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Author: Connecticut Association of Schools

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Linking Leaders PodCASt features candid conversations with top educational leaders who come together to share experiences and explore pathways to success. In each episode, we engage with dynamic leaders to uncover real-life stories, practical strategies and bold insights on timely and relevant topics. Listen up to link up and let us help you expand your network of innovation and support!

9 Episodes
Ever wondered what it takes to be a school leader who truly connects with students and staff? Join us as we chat with Jarrid Clifton, the newly crowned 2024 CAS Middle Level Assistant Principal of the Year. Jarrid, the associate principal of Timothy Edwards Middle School in South Windsor, shares his distinct approach to leadership—one that centers around listening, valuing feedback, and building strong relationships. You'll hear how his commitment to being visible and accessible has earned hi...
In Episode 8 of the Linking Leaders PodCASt, host Dr. Alicia Bowman chats with Dr. Lisa Romano, principal of Maple Hill Elementary School and winner of the 2023 William Cieslukowski Outstanding First-Year Elementary Principal Award. Discover the hallmarks of Dr. Romano's leadership success, which include maintaining a positive narrative, valuing each individual's contribution, and celebrating every victory, regardless how small or large. Join us as we glean actionable insights that will ...
Join me, Dr. Alicia Bowman, as we chat with Paul Lucke, assistant principal of Seymour High School and the 2024 Connecticut Association of Schools High School Assistant Principal of the Year. Our enlightening conversation takes us from the halls of Seymour HS to the broader landscape of educational innovation. Paul shares his methods for self-improvement and staying ahead of educational trends to create a blueprint for building the leaders of tomorrow.Drawing on the influential works of Angel...
In Episode 6 of the Linking Leaders PodCASt, host Dr. Alicia Bowman chats with Nicole Vibert, assistant principal of West Woods Upper Elementary School in Farmington and 2024 Elementary School Assistant Principal of the Year. Listen up as Nicole shares insights on trust-building, student engagement, and the delicate art of juggling work and family. She also explores the complexities of the role of the school leader while highlighting the joy and fulfillment that comes from shaping...
In Episode 5 of the Linking Leaders PodCASt, we chat with Dr. Keshia Smith-Davis, principal of Great Plain Elementary School in Danbury and 2023 Connecticut Elementary School Principal of the Year. Listen up as Dr. Smith-Davis talks about how flexibility, transparency, and a commitment to continuous growth have helped drive her success.
Listen up as we chat with CT's 2023 High School Assistant Principal of the Year, Dr. Carolyn Gbunblee. Associate principal of Valley Regional High School in Deep River for the past seven years, Carolyn shares invaluable insights on maintaining equanimity, fostering kindness, and finding joy in the work.
Ever wonder what makes a truly transformative leader? Meet Rachael Caggiano, winner of the 2023 CAS Middle School Principal of the Year Award, whose unique journey into the world of educational leadership is a story of dedication, open-heartedness, and a bold commitment to inclusivity. Listen to Rachael unravel her journey from being a special education teacher to becoming the principal of Derby Middle School. She gives us a rare peek into her leadership philosophy - a blend of nurturing stud...
Ever wonder what it takes to be an effective leader? Kristen St. Germain, the principal of Wheeler Middle/High School in North Stonington, CT, offers invaluable insights on our latest Linking Leaders podcast. Kristen believes patience, understanding, visibility, and a positive mindset are the hallmarks of effective leadership. She shares her unique growth strategies, emphasizing the importance of self-care for educators and the value of creating student-centered classrooms.