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Author: Mat Koenig & Chris Speer

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This podcast is focused on helping people build the quality of life that they deserve. You’ll hear episodes on motivation, leadership, self-confidence, how to communicate better and how to Love and serve others and learn some marketing stuff too. Best of all it's raw, real and unfiltered. Learn more at Also connect with the host, Mat on Support this podcast:
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You've heard people say "the customer is always right" but are they? Sean Welsh believes that customer service should be priority #1 and we are excited to interview him and learn more about how this strategy can be a way of life instead of just a snazzy saying. Sean will be digging deeper into this topic during his Keynote at the upcoming Rockstar Un-Conference Event May 13-14, 2019 In Las Vegas!Get a ticket to meet Sean Live at https://www.rockstarinfo.comSean Welsh is the CEO and co-founder of Car Biz Done Better, a vendor agnostic, dealer advocate whose sole purpose is to work with dealers to understand what is working in their digital marketing to avoid waste and overspending. For the last 20 years he has spent his waking life honing and refining digital skills. Sean speaks two languages: Sales and Digital. His introduction to the industry coincided with the rise of the Internet sale in the late 90’s, and since then Sean has worked through every level of the industry from Salesperson to Manager to Internet Director, Private Digital Consultant, Consultant for a major OEM and finally Owner and Operator of Car Biz Done Better. Sean is uniquely qualified to act as a digital resource, advocate and partner for his clients. The only goal is to provide clients with the confidence to make informed decisions about their digital marketing in this world of digital uncertainty and big data. And now he wants to work with you so you can do the same for your clients.--- Support this podcast:
Why is a winning culture so important for success at your Dealership? That's exactly what we'll discuss with Sean Kelley in this Rockstar Moments Live Interview. We'll also learn why this became the topic of choice for his Keynote at the upcoming Rockstar Un-Conference Event May 13-14, 2019 In Las Vegas!Get a ticket to meet Sean Live at https://www.rockstarinfo.comPrior to entering the car business, Sean believed leadership was the key to ensure his Special Operations team would survive two combat zone deployments. Sean Kelley #TheCarBizCoach has since applied those same leadership principals to automotive management, and successfully lead dealers for a decade: lowering turnover, increasing profit, customer retention, satisfaction, and setting first-time regional records. Sean’s passion for coaching and people development led him to be Chief Business Development Officer of DriveCentric CRM where he helped them double their annual revenue. Now, as CEO of Car Motivators and President of Next Sale App in the state of Missouri, Sean and is coaches work with dozens of dealer groups, and hundreds of sales managers across the country to achieve great results through their people and technology. Sean was ranked 10 in the top 100 sales coaches to watch by Ambition. In addition, voted Sean top sales and leadership consultant of 2018. These awards are a result of creating winning cultures at car dealers across the country with his unique self-developed approach to coaching and people development, D.R.I.V.E.C3™. Sean believes adding value to others is the reason he has elevated into the top 5% of coaches, in the world.--- Support this podcast:
We're going ALL IN with our good friend Anthony Santangelo to talk about his passion for helping people get started in the auto industry plus we'll get a sneak peek at his keynote for the upcoming Rockstar Un-Conference Event May 13-14, 2019 In Las Vegas!Get a ticket to meet Anthony Live at https://www.rockstarinfo.comAnthony Santangelo has been in the car business since 1997. He sold 3,486 cars in his career and was ranked in the top 1% in the country for CSI from 2012-2016. He is currently a National Sales Recruiter and Trainer for AutoMax Recruiting and Training and is one of the Authors of 10X Mindset Habits. His passion, integrity and work ethic are second to none; which shows in his goal of positively effecting everyone he interacts with in becoming a better person.Anthony is committed to follow his life cycle everyday which consists of learning, developing, growing and teaching. This applies not only to the car business but in his personal life as well.In his free time, Anthony is an avid sports fan and semi-professional poker player’.--- Support this podcast:
We're going to get personal with the Branding Expert Katie Mares to learn who she is, why she ROCKS, and get a sneak peek into what she will be sharing at the upcoming Rockstar UnConference in Las Vegas!Katie knows the challenges organizations encounter as they strive to design a customer service program that is sustainable and has an impact in the marketplace. She also knows that developing a program is one small step to success, it is the tools and implementation plan that makes a program take flight.Using her experiences as a CEO, building company infrastructure and designing customer experience programs, Katie is now a leading voice inspiring positive, actionable change in the dealerships and organizations and women she partners with. Katie has earned her Master’s in Adult Training and Development and is a Certified Training & Development Professional.--- Support this podcast:
Something on facebook the other day really opened my eyes to the absurdity of how we interact with people in businesses so today's rant is all about your F*cking Feelings and how they're killing your business.If you want to create a great culture in your organization while increasing sales and profit exponentially visit Support this podcast:
What business does an every day marketing guy have talking about a Dr. revealing secrets to hair loss? This episode will tell you everything you need to know. --- Support this podcast:
What if you were being held hostage by your supplier and forced to use tools that not only failed you, they failed your consumers too! This happens every day in Automotive Dealerships and in this episode Mat is sitting down with Christian Jorn, the President of Remora, to help people learn how to spot this horrible practice and what you can do about it. --- Support this podcast:
It's here again, month end [just like every month, every year] and go figure...salespeople are all posting about trying to hit their goals. What if this madness could come to an end AND you could make more money?--- Support this podcast:
Your intentions don't matter if you're helping someone. That's what we're talking about in this show.Join us at an upcoming Rockstar Event Support this podcast:
There are memes everywhere about the "Hustle" and some of the biggest names in business say you need to be a "Hustler" but did you know your brain is wired to win? It will turn you into what it believes to be true and in this episode Mat shares why you may not want to identify as a "hustler" after today.----------Rockstar Events exist to help you improve your quality of life so that you can grow your business by learning to communicate more effectively. No matter where you're at business or life, you're just one moment away from a breakthrough.Come with an open mind and a positive attitude. We will provide you with powerful content and expert guidance. When your willingness to grow is combined with rockstar information it will give your life new meaning.A ROCKSTAR IS A NEW BREED OF SALES AND LEADERSHIP PROFESSIONALS. SMARTER, FASTER, DRIVEN.ROCKSTARS WAGE WAR AGAINST OLD SCHOOL THINKING AND OUTDATED TACTICS...AND WIN.ROCKSTARS TAKE RADICAL ACTION.“SERVING” IS THEIR MIDDLE NAME.ROCKSTARS NEVER COMPROMISE THEIR INTEGRITY FOR A DEAL, BECAUSE INTEGRITY IS THEIR DEAL.ROCKSTARS NEVER ASK FOR PERMISSION TO DO THE RIGHT THINGBECAUSE DOING THE RIGHT THING, IS THE ONLY WAY TO DO THINGS. ROCKSTARS CREATE VALUE AND PUT HONESTY BEFORE SOCIAL APPROVAL.IF YOU ASK THE OLD SCHOOL INDUSTRY FOLKS, THEY’LL TELL YOU WE’RE DOING CRAZY THINGS. YET PEOPLE JOIN THIS MOVEMENT EVERY SINGLE DAY.ROCKSTARS - BELIEVE PEOPLE DESERVE THEIR BEST - CREATE THEIR OWN DESTINY - SERVE THE NEEDS OF OTHERS - VALUE INTEGRITY OVER STATUSWE ARE ROCKSTARS...AND WE WILL LEAD THE CHANGE Support this podcast:
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