher. He was a free thinker, self-declared citizen of the world and is our 3rd Misfits in our series.Visit us online at itshometownhistory.comEpisode Sponsors:Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play!Get 10% your Ritual Multivitamin at the show by becoming a Patreon, check out the perks!
Tarrare was born in 1772 in rural France. He was born hungry, and seemingly that hunger never went away. This 2nd episode in our Misfits series is focused on one of history's most fascinating people - a man noted for his unusual eating habits. Episode - 20% off sitewide with promo code "HOME20" Support us at us online at itshometownhistory.comCheck out Shane's other podcast - Foul Play
Introducing Part 1 of our Misfits mini-series.  Joshua Norton proclaimed himself "Norton I, Emperor of the United States" in 1859 from his home in San Francisco, California. If you've never heard of the only US Emperor, let us explain why in this episode. *Note: The anti-“Frisco” proclamation to Emperor Norton is unproven and disputedLearn about The Emperor Norton TrustEpisode - 20% off sitewide with promo code "HOME20" Support us at us online at itshometownhistory.comCheck out Shane's other podcast - Foul Play We made this top 40 list of history podcasts!
Belle Isle is a 982-acre island park located immediately east of Detroit, Michigan, in the Detroit River. Connected to Detroit by the MacArthur Bridge, Belle Isle is the larked city-owned island park in the United States. Episode - 20% off sitewide with promo code "HOME20" - $75 credit to boost your job post!Support us at us online at itshometownhistory.comCheck out Shane's other podcast - Foul Play We made this top 40 list of history podcasts!
North and South Manitou Island can be found around 14 miles northwest of the Michigan mainland in Lake Michigan. The islands are very rich in history and are part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Episode Sponsors:50% off your first order at enter code 'Hometown50'Use code HOME20 for 20% off sitewide +free shipping ($50+) at Swanson.comVisit us at itshometownhistory.comSupport the show at
Mackinac Island is a 4.35 square mile island located in Lake Huron between Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsulas. Based on a former trading post, Fort Mackinac was constructed on the island by the British during the American Revolutionary War. It was the site of two battles during the War of 1812 before the US gained the island into its territory. Visit us at itshometownhistory.comSupport the show at
The Fox Islands consist of the North Fox and South Fox islands, in Lake Michigan. North Fox Island was once home to a pornography mill, the details are darker than you can imagine. This episode is narrated by Nina Innsted of the Already Gone podcast.Visit us online at
High Island is an island in Lake Michigan and is part of the Beaver Island archipelago. It was the home of a timber-cutting and truck farm operation from 1912-1927 ran by the House of David. And... it is presumably still filled with many unmarked graves. They were never marked - these people were buried without ceremony, and in dishonor, for the humiliating and repeatable crime of...wait for it... dying. Visit us online at itshometownhistory.comSupport our show at
Every king in American history has been assassinated in the harbor of St. James, Michigan. And also born in the tiny town of Scipio, New York. And married to five women. And every king has owned a personal cannon and received a revelation from God. This episode is about the only king in American history: Jesse Strang - King of Beaver Island, Michigan.Visit us at itshometownhistory.comSupport the show at
As a special Halloween podcast, we created a short true story for you to listen to! Enjoy! This special episode is titled "Murdered in the Well"Episode 20% off plus free shipping with promo code "HOMETOWN"Swanson Health ( 20% off plus free shipping over $50 with promo code "HOME20"
In the back of the sleepy old Evergreen Memorial Cemetery in Bloomington, Illinois, sits a tiny 122-year-old unremarkable stone. Buried here, nestled between two old bushes, rests a young 5 month-old little girl whose name is forever memorialized in one of the best-known stories in American Literature - The Wonderful Wizard of OZ.A video was created of the making of this episode, you can watch it here:
"From the towering dome of the Courthouse at 8 p.m. on March 31, 1880, burst a flood of lights that made world history. Wabash had a population of 320. Over 10,000 people witnessed the event. For a mile around, houses and yards were distinctly visible, while far away the Wabash River glowed like a band of molten silver."....Charles F. Brush, Cleveland, Ohio, had been experimenting with a new electric arc light, known as the "Brush Light", with the hope of a public test in some city in order to prove it worked to light a city at night. The Wabash City Council agreed with Mr. Brush to make a test of his light in Wabash.Four "Brush Lights" were placed on top of the Wabash County Court House and turned on. On March 31, 1880, Wabash became the "First Electrically Lighted City in the World."
Join us on this pilot episode as you hear from a historian from the Wabash County Historical Museum in Wabash, Indiana. While we were recording the original episode (which you will hear on the next episode) the historian told us the story of why the bones of a serial killer were in two boxes in the museum's basement. More information about the Wabash County Historical Museum can be found on their website at 
James Dean & Jim Davis

James Dean & Jim Davis


In an area 90 minutes northeast of Indianapolis rests a small town named Fairmount. At first glance, it may seem like any old sleepy small town off the beaten path - but while driving through the town of less than 3,000 one might just be surprised by two larger-than-life people who called this very place home.Working with the President of Fairmount Historical Museum, Cole Reeves, we discuss the life and death of movie icon James Dean. In addition to all of the items in the museum on James Dean, there is also a room devoted to the legendary American Cartoonist Jim Davis. Best known as the creator of Garfield, Jim Davis also calls Fairmount, Indiana his home. Visit the Fairmount Historical Museum at their website The museum is located at 203 E Washington St. in Fairmount, Indiana. They are a volunteer organization so if you would like to find a way to become involved please contact them! 
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