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It's Like a Podcast or Whatever

Author: Hyphen Podcast Group

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Your home for Nerd chat in the realms of comics, movies, pro-wrestling, cosplay and muzak-all through the filter of your lovely hosts, Everyday Rogue, Handsome Bane, Kayin P and Kit Kat Chinetti.
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This one was never on the rails.  The fellas got mic'd up, hit record and just went for it.  Eventually we land on our intended interview with Kayin and music partner Austin Phil.  We get a lot more background on KP.  The gentlemen share  their top influences both in music and real life. Then we just jump around a bit longer. You'll see.  It's a lot of fun. It's going to make for some amazing toaster leavins' --- Send in a voice message:
The team and some of their bestest friends get together to celebrate and commemorate the year 2019 Anno Domini. At 5:50, HB and KP select the recipient of the Golden Du-Rag. Rogue, Kat and -Mike- pick the meme of the year, 19:25. G Valentino Ball, Kayin and Obvious Nonsense's Malikai Unique Pour out the Most Liquor for someone we lost, 44:33. Kat hosts Franny (In True Franny Fashion) and Alejandra of Obvious Nonsense to crown the Finesse Player of the Year, 1:15:31. And they bring it on home with Year of the Year (1:37:10) with Handsome Bane, Kat Chinetti and Kayin Patton. Enjoy over 2 hours of arguments, bad takes and hilarity. --- Send in a voice message:
The gang gathers around a laptop to conference with K Rock and friend of the show, Marcus ShowinMadLove Robinson.  They take as close a look at the HBO show "Watchmen" as well as the film and the graphic novel of the same name. From there they get a little into how racism and race relations look in general in their own lives.  Then they play a game called Black Famous with some serious ramifications. --- Send in a voice message:
S05 E12 Wit a Hole Init

S05 E12 Wit a Hole Init


HB comes to you from the basement at the JOB(B). He gets into a story of a friendship that has gone through some ups and downs. Recently there have been some developments that made Bane think about the friendship as a whole. A brush with death will bring a lot of things into perspective,   Also, an announcement is made about the potential future of the ShredHead Podcast that played it's pilot in the last ILaPoW episode.  --- Send in a voice message:
Handsome Bane does a little housekeeping. Acknowledges a bad day and introduces you to something new.  A new member to the HPG Family? Mayhap. --- Send in a voice message:
S05 E10 He-Man vs Skeletor

S05 E10 He-Man vs Skeletor


He-Man and Skeletor talk about last week's news and preview the Powwy Awards. Yep. --- Send in a voice message:
Sorry about the long sabbatical, but our technology or lack thereof forced us to take a seat. We bounce around a lot in this one, so take your Dramamine. HB interviews Emmanuel "Manny" Ortiz, Creator and producer of The England based media group, Nerd Caliber. Then some people come through to play Dungeons and Dragons. Then a bunch of kids come in and render the audio basically useless. But you get the idea. This almost feels like a Toaster Leavins ep, but everything is related. So we hope you enjoy it. We're playing catch-up, so listen to this one asapington. The next episode will be here before you know it. --- Send in a voice message:
This episode is a continuation of the conversation with Franny (@In. True. Franny.Fashion ) on HER show of the same name. The guests are now the hosts as Franny and newcomer, Casino (@Casino_Des) are welcomed by Kayin, Kit Kat and Abel Magwitch himself, Handsome Bane.  They continue their round of questioning with such topics as crazy girlfriends, why women give men the stupid Yogi Bear voice and we end the Great Fix My Plate Debate.  No feelings were hurt during the recording of this pod.  Also, Kayin if you want to reach out to any of us because we're all damaged little psychos, you will be able to find our social media at the end of the pod.  Love, trust and belief --- Send in a voice message:
S05 E07 You're the Worst

S05 E07 You're the Worst


Kayin, Lam and Handsome Bane meet up again at Level Ground to discuss the world's worst people. No one in particular, just people you probably run into on a daily. It's ILaPoW at it's silliest with just a liiiiiittle bit of planning. It's ruthlessly absurd. So have fun with it.  --- Send in a voice message:
HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Dweebs! That's right, it's Halloween instead of tricking you, Handsome Bane, Kit Kat and Kayin decided to treat you to a trip to the theater. FROM OUR BUTTS!  GOTCHA! We DID trick you! Butt seriously, jerks. We hope you enjoy these readings from classic spooky stuff most of you grew up on. A lot work and love went into this one, so show your love and spread the word to your friends. If you hate, share it with your enemy. Hell, a listen is a listen as far as we're concerned.  Happy Hyphen Halloween! --- Send in a voice message:
HB, Kayin Patton and the Maestro Mike Lam meet up at LG shoot the ish about 80s villains. They get sidetracked several times and that's when the real fun begins. Among the baddies discussed are Gargamel's issues with self-accountability, Cobra Commander's incompetence, Skeletor's inner conflict and a new beginning for the Shredder.  How do you feel about women calling you daddy? We hate it. Listen to our anecdote that will give you another reason why you should too.   --- Send in a voice message:
S05 E04 Pushin' or Pullin'

S05 E04 Pushin' or Pullin'


Handsome Bane comes from the basement of his 9-5 to bring you the first solo dolo podcast in a long time by ILaPoW standards. He starts out talking about how much he trusts his younger brother. Midway through the pod he comes to a startling revelation. Then he fantasy books Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar for WrestleMania. Then he ends the pod with a brand new decree and goals for the remainder of the year and shout-outs. Important dates: Oct 26th-HPG Boston Chapter Axe Throwing Party Nov 2nd ILaPoW Retro Gaming Night (Level Ground Benefit) April 4, 2020 Comics in Color Comics Festival --- Send in a voice message:
HB and the gang welcome long time hero and first time guest, Tre the Smooth Operatin' Gangsta.  Tre is an independent wrestling legend and inductee of the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2019.  He sits with the Bane Man to talk about his time training with the late great Killer Kowalski, how rap got him booked on shows, his love for Batman and the time his mom was swept up in the magic of Professional Wrestling even though she said it was fa... nevermind. We can't bring ourselves to use the F word.  If anybody asks you, BTW stands for Black Talent'd Wrestlerz. Spread some peanut butter on a piece of bread and turn this one up in your headphones.  --- Send in a voice message:
HB and J Lowe give some history on their 30+ year friendship, playing Street Fighter 2 in class and the unstoppable entity known as the Ill Squad. Then it's on to discuss another entity, the Wu-Tang Clan. Besides the music they're known for, Bane and J dive into the Hulu series, "Wu-Tang an American Saga" and have a whole lot of questions, already having a lot of knowledge from the events that happen AFTER those that take place in the show. After the show review, your hosts then take on the arduous task of ranking every member of the Wu because of course they do. --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode of #itslikeapodcastorwhatever Handsome Bane and the returning Gorilla Monk venture to the Col. James Hartshorne House (est 1681) where we weren't sure if the Colonel was helpful on the underground railroad, but we DID meet a friend of a friend. Weare  joined by friend of the show @melysette and newcomer @bossbeautybynikki. We hang out at the @palegingerpub launch party and talk about chasing dreams into reality, proving people wrong as a fringe benefit of success and tattoos on breasts, but not the ones you might be thinking about. --- Send in a voice message:
Toaster Leavin's 2

Toaster Leavin's 2


Season 4 is in the books and this here is the victory lap. It's some of the best stuff we took out for sake of time or...whatever, to bring you this delicious sampler platter of leftovers!  Doesn't that sound appetizing?  It's about an hour of barely before heard audio from the big names you love to love: Dart Adams Hir-O Beats Damegonewild Greenlee Kayin Patton Obvious Nonsense Kit Kat Chinetti  AND SO MANY MORE!  This isn't even the BOTTOM of the audio barrel, but we'll scrape it anyway. What do YOU think, World Wrestling Entertainment Chairman and CEO,  Vincent Kennedy McMahon? IT'S SUCH GOOD SHIT! --- Send in a voice message:



The road was long and winding. But we've arrived at 100. Your reward for rocking with us this long? ASK ILAPOW 2!!  Your hosts: Kat Chinetti, Handsome Bane and the returning Everyday Rogue!  It's a full house in Level Ground and they're all vocal in this one.  The gang answers all of your random questions. They introduce a new bit. And finally, they all share their goals for the future of ILaPoW. --- Send in a voice message:
It's episode 99 and we're afraid the internet with buckle under the sheer weight of the star power we are serving you. First, Our very own Kit Kat Chinetti brings you the news from both Boston Fan Expo AND Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA. Then we take you back to Level Ground MMA gym where Everyday Rogue brings you Nancy, Obvious Nonsense and that...Franny!? Spoilers: it is. The ladies came out in full force to crown THE Fierce Fictional  Female Foursome.  OUR very best selects THEE very best in fictional sisterhood that media has to offer.  Does your favorite stand a chance? Or are the big mamas too powerful? Use the Anchor App to tell whether you agree or disagree in real time. love trust belief --- Send in a voice message:
Coming to you from the newest digs in Roxbury, the lads take the Mission Hill Health Center studio out for its maiden voyage. We introduce for the first time an old friend and new partner Eric Rivas of the Lifted Podcast. He gives us some insight to the great things he has done, is doing and will do in the community. He shares how he came by the new space and just how all that figures into ILaPoW, Lifted, Mission Hill, Level Ground and Hyphen Podcast Group.  Then, after the boys eat their community vegetables, we talk comics and just nerd out.  We make up a couple new characters. We weigh fighting options in the X-Men world. And is Hot Girl Summer's reign of terror finally over? Can we just chill? Or go apple picking. Or Trick or Treating?  Is apple picking just Trick or Treating in nature? Some of these questions and more in THIS It's Like a Podcast or Whatever! --- Send in a voice message:
The Bane Man begins with an opening monologue copping mad pleas for the tardiness of today's pod. We definitely utilized the professor's grace period for late papers with this one.  He talks about his anniversary and the many new kidless hobbies he and his wife have picked up as of late. (They're sharing her hot girl summer).  He then issues a warning about the main part of the episode, THEATER FROM OUR BUTTS!  It's just the new name of the table reads that we've done so many of before. Now it's just official because it has a name. Bane kills Kayin over some money. Kit Kat faces Goofy in court and wins an Oscar. It will all make sense later.  --- Send in a voice message:
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