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Author: Maiko Schaffrath

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Impact Hustlers features entrepreneurs and changemakers solving the world's biggest problems and creating massive social impact. Hosted by Maiko Schaffrath this podcast shares the stories of those who connect impact with profit and build businesses and solutions that solve problems such as climate change and poverty. Learn how entrepreneurship can be the solution to the world's biggest environmental and social problems.Learn more:
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Dawn Lippert is the Founder & CEO of Elemental Excelerator, an initiative supporting ClimateTech startups. Elemental is currently open for applications, you can find out more on their website: the show (
Tom Jam Pedersen is the co-founder of Copenhagen Atomics, a company in Denmark that uses thorium to burn out actinides from spent nuclear fuel in order to convert long-lived radioactive waste into short-lived radioactive waste, while producing large amounts of energy.Useful links:Copenhagen Atomics : Jam Pedersen : the show (
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Ali Albazaz is the Founder & CEO of Inkitt, a platform that is on a mission to democratize the publishing industry. Learn more about Inkitt: the show (
Chris Peng is the Co-founder PhysioQ and has created a platform to help run decentralised scientific studies using the power of wearables and software. PhysioQ has focussed heavily on the Covid-19 pandemic, working with 20,000+ families to help track the most common Covid-19 symptoms. mLearn more about PhysioQ here: more about Kiipo here: Labfront software mentioned in the podcast: about Kiipo's work in Ethiopia: Support the show (
Vanessa Martins Lopes is the co-founder of The Wild Curl, a naturally curly hair care companyHighlights:The trouble for naturally curly hair that has no product for them.Straight hair is the good hair that was set by social media and society - the misconception of great hair.The Wild Curl aims to let everyone know to be confident with their hair.Dryer hair by nature, mostly difficult to manage as it is mostly tangled, different hair structures require different hair products - there is no one hair product for all hair types.Seeing customers happy with their beautiful hair after using their product makes Vanessa and her fiance feel very proud.Vanessa and her fiance are looking forward to expanding their business through crowdfunding, so their customers, friends and family, or sponsorships could invest and be part of their business.Big hair products companies in the past do not consider more products for afro hair people but have changed recently, however people do think that the companies should do this sooner.It is never a good time to start, it's always a bad time to start, it can be your excuse, but it is always like this, it is either full in or you never gonna do it.Talk about your company as much as possible, to strangers, to friends - you might be surprised with the advice you get from the investors.To grow the business, we must have a proper scale, as a founder there are tasks that we have to do and not queuing up in the post office.Funds will be mostly used in product development, their next step is to launch three conditioners next year.Useful Links:The Wild Curl : Wild Curl Crowdfunding campaign: Vanessa Martins Lopes : Support the show ( up for our weekly updates Receive our weekly newsletter sharing best-practices & tips from the best impact entrepreneurs
Welcome to Impact Hustlers, the podcast featuring the entrepreneurs & changemakers solving the world's biggest problems. Make sure to subscribe & sign up to our newsletter on www.impacthustlers.comSupport the show (
Sacha Dench, famously known as “the human swan,” is the founder and CEO of Conservation Without Borders, a charity focused on solving problems related to migratory species and sharing it with the world through compelling stories.  Today, she shares her advice on how to take action and raise awareness on climate change through storytelling.  Her career initially began as a marine turtle geneticist, but she found herself drawn to issues of waste management and fish deaths, which eventually led to her interest in conservation. Sacha is known for flying 7,000 kilometers with the Bewick’s swans across 11 countries on a paramotor from the Russian Arctic to the UK in 2016. Sacha’s next adventure is the  Round Britain Climate Challenge, wherein she will travel 5,000 kilometers along the coast of Britain on a battery-powered paramotor fueled by renewable energy. Sacha’s key lessons and quotes from this episode were:●      “I had the attitude from the start that if there were problems, fix them, as opposed to going, "Oh my God, there's a problem. Isn't this awful?"” (07:23)●      “There was only so far you could go with the science. When it came to then trying to fix the problem, you quite often needed to find ways of convincing people.” (8:55)●      “There's a lot of power in the stories.” (9:14)●      "Where are the compelling stories that can cause change?" (11:06)●      “From the air, you see the world in a different way.” (16:31)●      “Climate is the overriding factor in all of this, and if I can help us to get onto a different track on that front, then that should definitely be my mission." (23:18) ●      “You could look at a situation like that and it could break you, or you could look at it and go, "I still don't think it's too late”." (25:51)●      “Looking at the world through the eyes of migratory species is a really powerful tool. It gives a story that people want to engage with, but the overview effect of looking at the world from above, I think, is really important for people.” (33:48)●      “Each of these expeditions, we can make them something that people from around the world, not just those along the route, will follow and will be inspired by.” (36:03)In this episode, we also talked about:●      Meaningful storytelling (9:32)●      Marine life issues in Australia (9:49)●      Combining science and storytelling (11:12)●      Resilience and overcoming one’s fears (11:48)●      Benefits of paramotors (18:53)●      Effects on climate change in the Arctic region (21:35)●      Impact of climate change and weather conditions on migratory species and how they have to constantly adapt to different environments and habitats (22:29)●      Seeing the bigger picture (literally from above) (34:17)Support Sacha's mission on Crowdfunder: up to our weekly impact Support the show ( up for our weekly updates Receive our weekly newsletter sharing best-practices & tips from the best impact entrepreneurs
Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren is the co-founder of Karma, an exciting app that helps businesses sell surplus food at a 50% discount. At Karma they believe that all food should be eaten, and it is their goal to eliminate food waste by allowing people to enjoy delicious food at a very low price.Highlights:Learning from customer requirements to adapt and fine-tune the direction of KarmaTackling commercial food waste by eliminating the hassle and doing the work for themKarma advises companies on how to initially create less waste, by going straight to the root of the issueWorking from customer feedback to stay relevant and improve the app experienceKarma allows its users to “do good” by saving both money and the environmentThe importance of focusing on creating a good, clear company cultureTime stamp:[02:28] How the idea of Karma came about[07:00] Food waste is of low priority for restaurants[09:30] Considering multiple factors to help businesses run at optimal levels[11:55] Making surplus food available to pick up immediately to reduce food waste[16:50] The importance of branding, customer experience and word of mouth when growing a business[18:00] Customer retention[21:30] Hjalmar’s advice for other young entrepreneurs[25:15] The future for KarmaUseful links:Karma ( to ( FastForward 2030 ( and Real Changers ( Hustlers is hosted by Maiko Schaffrath, connect on Linkedin ( and Twitter ( podcast is produced by Woon Tan of Podcast Publishing ( ( Support the show (
Aneesh Varma is the founder of Aire, a new credit assessment service that considers both previous and future credit information to help lenders make more informed decisions and allow people the credit they deserve.Highlights:-Turning personal hardships into entrepreneurial solutions-Aire is beneficial to both lenders and consumers-Going direct to the customer to obtain reliable information and create a holistic profile-Allowing consumers to access credit while avoiding debt-The importance of instilling company values from day one-Ensuring investors understand the company vision to ensure compatible working relationshipsTime stamp:[02:00] Aneesh's personal journey[03:50] Updating the “ecosystem software” in relation to expectation[07:30] Aire helps both the lender and consumer by recognising financial distress very early on[10:10] Aneesh’s want to build a company with purpose[12:55] The ‘Book of Bonsai’[14:30] The lessons Aneesh has learned along the way[19:15] Preparing for the long term and adapting throughout company growth[20:35] Working relationships with investors[24:00] Collaboration vs competition[26:10] Aire in 10 years timeUseful links:Aire ( to ( FastForward 2030 ( and Real Changers ( Hustlers is hosted by Maiko Schaffrath, connect on Linkedin ( and Twitter ( podcast is produced by Woon Tan of Podcast Publishing ( Support the show (
Jonathan Petrides is the co-founder of Allplants, an exciting company that produce and deliver delicious, healthy and 100% plant based meals straight to your door.Highlights:Food is driven by pleasure and therefore, must be excitingChanging negative attitudes towards the plant based diet by creating delicious foodEstablishing transparent plant based branding from day one to send a direct messageInspiring the ‘plant-curious’ target market to positively change the impact we have on our environmentThe importance of direct chef to customer relationships in aiding constructive feedback and product improvementJP’s mission to see everyone, globally, eating a plant based diet by 2030Time stamp:[01:47] An introduction to Allplants[04:00] JP’s personal journey and his previous inspiring projects[07:25] Recognition of JP’s passion for building ventures from scratch[09:30] Where did the idea for Allplants come from?[11:30] Plant based vs vegan[12:50] The environmental and personal benefits of a plant based diet[15:20] Things to consider when setting up a business and knowing when to ask for expert help[19:10] Supermarkets are vital to the success of household food brands[20:15] The expansion of Allplants and exciting new projects[22:45] JP’s goals for the future of Allplants, the planet and humankind Useful links:Allplants ( to ( FastForward 2030 ( and Real Changers ( Hustlers is hosted by Maiko Schaffrath, connect on Linkedin ( and Twitter ( podcast is produced by Woon Tan of Podcast Publishing ( Support the show (
Adele Archer is the CEO of Eterneva, recently backed by Mark Cuban of Shark Tank. Eterneva celebrates the lives of remarkable people and pets by turning their ashes into diamonds.Highlight:Adele's personal story of coming up with EternevaWhy customer experience is everythingHelping people through the grieving processHow Eterneva has changed a customer's life through grief wellness journeyThe science behind the diamondMaking the industry more transparentEngagement diamonds from carbon in hairChanging the culture around death, grief and remembranceTime Stamp:[02:00] Death of Adele's mentor[05:00] Dealing with changing customer behaviour[06:30] Marketing to people going through grief[10:00] Physical process of extracting the carbon[12:00] Homecoming[13:45] Challenge of running Eterneva[15:30] Changing the diamond industry[23:00] Dying well is becoming a key part of the wellness trend[24:00] Pitching to Mark CubanUseful link:Eterneva ( to ( FastForward 2030 ( and Real Changers ( Hustlers is hosted by Maiko Schaffrath, connect on Linkedin ( and Twitter ( podcast is produced by Woon Tan of Podcast Publishing ( Support the show (
Ben Clifford is the CEO and founder of Tyve a software platform that empowers your employees to give tax-free through their paycheck to causes they care about.Highlight:Studying moral philosophy and Peter Singer's Famine, Affluence and Morality30% of US giving is done through payroll giving vs 2% in the UKWhat is effective altrusimGiving what we can with a 10% pledgeMaking giving the social normYou can't fake the stat on employee givingPlatform for everyone to give through their lenseWhy focus on growing number of users will scale impact givingTime Stamp:[01:10] How does Tyve works?[05:30] How Tyve started[10:00] What would my next £3000 do? Seeing the data.[17:00] Business model of Tyve[23:00] Targeting chief people officer of organisations[25:00] When giving becomes part of your identity[26:00]How Tyve works?[29:00] How does the world look like if Tyve succeedsUseful links:Tyve ( Singer's Famine, Affluence and Morality (,_Affluence,_and_Morality)Go to ( FastForward 2030 ( and Real Changers ( Hustlers is hosted by Maiko Schaffrath, connect on Linkedin ( and Twitter ( podcast is produced by Woon Tan of Podcast Publishing ( Support the show (
Hiyacar is an app to hire local cars from trusted owners. Graeme Risby is the CEO and Co-founder of Hiyacar.Highlight:How to turn a car into an assetMore utilisation, less emmisions, more space and more electric carsThere are 30 million cars in the UKReally listening and understanding to drivers and car ownersDoing good for members, teams, investorPeople always want to have less and share moreTime Stamp:[04:30] Reducing car ownership[07:00] Tech business with lots of sustainable action[09:40] Breaking through in a very competitive space[13:00] Urban transport and sharing economy[15:00] Career in risk management[16:00] Advise to anyone wanting to enter the mobility sector[18:00] Vision of Hiyacar in 10 yearsUseful link:Hiyacar ( to ( FastForward 2030 ( and Real Changers ( Hustlers is hosted by Maiko Schaffrath, connect on Linkedin ( and Twitter ( podcast is produced by Woon Tan of Podcast Publishing ( Support the show (
War On Cancer is here to radically improve the mental health of everyone affected by cancer. Fabian Bolin is the CEO and Co-founder of War On Cancer. After being diagnosed in 2015 at 28 years of age, Fabian began documenting his cancer battle on a blog, which made him realise the true power of storytelling. Sharing his story gave him a sense of purpose that he had never felt before. This, together with a strong urge to help others affected became the foundation for War On Cancer.Sebastian Hermelin is the COO and Co-founder of War On Cancer. When Sebastian saw what positive impacts storytelling had on Fabian’s mental health, as well as himself, he conceptualized an idea for a global platform. In May 2016, the founders launched the first version of War On Cancer and within weeks the platform had storytellers from more than 20 countries.Highlights:Diagnosed with acute leukemia and asking for help and sharing a Facebook post that lead to a big changeWar On Cancer as a storytelling platformFeeling belittled and still treated as a personStorytelling as a tool to help others and feeling altruistic happinessCancer phobia and how cancer is being marketedSpeaking to patients as a personBiggest learning and entrepreneur journey from a "project" into a tech and impact companyDisrupting patient mental health, cancer, life sciences and health careTime Stamp:[02:40] From bond trading to film acting[05:40] Priorities after being diagnosed[09:00] Being a best friend to a diagnosed cancer[12:27] Writing and feeling happiest[15:00] War On Cancer App[18:00] Type of stories that patients are sharing[20:40] Cancer treatment patients don't want to talk about chemotherapy[23:00] Impact tracking for cancer patient data[26:00] Creating a social network[30:40] 10 years visionUseful links:War On Cancer ( to ( FastForward 2030 ( and Real Changers ( Hustlers is hosted by Maiko Schaffrath, connect on Linkedin ( and Twitter ( podcast is produced by Woon Tan of Podcast Publishing ( Support the show (
Nicolas Loufrani is the founder of the Smiley Movement, a non-profit social network dedicated to positive change. Highlights:History of SmileySmiley name and the Smiley brandRise of emoticons and usage of Siley for communicationGrowing the Smiley brand and design studio - its a small DisneySmiley Fund to develop social projects to create social and environmental impactHow we engage the public similar to happy news when dad first created the SmileyMatchmaking for good app and Smiley AwardsAlexander Mars and the Epic movementTime stamp:[03:00] Promotion to bring smiles to people's faces[05:30] Coming up with the name[08:00] Smiley started[12:00] How Smiley works with other brand[15:00] Smiley Fund[18:30] Engaging the in happy news[22:40] Smiley Awards[24:20] How to sustain the activities[26:40] Recommendation to support social impact[29:00] Vision in 10 yearsUseful ( ( Movement ( to ( FastForward 2030 ( and Real Changers ( Hustlers is hosted by Maiko Schaffrath, connect on Linkedin ( and Twitter ( podcast is produced by Woon Tan of Podcast Publishing ( Support the show (
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