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Weekly sermons from Carolina Family Church. We follow Jesus, build families, and serve our community.
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A lot of people get turned off by the financial pressure churches put on them. Is this what God wants? Are Christians commanded to “pay their tithe” to the church? Is this what the Bible says? As we look deeper into this idea, you may be surprised at what we discover.
Shouldn’t God protect us if we are doing things for Him? That certainly stands to reason. But when we look at how He deals with people in the Bible it becomes clear that isn’t always the case. In this message, we will look at the story of Job to understand how we should think about God’s protection.
Sickness is all around us. Particularly now in the middle of a global pandemic, we are probably all asking the question, “where is God in all of this?” What is His role and responsibility in healing? How does that work? In this message, we will look at the idea of God, the Great Physician.
It seems like a great thing to do, right? Speak the truth in love. Unfortunately, that often goes wrong and gets used as a justification for judgmentalism. Is that what the Bible is talking about when we read those words, or is there something even better to understand from this verse? We answer that question in this message.
Let’s face it, Christians have a nasty reputation for being judgemental. In response, it has become common for Christians who do not want to embody that attitude to say, “It’s not my place to judge.” But is that true? What does Jesus have to say about it? In this message, we will talk about the role of the Christian in making judgments about sin and how to approach it in a Christ-like way.
Maybe you’ve heard before that money is the root of all evil. Is that true? Is money an evil force looking to create chaos in our lives? How should we think about money and how it affects us. In this message, we will talk about the passage that phrase is taken from so we can understand how God wants us to deal with wealth.
As we celebrate the birth of our nation, it’s more important than ever for Christians to understand how to think about our society. In this message, we talk about the common phrase “America Needs To Turn Back To God” and a typical verse that accompanies it. Is this the solution that will fix the issues in our nation?
Some who grew up in church may remember an older member yelling, “Don’t run in God’s house!” But is the church building really God’s house? Is that true? In this message, we discuss God’s presence, how He is with us, and how we should think about His “house”.
Christians say that children are a blessing from the Lord, but frankly, it doesn’t always feel that way! On this Father’s Day, we look at whether the Bible says that, and if so, how are we supposed to think about this blessing.
Does God really have a plan for your life? Sometimes this idea is very confusing because if He does, we surely don’t want to miss it! In this message, we will talk about whether or not that statement is true. And if it is, how do we stay on track with that plan?
Does Jesus actually love the little children, all the children of the world? Red? Yellow? Black? White? Are they precious in His sight? In times of great racial tension, it is important for the church to answer this question.
Does the Bible say that God will never give us more than we can handle? Is that true? False? True-ish? That idea is based on a verse that Paul wrote to the Corinthian church. Is that what he meant to communicate? In this message, we will find out!
Does everything really happen for a reason? Is that true? Is God working a plan and causing everything to happen as He wills? Or is there something else going on? In this message, we look at whether that statement is true, false, or true-ish.
Recognizing The Truth

Recognizing The Truth


The world is full of information and opinions. With so much access to ideas, it can become very confusing what is true and what is not. In this message, we will set the stage for our new teaching series by talking about how we can filter through the noise and figure out how to accept and communicate what is actually true and helpful.
The Light of the Fire

The Light of the Fire


Understanding the firepit effect should help us to see ourselves differently, but just as important is learning to see others differently. When we view them in the light of the same fire we view ourselves in, it alters both the way we view their struggles and how we help. In this message, we will talk about how to support each other properly in a way that brings life!
If salvation is by faith in Jesus, and not by keeping the rules, then is it possible that we could live however we want without any consequences? How are we supposed to know how to live if there isn’t a rulebook? These are big practical questions that Paul addresses for us as we continue to study his letter to the Galatian churches.
Everyone is Welcome

Everyone is Welcome


What do we do about people we don’t think deserve salvation? We are surrounded by people who are different than us in almost every way. However, we all have one thing in common… we can come to the firepit of faith regardless of our past or present. In this message, we will learn from Paul as he drives this point home.
The Fire in the Middle

The Fire in the Middle


There’s nothing quite like sitting around a firepit with good friends. Something special happens there that makes us feel united and fulfilled. In the church, we have the same dynamic, we call it “fellowship”. In this study of Galatians, we uncover the principles that make this fellowship work.
Jesus is our Restorer

Jesus is our Restorer


Part of our week-long web series teaching through John.
Jesus is Alive

Jesus is Alive


You can have life, real life, eternal life. It’s right at your fingertips and Jesus proved He can offer it. Though He was dead, He lives. His resurrection is proof positive that He can deliver on what He promises. He’s alive!
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